VICE Magazine: Voice of the CIA

At first I thought that VICE Magazine was going to be something new and different in US media. After all, these were hip, cool young dudes so they could not possibly be carrying water for US imperialism, the corporate state and the 1 VICE is just another controlled media outlet, the voice of the Foreign Policy Establishment, the CIA, the Deep State, US multinational corporations and the 1 Reactionary hipsters. As a child of the 1970’s, I cannot think of anything more bizarre than a reactionary hipster. Of course VICE is very good for the MSM and the US elite, because it shows that even “leftwing hipsters” (because this is what everyone assumes VICE is) agrees with Monsanto, Microsoft, ATT, Comcast, the military industrial complex, US imperialism and the Deep State. So there really is ideological solidarity in the US, according to this line. From right to left, Americans are lined up for US imperialism and militarism, the Deep State, the 1 The lesson of VICE also apparently shows us the futility of establishing large dissident media in the US. Any new media popping up in the United States will very quickly if not instantly become part of the US Media Lie Machine Echo Chamber. VICE is part of US state-controlled propaganda network. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

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  1. This is kind of why people who are outside of the US don’t tend to have a lot of interest in US politics. To most of us, the main parties seem to differ from each other mainly because they have different names, there is the right wing party, or the right wing party. Now there is this tea Party, whoever the blazes they are ( please don’t explain, as I.m sorry but I expect that they will be a, Er? Right wing party, yes?). Most outside of the US find it all a bit obscure as basically as far as we can figure out, they are all off the same tree. It would not be so bad if complete embarrasing clown like idiots like Bush Junior, or second rate out of work cowboy actors who seemed to have views akin to John Wayne, as well as an acting career that tried to follow him got elected, butas they do, most of us have in the past often just shaken our heads at it in dismay. At least the present guy comes across on the world stage as a professional.

  2. Another thing that most people outside of the US are left completely beguiled at is the raging resistance to some form of health care system for all, i tje country, irrespective of ability to pay. As you may have gathered, I am currently based in Thailand. Thailand has a free national Heath care system for all of its citizens, and the average wage for most people in this country is around 220 US dollars a month, from which taxation sufficient to fund the concept is drawn. The rest of the world is left in compete and utter disbelief that Americans do not all support such a basic human moral concept. What kind of people are these Americans, most outside of the US ask themselves when they fight so strongly against such a basic principle of decent society.

  3. As Dota and I like to always say, our real problem is with our rotten elites, left wing or right wing.
    Ultimately, both serve the same masters.
    Reactionary hipsters aren’t all that surprising. They’re leftists on social justice warrior pet causes like gay marriage and transphobia, but end up acting as apologists for the police and surveillance state.
    Black female MSNBC pundit Melissa Harris-Perry is a great example of this mindset. She’s a black female social justice identity warrior, but lined up behind the Obama administration to trash Edward Snowden, imploring him to “come home.”

    1. Two good examples would be how the left or the Dems attack Ralph Nader and how the Right or the Reps attacked Ron Paul.

    2. She supports the National Security State in other words, the Deep State.
      It is fascinating that there is almost no dissent anywhere in America around the basic principles of US foreign policy. From the Left to the Right, everyone seems to agree.

      1. There is no dissent among Americans because they’re all so God damn clueless about anything and brainwashed, not just to foreign policy but domestic as well.

    3. Weird thing is, “social justice” warriors aren’t even consistent or principled about what they consider social justice issues. Prude persecution of gays and other gender anomalies is abhorred. Prude persecution of other consenting adult behavior is condoned, or even applauded. It’s apparent that for something to be considered a social justice cause, there has to be one or more of the following in play: 1) a well-financed lobby, 2) an electoral power base, 3) advocacy by financially-interested NGOs (that frequently get government funding), 4) advocacy from vested interests in academia, 5) advocacy from mainstream media, 6) alliance of said advocacy with players in governmental power. Merit has nothing to do with it. Advocacy in the diaspora of social justice issues is ignored, or worse, vilified. Civil liberties and equal protection under law are the social justice issues that stand out from all others in importance, yet “social justice” warriors are often the first to disregard them.

  4. Is the HBO investigative journalism show Vice a branch of Vice Magazine? or are those two separate entities?

    1. Separate. Maher is ok, but if that POS Fareed Zakaria is involved in any way, shape or form, you know it’s going to suck. I have no idea what their politics is, but US politics doesn’t really differ anyway.

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