If the Ukies Are Losing the War, It Is Their Own Damn Fault

Or, Revenge of the Ukrainian Jews.
From here.

Poroshenko and Kolomoisky are two great men. These two Jews managed to take revenge on the Ukrainians for everything: for pogroms, for the Jewish pale of settlement, for Babi Yar, for the burned ghettos. They managed to arrange things such that the Ukrainian Pinocchios gave them their money for not perishing in the carefully prepared cauldrons of the separatists.
In no place and never was there such a mastery – the citizens who collected money for the army were given faulty armor vests for a triple price, the uniforms for a triple price, their oil was stolen from the oil pipeline and sold to the army for a triple price. And now for a third time in the same place the most Ukrainscious battalions of the Ukies perish on the positions that were long since trained by the militia, on which they were led to death for a third time by Poroshenko and Kolomoisky.
Glory to Ukraine, glory to the imbeciles!

Absolutely. One wonders if there was ever a more incompetent and venal military as this Ukie one. The Ukies deserve everything bad that is going to happen to them. Too bad, that.

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One thought on “If the Ukies Are Losing the War, It Is Their Own Damn Fault”

  1. Now that the Galicio-Nazis are seeing that “Moskals” are kicking their butts, they might be seeking a more fun target. It could become a very bad time to be Jewish in the Kiev-Galicia rump state.

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