One Photo, One Thousand Words

Putin: "Checkmate!" Poroshenko: "You got me!"
Putin: “Checkmate!” Poroshenko: “Damn!”

At their meeting today, it is being reported that Putin showed Poroshenko photos of the shootdown of the KH17 jet. Putin’s got the goods on Porky. The Russians know the Ukies shot down that plane and they can prove it.
Putin shows Porky incriminating photos of the KH17 shootdown. Porky looks at them and starts stammering.
Putin: “Check!”
Porky: “Um, er, uhhhh, ahhhh…”
Putin: “Now, about those negotiations you wanted to discuss…”
Porky: (Looks flustered and blushes.)

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0 thoughts on “One Photo, One Thousand Words”

  1. Fully agree. Poroshenko looks to be trying to hide his defeat even as he appears to be seething with anger. This picture is destined to be a classic.

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