2 Israelis Killed, 78 Wounded in Latest Hamas Rocket Barrage

Around 1 PM today, Hamas fired a rocket at Ashkelon. It was a new missile, an R160 – a 345mm missile with a huge warhead, that Israel had no idea that Hamas had. Its provenance is not known. It scored a direct hit on a home and two houses next to it were totally leveled. Dozens of buildings in a wide radius were damaged. 71 Israelis were wounded, 29 of them seriously. All wounded were apparently civilians. At 6 PM, another Hamas rocket scored a direct hit on a kibbutz in the Eshkol District next to Gaza. 2 Israelis were killed and 7 more were wounded, 3 seriously. Apparently all wounded were civilians. In all 2 Israelis were killed and 78 more were wounded, 31 seriously. An American yeshiva student from New Jersey has been missing since Friday when he went for a hike with a friend in the Jerusalem Forest. Police are searching for him.

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  1. It is a terrible thing today, but I don’t think that Isreal is going to get a lot of sympathy from many anywhere across the world. The reality of most political situations is that to think of their being the ” goodies” and the ” baddies” is an immature child,s thoughts. There are only usually different perspectives and loyalties driven by ones own life experiences. Let us try to simplify it however an just for arguments sake assume that the Palestinian rocket firers are terrorists, rather than people trying desperately to defend heir population. If this is to be assumed, then you DO NOT take out terrorists by bombing civilian areas, you do it as the UK did in Ireland, by infiltrating the organisation and accurately taking out specific individuals. The terrorists in any circumstance, by simple definition, are those who indescrimanently bomb civilians. Who fits this description in this circumstance?

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