More Live Combat from Ilovaysk

This is shot from the Ukie side. The Ukies are shooting from a school that they are holed up in. Later they go on patrol with a tank and run into the enemy who they fire on from a barricade. Judging from their uniforms, these look like National Guard troops. Those are probably some of the best soldiers in the whole Ukie force.
Good God, war is terrifying. One thing you notice right away is how loud it is. War is so loud! Further, in war, everything around you is in chaos. Most things, natural and man-made, are destroyed or damaged. There is horrible noise, chaos and simple destruction everywhere you look.
One thing you notice in these videos is that the enemy seems to be invisible. So how do you ever figure out where they enemy is anyway? The enemy always seems like ghosts. How do you shoot at a ghost? How can you tell from what direction the fire is coming?
An interesting thing about this video is how calm these guys are. This is literally a life or death situation and these guys seem awful relaxed. They kick back, joke and take it easy. When the fighting starts, they seem very excited and seem to almost be smiling, having fun and enjoying themselves. Sure it’s exciting, but how can you enjoy yourself in live combat?
Also, I do not think that reporter realizes what a dangerous situation he is in.

Same school a while later. Apparently the Ukies either left it or were driven out of it. The rebels now occupy and fire from it. Crazy. Whole buildings change hands within a day.

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  1. Can I encourage you to call the “Ukie” side the Kiev side? 🙂 For they do not represent all or most of the Ukrainians.

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