Robert Stark Interviews Luke Ford

Interview here.
Robert Stark interviews returning guest, journalist, and blogger Luke Ford.
Topics include:

  • Why Luke does not view racism as a legitimate concept
  • How writings on topics such as white activism is associated with a low social status
  • How writings on topics such as white activism is associated with a low social status
  • How Luke is unique in the sense that he has ties to both ethnopolitics as well as entertainment culture
  • Luke’s interview with comic Rachel Bloom
  • Luke’s appearance at Tom Sunic’s upcoming speech in Beverly Hills on September 21st
  • Why not every group is compatible with Western Civilization
  • Robin Williams’ suicide and struggle with addiction
  • How the root cause of addiction is lack of attachment and insecurity
  • How paranoia is also caused by lack of attachment and insecurity
  • More on the Santa Barbara killer and how open displays of sexuality highlight sexual differences
  • Luke tells a story from his high school years where he was rejected from a party
  • More on Luke’s one man play Eroticized Rage
  • Why men are attracted to teenage girls
  • Masters of Sex TV Show
  • Is It Anti-Semitic to Say Jews Are Good with Money?
  • Why Is Los Angeles Falling Apart?
  • Jewish Women Are Hot
  • Men who are attracted to intelligent women
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7 thoughts on “Robert Stark Interviews Luke Ford”

  1. Men attracted to teenage girls? Maybe cause they’re at their peak of beauty? Plus, look at all the innocent girlish charm.

    QUOTE”When whites struggle in status in America, they often take on latino or Filipina wives because they can’t get a hot white wife.”
    Baloney, Filipina women are incredibly hot, and more feminine than a lot western women. Any thought of them being more ugly than whites, is simply racist, cause beauty is in the eye of the beholder (in other words, people simply have their own taste, much like with food).

    QUOTE”Yes, I believe there are. I believe that about a quarter of non-black Americans do not like black people and that most of these people vote Republican.
    I think a significant reason for the amount of racist vitriol online is that any comments remotely smacking of racism is such a huge social sin. Saying anything racist is about the worst thing you can say in middle-class polite society.”
    Many of these white “good ole boys” spend all their time blaming their problems on Obama and non-whites, and refuse to improve their own lives. Maybe they could get an education, or more trade school training? How is this “white whining” any different than the “black whining”?

    1. Some of these white people have remarkably unimpressive educational histories, so it’s laughable when they speak of non-white IQ.

    2. Whining is whining, even if it’s covered with all this macho “gun toting” redneck shit. White man accept responsibility for your own actions, LOL

    3. Might sound like prick cocksucker (and a Jew to some bigots on here), but hey, these rednecks are bashing non-whites 24/7 on Facebook. Isn’t this just getting the same blown in their face?

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