Latest Bizarro Invention

Who says the Japanese never invent anything?

This is actually probably a pretty good idea, but it still seems so weird.

If they come out with the male version, I might actually buy it if I had the money. I am a bachelor, so I don’t sleep with a woman every night.* I sleep with a woman maybe once every 2 weeks on average. The rest of the time I sleep alone. But often when I sleep alone, I pretend there is a woman wrapped up in me.

But I really enjoy sleeping with a woman, especially one I care about or even love. I think all straight men should sleep with a woman once in a while. It makes you feel like a man, and there is something special about it.

*Actually a lot of married couples no longer sleep together. It is quite common for married couples to have separate beds or even separate bedrooms. Often this means they have quit having sex, which is shockingly common in Western marriages. In other cases, they still have sex but they just don’t like to sleep with another human being in their bed because it’s too distracting or upsetting. A lot of people have hangups about sleeping with other humans in the same bed, and some folks just simply don’t like to do it.

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3 thoughts on “Latest Bizarro Invention”

  1. To clarify …. this isn’t “latest” in the sense that the article is from 2004, but the update on this story is that the invention has gone on to become wildly popular. Oh, to be an entrepreneur in Japan!

  2. They’ve also built some life size sex dolls, and for those with a big budget, life size sex doll robots.

  3. They could make cheaper fuck dolls look more realistic, by making them life size, and spray painting an actual woman’s body on it.

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