What the War in the Ukraine Is Really All About

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This isn’t about Ukraine. This is about encircling and weakening Russia so NATO and the US can go in there, split up Russia into Western-friendly portions, and get at their oil and natural resources.

Well of course. It’s been about that since Day One of this craziness. And in the process of pulling off this scam, these NATO morons are willing to risk a shooting war with Russia. Not only that, but this US/NATO plot has been ongoing for over 20 years now since the breakup of the USSR. The Russians know this plot like they know the backs of their hands. Whatever else the Russians are, they are not stupid. They are some of the ultimate masters of geopolitical chess. Sure, Russia’s involved. Poke the Bear enough and it fights back. Look at the plot unveiled above. You actually think that Russia would sit back and take this without fighting back? Come on.

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0 thoughts on “What the War in the Ukraine Is Really All About”

  1. This is about Putin being a corrupt Russian gangster psychopath who wants to reconstitute the Soviet Empire. That’s what this is about.

  2. Oh, and as for them being “masters of geopolitical chess”, are you serious? So that’s why their previous govt collapsed? Really?

    1. Putin is a master of geopolitical chess.
      The USSR disintegrated due to economic factors. All republics had the right to self-determination as per the USSR Constitution and they all voted to exercise that inherent right. Note that the right to self-determination is now being denied by the Ukies and the West while the most progressive government on Earth, the USSR, had it written right into their Constitution.

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