Column of Military Vehicles Entering Ukraine from Russia
This column of ~20 vehicles is shown in the town of Sverdlovsk in Luhansk Oblast. This city is a border city on the border between Ukraine and Russia. The way I see it is that these vehicles must have just come in from Russia. I do not believe that these vehicles were just sitting there in the rear in Sverdlovsk waiting to go to the front. They probably load up in Russia, where Novorussian soldiers man them, and then the Novorussians drive them across the border.
Many of the accusations about Russia moving equipment to the front are correct. But all they move is equipment; they don’t move men. The men are Novorussian troops. There are areas in Rostov that serve as rear bases for the Novorussians. They train there and have barracks for troops. Further at this point, the rebels control much of the border in this region.
What sort of tank is that? It looks like a T-72B (M). Produced since 1989. Soviet legacy design. What’s with the ERA-5 protective armor though? That’s later.

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0 thoughts on “Column of Military Vehicles Entering Ukraine from Russia”

  1. Yes all Goble ever does is lie. Goble is apparently CIA or former CIA. He is a real POS.
    First of all, the rebels have not been in danger of losing for most of August. Right now they are winning so there is no need to send Russian troops to keep the rebels from losing.
    I know nothing of the 10 troops captured inside Ukraine, but one of the men does not even exist. They gave the name and hometown of one guy, but he was then discovered to be live and well back in Russia. So these could just be Ukies dressed up in Russian uniforms – actors.
    I believe there are few Russian troops in the Ukraine. I have only been able to verify two Russian troops in the Ukraine so far.
    The rebels are not suffering from lack of men. Their fighting units just grew to 3-4 times what they were before.

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