Radical Feminism Is Wrong Right off the Bat

The radical feminist definition of sex and gender. Briefly, sex is what you are born into – a male or a female body. Gender in most cases is what happens when a male turns into a boy or a man or a female turns into a girl or woman.

Patriarchy is a caste system which takes humans who are born biologically male or female and turns them into the social classes called men and women. Deep Green Resistance

This is so wrong. Gender is as real as race. In fact, my own philosophy at the moment is that Gender Realism has a lot more going for it than Race Realism. I guess Gender Realism would say something like: Gender is real, it is not socially constructed, and much of it is in fact biological in nature. How many of you are Gender Realists? I would imagine that the vast majority of the older generation are. Every woman and girl I have ever dated was? Where are all these morons who insist that gender is socially constructed?

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0 thoughts on “Radical Feminism Is Wrong Right off the Bat”

  1. If anything, it’s the women whom are the true gender enforcers, for what they find sexy in men is among the things that keep men behaving as they are. If you step out of line, then you won’t get any, or even get into the friend zone.

  2. Well, I mean some can take things too far. For instance, some extremists would get rid of women’s sports, or force women to wear dresses 24/7.

  3. I think a lot of men aren’t getting any, cause they’re boring. I mean unless, you got really big muscles, you need a good sense of humor. My guess is that shy nice guys aren’t getting any, and are put into a friend zone, cause they put women to sleep.

  4. I’ve never gotten the point of non-binary genders. If gender is a social construnct not related to sex, then why have it at all? And how can socially constructed queer identities exist if our society doesn’t acknowledge them?
    Gender abolitionism is wrong too, but at least that movement is sincere.

  5. There is a documentary dealing with a French woman who was a scientist and collaborated with an American cellular doctor and together they spent many decades studying individual human cells under different conditions.
    These are the five primary traits, directives if you will, of all human cells regardless of type and they exist in all animals as well;
    Consume, propagate, transmutate, kill, apoptosis.
    Under several of these lies the genetic adaptability conditions necessary to change one into another. It is not that DNA cannot do more than these five parameters but that DNA is constricted to operating within them. In the struggle for dominance the human animal cells fight, as they are programmed to do, for each of their primary objectives, healing cuts, growing skin, repairing bone tissue etc. but they are all bound by a larger set of these five laws. They will stop what they are doing to address any of these five concerns at any time no matter what is happening to the whole body because these five direct the stability of the whole bodies system.
    In an environment where there are too many males, as in China and South China countries you find the expression of the transmutation command by a general feminizing of males in society. Without this there would be too much aggression between males and a violent conclusion to the majority of the species. Therefore DNA is the primary determining factor in gender and behavior. Mental willpower alone cannot direct these five basic commands in DNA.

      1. It was an error. If it were true, it would be making waves right now. The source i usually reliable, but sometimes unvetted information from the fog of war gets through,
        It takes a bit to learn how to interpret things.
        This guy’s on top of it and he has the background.
        All that can be confirmed is that the cordon has tightened and the fascists made a desperation attempt to break out to the east, towards Russia. That’s right, towards Russia!? The situation has been much more dynamic away from Mariupol. The Yelenovskaya pocket got cut to ribbons in a major assault about 12 hours ago. S-300 used by the fascists in futile desperation, Launcher icon showed, then one strike icon “GOES COMER BOJ,” then assault towards launcher, then launcher icon disappeared.

    1. Apparently a raid, followed by airborne action. Attack on supplies and heavy weaponry? Whatever it was, the DNR forces are shrinking the perimeter with uncharacteristic boldness.
      No way this is happening without direct Russian help.

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