The Most Important Historical Event Since WW2?

An astute commenter:

After drawing, blocking, destroying and disarming the main Ukrainian Army battle force, the rebels now have:


  • humanitarian aid
  • international connectivity
  • international brigades
  • a navy
  • a regular army
  • expanded personnel
  • according to at least one report, an ‘air force’
  • an underground guerilla within Mariupol and elsewhere now being activated

Mariupol can be blocked without ‘taking’ it and ‘taken’ from within by guerilla/subversive activity.


  • Melitopol awaits
  • something is happening in Kharkiv
  • Transcarpathia is ready
  • Transnistria is mobilized
  • Abkhazia signs common security space treaty with Russia later this year

Putin and Lavrov have stated that Ukraine must negotiate with the rebels, but the rebels have stated they will not accept a ceasefire, federalization and Ukraine in its current form.


The Russian war plan for the long-anticipated NATO invasion of Ukraine is a matter of public record in novels, blogs, military doctrine, etc. As Putin told Bush in 2009, if NATO were ever to move on Ukraine, it would ‘cease to exist’. And the Russian war plan has been pulled off (without firing a shot) in public view, but with plausible deniability, turned into a people’s revolution that is likely to create a new socialist state in Europe, and has:


  • split the US and Europe
  • driven a wedge into the EU
  • exposed NATO
  • exposed the Western press
  • given hope to Latin America, Africa, Asia (and Europe) for a new future based on cooperation and peace.

This is truly the most important event in history since WWII.


I’ve always loved Russian culture and history, and now I have to further hand it to the Russians – they are the greatest American revolutionaries in post-Vietnam history.

This is nothing short of breathtaking!

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0 thoughts on “The Most Important Historical Event Since WW2?”

  1. How in the world is this the most historical event in 70 years? Does Ukraine, in reality, even crack the top 10?

    1. It didn’t have to be, but the awful bet by the US might make it so. Western Europe isn’t going to care for the way they were used by the US to the detriment of their own interests (“fuck the EU”). The use of the Dollar-based trade and financial system as a weapon will hasten its decline. Great example of consequences disproportionate to the original issue. So were the consequences of the Danzig Corridor issue.
      And the winner is………. China!

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