Life in Ilyovaisk

Very heavy fighting in this town for days now. The other day, the Ukrainians attacked it with 4,500 men. The defenders had 1,500 men. The city has been going back and forth for some days now. A while ago, the corporate media reported that the Ukies had taken this town, but really it has been going back and forth for some time now. As you can see, there is still very heavy fighting in this area. This is to the south of Donetsk, and the Ukies want to conquer it as part of their “surround Donetsk” plan which hasn’t worked out the way they thought it would. The city is still somewhat encircled, but the Ukies in general are far outside the city limits. They have not encircled the city on the east side at all. The truth is that the Ukies have been able to infiltrate some commando teams into Donetsk. Some of these teams made it into the center of the city the other day. These groups consisted of small teams of sniper commandos. In the southern suburbs, the Ukies keep infiltrating in small teams of mortar commandos. They set up a mortar attack zone, shoot mortars for 20 minutes and then run off somewhere else. This is the nature of the “house to house fighting” that the Western media says is occurring but really it isn’t.

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  1. The assaults on Ilyovaisk led to Little Stalingrad.
    “More than 5,000 soldiers, approximately 180 various armoured vehicles, and up to 90 artillery pieces, mortars, and MLRS ended up being surrounded.”
    “….if [junta forces] fail to [break out], then the first two southern cauldrons will be chump change compared to this one.”

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