Live Combat Video from Ilovaysk
Live combat from Ilovaysk. There has been very heavy fighting here for days on end. Much of the town is in ruins, but there are still many civilians, mostly hiding in shelters and basements. They only come out once in a while.
The rebels said yesterday that they Ukies were surrounded in this area. However, the Ukies said today that they had conquered the city. As you can see from the footage, the Ukies have not conquered the city. It really looks like both sides are fighting like mad over this city and no one really has it.
After this battle, the rebels said that this shows a battle where the rebels were trying to clear the Ukies out from the train terminal area across the railroad tracks. So, Ukies on one side of the tracks, rebels on the other. The rebels said that out of a Ukie force of 100, only 20 survived. The rebels took only very light casualties.
They are using automatic weapons here, mortars, RPG’s and what look like anti-tank guns. There is a large gun that sits on the ground that I cannot identify about halfway through the clip.
Frankly, this is absolutely terrifying, and it is very dangerous for that journalists. War correspondents get killed all the time.
However, these guys almost seem like they are having fun. No doubt it is very exciting. Do men actually get off on fighting wars? They actually like the thrill and excitement of live combat? I cannot see it.

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  1. Yes it is fun for alpha-males, of which in Eastern Europe are a larger part of the population than the west

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