Interesting Aphorism

It is better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied. – John Stuart Mill

What do you folks think that means? I think I have a pretty good idea, but I will throw it to you.

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77 thoughts on “Interesting Aphorism”

  1. Similar to;
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
    – some crazy a-hole with a funky taste in hats.

    1. My perspective is that as the guy was a philosopher, he may have apprecated that with many things in life, there are few clearly cut right n wrong views, few instances of the ritcheous and the immoral, few instances of correct opinions or theories and incorrect ones, rather different views based upon different rationale, driven by life experiences. The wise man may appreciate this, but will never be content, as he will not have a clear cut belief in right and wrong in simplistic terms. The fool however is someone who cannot see past his own ideas, where everything is neatly categorised as either right, or Wong, good guy, or bad guy, appropriate oncept or nonsense. He is therefore content, as he knw all the answers.

  2. Dear Robert
    What Mill meant is: It is better to be a person like me and unhappy than to be an ordinary Joe and happy. The vast majority of people in this world have no interest in philosophy, but they would like to be happy. What Mill is telling them is that, whether they are happy or not, they are still inferior to Socrates.
    Suppose that a Harvard professor said, “It is better to be a depressed professor at Harvard than a cheerful truck driver who never reads a book”, then we would recognize the intellectual snobbery in his statement. Mill’s statement is of the same kind.
    Or suppose that a duke said, “It is better to be an unhappy aristocrat than to be a happy peasant”, then we would discern the social snobbery in his words. The duke’s hypothetical statement is akin to Mill’s statement.
    On the other hand, if Mill had said, “It is more praiseworthy to be an unhappy saint than to be a happy psychopath”, then I would have agreed with him.
    Regards. James

    1. I see your point. I find it disgusting when I meet people who have an air of superciliousness about them. You often find that they will be seated next to you on a business class flight. They don’t even acknowledge that they are being obliged to sit next to another human being, never mind engage you in polite conversation. I just love to make these type of people spit in frustrated anger when I give them the type of unexpected responses that they deserve. I would like to hope however, that Socrates was not of such a despicable ilk and that it had a less hideous undertone than your interpretation, but I have to admit that the meaning could reasonably be interpreted in the way that you have interpreted it. I just like to think and hope that such a revered character was not one of those oh so detestable types who want positions of authority because they are hideous, supercilious nauseating types that it so frustrates me automatically are shown resect in society, rather than being kicked in teeth, at regular ten minute intervals until they adjust their attitude.

      1. Yak yak yak yak, yak yak yak. Like they say in Thailand when they meet someone who talks too much, because they have an issue, Yak yak yak. Yak yak, yak. Pommie, as I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong) , is an Australan term for an Englishman. At the very least, if you are going to devote a significant proportion of your life on character assassination, don’t shoot yourself down in flames with your first idiotic first sentence of non fatal abuse, cos th next blah blah blah, wont get read.
        Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 13:51:43 +0000 To:

      2. Hey, beer tricks, how you doing, Sorry for the delayed response, just finished a fabulous time with a horny chick. Seventeen and oh such a lovely girl. Will read your E Mail in detail tomorrow, but please excuse me, I,m rather exauasted tonight, I.m not as young as I used to be.
        Great to hear from you, and hope that you are breaking even with the picture shop.
        Best Reards,

  3. Are you talking about air-head people? People with no depth, and go on happy? It seems like from my experience, that deep thinkers are mocked (yes this auto-biographical), while conformists are thought to be cool and fun.
    But then again, how do we know air-heads don’t have deep thoughts? I guess it’s just about saying the deep thought at the right time. However, if one rambles on about deep thoughts (like I did in my Logic class), then it can annoy people. In fact, a lot of people will think your a pussy if you have deep thoughts, cause they think you have a chip on your shoulder, or why would you even say anything? You must have a grudge against the world, LOL Maybe your a school shooter?

    1. It never ceases to amaze me how otherwise astute clever people can be idiots with respect to some specific things. Take for example one of the biggest cons in history, that of fashion trends. Overpriced rubbish that people rush to buy, because it has some stupid name on it. I recall speaking to a couple of guys at work a few years back in an elevator. Both were wearing shirts with a motif of someone on horseback playing Polo. “Oh” I commented, you play Polo? ( knowing full well that they didn’t ) they then looked at each other as if to say ” What a nieve idiot is this speaking to us” . So, I responded, ” sorry, but perhaps there is a thought that at least someone here is a bit nieve” “just to put your minds at ease gents, I would agree with you whole heartedly”.

        1. We should remember the Disco craze, and then later the Cowboy craze (from the movie “Urban Cowboy”) LOL

      1. Or how about people who rush to buy team caps and jerseys when they don’t like the team, or maybe even the sport. They just want to look fashionable.

      1. I,m assuming that the ” homo” comment is not related to the clothes issue. It,s usually the gay guys who are the clothes obsessed ones and who like to spend vast sums of money on a clothes label because it has some homosexual sounding French name on it.

        1. No, sorry a mistake in the order of things. I was relating to the comment about the school shooter. I said, if you have deep thoughts, you must be a school shooter, or a homosexual. Cool people don’t make deep comments in school. Not related to the polo comment.

        1. Jocks? That is an English thing to describe the Scots. Purely an English thing, unless there is some other meaning used across the pond. We get a little confused here at times. I have eaten at the MacDonalds along with the McKenzies and the McKinnons, but am left slightly beguiled by the food of the MacDonalds. don’t recall seeing the option for the Quarter pounder happy haggis meal.

  4. I don’t know. I think both ideas are true. Being an ordinary Joe, and feeling like the “What about Bob?” character is awesome, but so is being an un-happy deep thinker. I guess the price of deep thought is unhappiness, cause the world has a lot of problems, so how could you avoid it?

  5. Well, white nationalists want to increase IQ, but do we really want that? Considering a higher IQ just leads to unhappiness. Also, if people with low IQ are happier, then why do white nationalists want them to disappear? LOL

  6. QUOTE”It’s better to always want to know than to think that one already knows all there is to know.”
    Somebody needs to tell my arrogant philosophy professor this. He even made one outrageous comment. “Why can I speak about philosophy? Cause I know more about it than you do.” HA HA

  7. I don’t know deep thought can be annoying. I mean, I can only take so many Pink Floyd songs without going insane. I need some Donna Summer occasionally.

    1. Well, I,m in Thailand, so I can equate to the benefits of daily helpings of ” I feel love” Bronsky Beat, and ” Wake me up before you GoGo” by Wham, although, despite some suspicions that I might be a raging poofter, it’s only the words of the songs I relate to, not the limp wristed community. Never been to McArthur,s park. Is it named after the soldier bloke?

      1. In Thailand, you got so much money and power, then who the hell cares what anybody thinks?
        No, I don’t like being dishonest. I like some disco, but not all of it, and am not gay. However, I wouldn’t shout on my gay paranoid campus about my tastes in music Best to keep a low profile, in general.

        1. “I feel love” – matress sports; ” Wake me up before you GoGo” – As in 30 girls dancing on a stage, providing a vantage point for a gentleman to make his choice??

        2. A song that’s too idealistic would sound totally stupid in such an environment. I mean come on, HA HA, can you watch a show with John Lennon’s Imagine? “Imagine, all these women, ….sucking my cock, LOL” “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

        3. You know there are some men, though who really think they are being humanitarians, by fucking Southeast Asian women. Of course, I don’t mean this as an insult to Ronnie. Also, I’ve been in that boat, as I’ve been to the Philippines for a good deal of time.
          But I can’t kid myself, and have delusions where I think my whore-mongering is a positive benefit to locals. Perhaps, though marrying a local would be so. Nonetheless, I think foreign men are doing a little of both.

          1. Please don’t concern yourself that I could take your comments as being an insult upon myself, as the description does not fit. I do not have sex because I believe it to be a humanitarian act, or that by doing it, I am benefiting society. Anyone who has sex for such reasons may well be considered to be, in the very least ” a bit mixed up”. However, I am dismayed at the description of whores. Thai people are for the most part lovely people and they do not have exactly the same derogatory categorisation of someone who has a liason which involves a financial transaction. I find most Thai girls typically found in AGoGo to be very nice people, and the guys who go there to often be reasonably nice guys. Generally a lot nicer a bunch of people than the girls in western night clubs who give nasty responses to guys who try to be pleasant to them, or the self centred, looking in the mirror types of blokes that girls in those places seem to clamber after. Thai girls find such men despicable. Good on them.

        4. QUOTE”Please don’t concern yourself that I could take your comments as being an insult upon myself, as the description does not fit. I do not have sex because I believe it to be a humanitarian act, or that by doing it, I am benefiting society. ”
          There were some dudes saying that on a Filipina bar girl picture forum. They were convinced they were hero/studs who were invading for the good of the women and nation. But I think a lot of that is just part of the fantasy, I doubt if, deep down, they really believe that. It’s just like one of those porn sites where a guy travels to the exotic east, and all his fantasies come true.

          1. Totally agree. I come here for a good time, because I have reached an age where it represents a practical answer to being single. Anyone who does it because they are seeking affirmation/ confirmation of their superior prowess with women are only fooling themselves. Have not tried Russia, but suspect that the girls there are gorgeous. We all need to find a way through life that suits us, and it helps if we don’t become blinkered to reality. In saying that though, there are a lot of girls out here in Thailand who state that they don’t like Thai men, especially young Thai men all that much, because they have been used by them and dumped when pregnant. Anyway, the main reason that I like Thai girls is because they are usually very nice people. I find western girls more physically attractive, but as for the attitudes that a lot of them have, yuk.

  8. I think the ultimate paradox of philosophy is that people spend years of study, only to figure out that air-heads have the key to happiness, or perhaps some Forrest Gump type simple man. Well, why the hell did it take years to figure that out? LOL

    1. Simple people in India are called “untouchables” and are treated in a cruel fashion. On the other hand, the “enlightened” upper castes are obsessed with superiority, and are far from simple. Hinduism and Buddhism are gigantic lies, any way you look at it. Don’t listen to the western hipsters who are promoting it.

  9. I suppose everyone has heard the very old joke about the dyslexic agnostic philosopher, who spent his best years wondering whether there was a dog.

    1. Questioning the world around you in my neighborhood, makes you a bitch, and an automatic target for bullies, no joke. I think it’s the same in many other parts of the world.

  10. “It is better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.”
    Its better to be intelligent and ask deep questions and be dissatisfied and/or troubled by those questions than to be an ignorant idiot that is content. Although he is content, there is a sense he is only half living as his awareness of life and sense of wonder are very limited. There is a sense in which it is valuable to be aware of and able to ask those questions and that outweighs being ignorantly content. There is value in the inquiry and being aware of the possibilities, even if you don’t have the answers.
    Personally, i’d rather come out the other side and be aware and content, like the Buddha.

  11. A high IQ leads many people into deep thought. I think Robin Williams was one of those types. Unfortunately, most are not that understanding of deep thinkers. I don’t know if it’s because of low IQ, or homophobia.
    In another thought, common sense things tend to make most people angry. For instance, someone is far more likely to be angry about your performance, than your race or nationality. Also a person’s appearance will cause more problems, than their race or nationality. For instance, somebody that doesn’t dress well, will have problems. So, all in all, a lot of stuff about white nationalism is exaggerated big time.

    1. However, if you happen to be from a country or race, that people don’t like, then your bad performance will get worse punishment, unfortunately.

    2. How the common sense thing relates to deep thought is like this:
      You can be a deep thinker, but have no common sense. In the end, people are looking at your mistakes, and not caring about your deep thoughts, as comical as that is.
      A deep thought like “Why am I an idiot? Why can’t I even tie my shoes?” LOL

      1. I would agree with this completely. I am an engineer in my own profession and find people who can do very complex mathematical evaluations but as much use ascacwet paper bag when it comes to developing practical engineering solutions to issues. I am degree qualified myself, but find it annoying when people complain that engineers should only be allowed to call themselves such if they have a certain level of academic qualification, when the individuals saying as much could not, and this is a very old UK term for such individuals ” fit a cock onto a wooden horse”

    3. What is the connection between a heterosexual person feeling uneasy in the presence of a homosexual person and a dislike of people who think a lot about concepts. Your comment suggests some obvious link between the two, I don’t see it.

      1. He is saying that a lot of people regard guys who think deeply as fags LOL.
        I have heard some macho morons say similar things. Guys who go to school a lot (schoolheads, of which I am one) are fags – schoolfags, studyfags. Guys who work in offices are fags – officefags.
        Like most bullshit, there is a certain amount of truth here. Guys who study a lot in school and college are more like to engage in homosexual behavior, as sticking your nose in a book is a rather feminine thing to do.
        And I can confirm that guys who work in traditional offices have a pretty high rate of engaging in homosexual acts. The office is simply a feminized space unlike say a fishing boat or a construction site. Offices are full of gay and bi men. They are also full of hot chicks though.

        1. Thinking practically, if only the vast majority of men were homosexuals, then I would,nt be paying for a shag at 49. I tend to find, at least certainly these days in the UK, the vast majority of hot girls seem to go to University and socialise mostly with the guys they meet there. I wish I was back at University, meeting all those gorgeous girls and their friends in the Student Bars. I wouldn’t mind being accused of being gay if I could achieve that once more LOL.

        2. There was a European co-teacher (and he wasn’t the only one) who liked to accuse other men in the teaching profession of being queer. But it begs the question: Well he’s (the European co-teacher) in the profession, so maybe he’s a fag. I guess if your macho enough, than you can be a teacher without being picked on, but generally most are not macho enough, so our office hero starts shit.
          If you teach children, you must be a homo, even if me, the accuser, does the same thing. LOL

          1. I have honestly never heard before about a link between homosexuals and teaching. Perhaps I have just been nieve upon it. What I have observed, is that professions/jobs that seem to attract those people include; Stewards, on ships and on airlines, the music business, the acting profession and show business, and churches. Not just the Roman Catholic church, but many other churches here in the UK have been found to harbour ministers who have abused young boys.

        3. If you read some of “The Smiths” lyrics, you can definitely tell Morrissey was a school fag. I mean, “Shakesphere’s Sister” (one of his songs)? But he isn’t the norm at a university.

          1. The music business has llways been riddled with queer bum chums. Do you remember the 1980’s when it was standard for nearly all pop group male members to wear lipstick and eye shadow make up? In nearly every country there is the ” What ever country, has got talent” show. The voting judges are as queer as two legged fish. What I find so distasteful is the accolade that people in showbusiness are granted simply because they present themselves as ifeminite homosexuals. How can this by itself be such a revered thing tat it akes them stars?

        4. Perhaps homo might not be word for deep thinkers. But some might think, psycho, or more likely a bitch. In other words, your sensitive, so you might not be gay, but you definitely have an attitude. In a macho conformist culture, people despise that.

        5. Yes I get that a lot. I am obviously a deep thinker. Way too deep of one in fact.
          And I’ve been called a psycho forever. It always mystified me why people were afraid I was a psycho because I don’t really do any irrational violent things, I don’t mess with kids, I don’t attack women. I am actually very nice and passive. But if you have that far off look in your eyes, you know, you’re obviously a rapist, serial killer or pedophile, right?

          1. There are other possible explanations for that look with the eyes.
            1) You are suffering from serial constipation, brought about by irritable bowel syndrome.
            2) You are in severe discomfort with flatulent wind and would benefit from Thai Chee Japanees morning squatting and leg lifting to get rid of it.
            3) You are really Jack Elam, or Lee Van Cleef, reincarnated.

        6. QUOTE”Yes I get that a lot. I am obviously a deep thinker. Way too deep of one in fact.
          And I’ve been called a psycho forever. ”
          Lately, Iv’e been called a pussy behind my back at my college. The reason being is that I spoke up too much at a philosophy class. So people are calling me a cunt (bitch etc…) pussy. That’s the why young men behave, perhaps motivated by jealousy. But better to ignore.

          1. “Young men motivated by Jeleousy” this has to be one of the most disgusting facets of human behaviour . I know the type, act think and talk like bitchy girls, look in the mirror constantly, spend time wondering whether or not they are prettier than their male colleagues, fashion trend obsessed, irrespective of how stupid it makes them look. If only there was another description for such pathetic excuses of the make gender, do we really have to refer to them as men? What has allways left me at a loss for words is how girls go crazy for them ” Oh isn’t he gorgeous” rather than, isn’t he fukn pathetic.

  12. I think in a lot of ways, fat, skinny, or handicapped people would have it worse than people from an oppressed race. Because normal people have performance and appearance working on their side.

  13. So are college students who refuse to comment in class, for fear of being called gay (weird, nerdy) cowards? It seems like most students won’t comment. Of course, the benefit is that their always happy, mainly cause nobody ever picks on them. Nobody ever picks on them cause their extreme conformists, and never say anything strange. But, what kind of life is that?

      1. Try an Internet search for the popular Thai song/ video; your heart for my number, by Ying Lee. It has been a massive hit in Thailand. Hearing it for the first time, you will probably find it so different from what western pop is like, that you will laugh and dismiss it. Try listening to it all the way through, and I bet you will want to listen to it over and over again.

      2. Agree! Would like to lend my support to your evaluation. I hope that a few misunderstandings between our deliberations can be forgotton about. Yes, conformists who conform to things try do not believe themselves to be correct are quite distasteful at times. Yes it can be a weary tankless task to go against what you are told and expected to do and think, but if you truly believe there is something fundamentally wrong in how you have been told to think, then how do you look yourself in the mirror if you just bow and scrape with an ” oh yes of course sir” mentality.

        1. It’s is possible to say stupid things in class. In that case, unless it’s funny, better to be quiet. But I think a lot of silence is not for that reason, but rather cowardice.

  14. QUOTE (from myself)”You know there are some men, though who really think they are being humanitarians, by fucking Southeast Asian women. Of course, I don’t mean this as an insult to Ronnie. Also, I’ve been in that boat, as I’ve been to the Philippines for a good deal of time.”
    Back during pre Civil War Slavery, and Jim Crow, there were some white men, who got black girls pregnant, and believed they were doing the black race a favor, cause, supposedly, white genes were making blacks smarter. No joke. This whole idea seems similar to this, southeast Asian fuck fantasy I mentioned.

    1. QUOTE”Anyway, the main reason that I like Thai girls is because they are usually very nice people. I find western girls more physically attractive, but as for the attitudes that a lot of them have, yuk.”
      The whole idea that southeast Asian girls are whores, or only for western men who can’t get women, unless they buy them, is racist. If mankind is truly equal, then we have say southeast Asian women are totally equal to western women. In fact, as Ronnie said, in some aspects the southeast Asian women, are better than western women.

    2. Hmm, please forgive the pregnant pause, but I had to think deeply about that one ( LOL) . Never wanted to make anyone pregnant myself, but I get your point. There are bad attitudes of people towards other people everywhere. One interesting point though ( and please believe me when I say that this is not meant as a racist comment, I is purely a life observation ) I have been with quite a few Black Gris and they have a different body smell. I have spoken to some other guys who have noticed the same thing. Let e reiterate once more this is not meant as a racist comment. I have chosen friends of all ethnic make ups, including black.

  15. Totally agree. Many Thai girls when I ask them what kind of men they like, Thai, European Caucasian, Ethnic Black, young or old, skinny or fat, will reply, ” man with good heart” . When such girls are happy people, they live by very, very strict moral codes such as taking care of their parents, being charitable, being honest and respectful, it is to the shame of western attitudes if they are classed as whores, with all the nasty western associated connotations. I oh so don’t like it if it becomes apparent that the only reason for a girls presence with me is a financial one. It is so much better for all when there is also a mutual liking.

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