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  1. Is this all fun and games to you? Putin just sent in armor, which means that this “rebellion” was nothing but a ruse all along. The separatists were never winning, and now Russia is directly involved. This is all kinds of bad.
    I hope you’re finding this entertaining because this just became Pandora’s box.

    1. The separatists have been winning since the middle of August. If you read something other than the lying Western media, you would have figured that out. The rebellion was never a ruse and was always a genuine grassroots revolt by the people of the Donbass who refuse to live in a Nazi Ukraine. A good corollary is the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. The Viet Cong were real South Vietnamese guerrillas who took up arms against the state, but they were also helped by the NVA. The Viet Cong rebellion was never a ruse either. The Donbass rebellion is as genuine as the Viet Cong or any other real revolutionary force.
      It is great that Russia is involved now.
      Entertaining? War is not entertaining.
      You are the Ukrainian nationalist guy, right?

      1. No, I’m not a “Ukrainian Nationalist Guy”, and let me ask you a simple question: would you want to live under Russian rule? Because if you can’t see that all that’s really happening here is Putin attempting to reconstitute the old Soviet Empire then you’ve got blinders on. Everything about the current Russian govt is dirty. Their fire sales of state owned industries and assets to their own oligarchs makes American pay to play look sqeaky clean in comparison.
        The bottom line is they invaded, and they didn’t invade because the separatists were winning. They invaded because they were on the ropes and getting their asses kicked. If Putin could have pulled if this coup by proxy without ever putting boots on the ground do you really think he wouldn’t have? It would have saved him all kinds of face. But he couldnt , so he invaded. Its simple tactical logic.
        Now you’re gonna see what him and his gangster government are really about.

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