The CIA Is Everywhere

You know, I used to hate this guy, but I think now I am actually starting to like him. For some reason, he reminds me of Oliver Stone.
The former governor of Minnesota and former US Navy Seal has some interesting tales to tell about the CIA. It seems they are everywhere. They are probably under your bed as you are reading this as a matter of fact.
Personally, I think the Agency is completely out of control. We never used to have a CIA. We went through all of WW2 without one and we one anyway. The birth of the CIA occurred in 1946 when Wartime Intelligence was folded into the US state as a permanent entity. That is around the time when the National Security State was birthed. It’s nice to blame rogues like John Foster Dulles, but I really blame Truman for this whole mess. Truman birthed the CIA, the National Security State, and he really ramped up the Cold War like crazy. I used to be fond of him as a domestic liberal. But like most Democratic Party domestic liberals, he was completely reactionary when it came to US foreign policy.

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0 thoughts on “The CIA Is Everywhere”

  1. Of course, we are fighting the “War on Terror”, but a lot of people don’t believe it’s a real threat. We also got school shooters on the rampage.

  2. Did you not like him because you were ‘supposed to’ or for your own (and not your political ilk’s) reasons? And yes, the “agency” has done more harm than good over the decades. We didn’t have all these problems before it and there were a lot less shenanigans going on.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment sir.
      I was supposed to like him because everyone said he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I am a progressive person, so I was very eager to check him. He wasn’t a real progressive guy, more like a Ross Perot type. I also disliked his strong anti-government and pro-Libertarian streak. I liked him a lot as a person though. I also liked him in this interview.

      1. I kind of have the same feeling toward him, as well as Ron Paul. I like that they are independent-minded and take great risks to maintain their integrity. They tell it like they see it. At the same time, I think Ventura is really into libertarianism which I’m not down with. I don’t hear him speak much about economics per se, but my guess is that he’s economically libertarian.

        1. I remember jesse when he was governor of minn. I know he was a libertarian but in that state not a lot of industry. he was so drastically different from our normal government that it felt like the revolution all over again. I realize he was not a socialist but he was a great governor for minn.

  3. Great comment big g.I think we need more regular joes out there running for gov positions.
    Not ones connected to other elected officials.

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