The New South Africa Is Incapable of Protecting Its Wildlife

Here. Absolutely disgusting what this stupid post-apartheid government is doing with its rhinos. There is nothing environmentalist about this move. 500 of South Africa’s rhinos will be sold to private buyers!? Well, obviously those are trophy hunters who will kill them. What’s the point of that. How is that an environmental move that will protect the rhinos? No poacher ever goes to jail or prison in the new South Africa. They pay a fine (bribe) to the judge and get out and then go back to the part of Kruger National Park that is in Mozambique where they camp out and go back to poaching. The South African government allows them to stay there and does nothing about it. The new South African government is amazingly corrupt. Apartheid was terrible, but at least the Whites ran a functioning country. These Blacks don’t seem to be able to run a modern country.

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  1. Dear Robert
    From 1948 to 1994, SA had the least corrupt and most efficient and orderly government in Africa. Moreover, in 1994, the average income and education of blacks and their life expectancy was considerably higher than in 1948. Although it was repressive, we can’t say that the apartheid regime was very murderous. In 46 years, it directly killed about 900 blacks.
    It is indisputable that apartheid was unnecessarily rigid, petty and humiliating, but quite apart from ethical considerations, apartheid was simply unrealistic. Its central aim was that whites and blacks would end up living in separate countries, what was called separate development. However, the attainment of that goal would have involved massive population transfers and serious economic disruptions. In practice, apartheid became indistinguishable from Southern segregation, although it was meant to be something quite different. It failed on its own terms.
    Regards. James

  2. Comments at the link are worth pasting here.
    Nigel G Goodman · Top Commenter · Mainz, Germany
    This is an atrocious step – SA Gov was pledged ( Buffett et al) 500 million rand to protect them in the Kruger. They manage to allow the poachers to STILL live on the MOZ border IN the Kruger. Almost no poacher goes to jail. They all get bail and abscond back to MOZ as the judiciary is bribed. They will move 250 to hunting franchises to be shot for money. The other 250 to reserves that have less security than Kruger. How many will die in being moved ?What happens to the ones left? The poachers will STILL live on the border. The SA Gov is venal, immoral and corrupt – as is SanPark that set up a sale to hunting franchises that got tumbled. They just see rhino as quick money into their greasy pockets.
    Reply · · 10 · August 17 at 12:35am
    Jaya Bhumitra · Top Commenter · Campaigns Director at Compassion Over Killing
    Problem 1: “Private buyers” = trophy hunters, lodges that offer canned hunting, or lodges that offer safaris while confining the animals to their property – it may be a large cage, but it’s still a cage.
    Problem 2: Collecting random rhinos and dividing them up without regard to their family/social structures is beyond cruel – it’s kidnapping.
    Problem 3: That system of transport – hanging such a heavy animal upside down in the air so high above the ground – is completely inconsiderate and idiotic. The rhinos must be terrified. Use trucks, or better yet, don’t mess with nature and instead let the rhinos be and put in place laws (and enforcers of those laws) to protect the rhinos from poachers as Botswana has done.
    The “environmental” angle is definitely PR spin. Please don’t promote this egregious initiative as something good for animals. It’s not, and as a news source, The Dodo should know better.
    Reply · · 3 · August 18 at 2:13pm
    Jill Collett Buschlen · Top Commenter
    There is so much corruption and I fear hunters and poachers are behind everything.
    Reply · · August 19 at 10:49pm

  3. Hmmm.
    Makes one wonder if we really would be able to provide protection for Bigfoot/Sasquatch if/when proven to exist.
    (Easy segue for the author to slide in a ‘Bigfoot news’ update)

  4. Even worse are the Chinese etc.. feeding the demand. As long as they want it, and with their rising income they can afford it, they will get it. They will especially get it from poor third world nations, who can’t afford to say no. Unfortunately, paying the bills comes before honor.

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