The Lie Machine Called The Western Media

Taken from some comments on the web.

When it comes to any European MSM you might as well abandon all hope of getting unadulterated information as well.


Kiss off  BBC completely, it’s no longer going over to the dark side – it is the dark side; followed closely by Al Jazeera (funded by a Gulf state fount of funds); The Guardian has become highly dodgy since its wiki to do; and The Independent has become just another follower of neoliberal fascist fashion; The Times and Times on Sunday are English print analogues of Faux’Snews – same proprietors ~natcherally.


French PM Holland is serviced by hard rightwing socialist news organs, and German media has been in general captured by the Overton Window.About the only trustworthy outlets come interestingly enough from Russia (RT) or from a few sites on the internet having well informed sources – J. Cole’s Informed Comment isn’t among the commended US sites unless kool-aid is one’s preferred beverages.


Avoid any site that uses words, terms or descriptives from MSM derived toolbox of propaganda (e.g. separatists as opposed to federation or referendum seekers, even contra-juntaists has clear accuracy over MSM’s contrived identification). There isn’t that much out there but it’s available. The least trustworthy are the NYTravda on the Hudson or the (W)Izvestia Post on the Potomac.

Well, sure, it’s all completely hopeless, but what is truly terrifying is there really is no opposition press anywhere in the West. They said in the USSR that you could buy all sort of newspapers and newsmagazines and turn on a variety of TV and radio news channels and they would all be saying the same thing. The horrifying truth is that that is exactly what life is like in the US now.

Sure there is an opposition press, but it has not large organs. A viable opposition press would be a large daily newspaper or weekly newsmagazine or a single radio or TV news channel. The minor ones don’t count. There is no opposition press period on TV because there are no minor news channels. On the radio there’s only Pacifica, always broke and constantly under threats of having its funding cut. There is not one large opposition paper in the US, nor is there is a single opposition newsmagazine. The small ones don’t count because they are so hard to find that the average person will not go through the trouble.

In previous wars the propaganda could only proven false after the fact; the “domino theory” in Vietnam or “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. Today in the Ukraine Civil War the degeneration is complete; the lie is visible on the same page of the same newspaper.

Exactly. It’s worse than it’s ever been. A columnist on Counterpunch said that he reads the Washington Post every day just to say what our ruling class is lying about on any particular day. He’s been doing this since 1964. He wrote that right now the US press is more dishonest and propagandistic than at any time since 1964 – in other words, it is the worst he has seen in the last 50 years.

The striking impact of the Ukraine civil war is that it has shown that you cannot trust corporate media.


God’s be good; are you just waking up to that “fact”? Why do you even bother with MSM propaganda/government speak/Pentagon lies/spin-meisters, and downright bullshit?

You know, I always knew that the media was lying to us a lot, but I never realized it was this bad! I find this extremely disturbing because I can’t trust anything the media or government tells me anymore. Whatever they say, first of all I have to try to figure out if they are lying or telling the truth, and if they are lying, it is often not very easy to figure that out. Eventually I can usually sort it all out, but I have a very high IQ and advanced degrees. If someone like me has a hard time winnowing the truth from the lies, imagine how hard it is for someone with a high school education and a 100 IQ.
I honestly believe that Russia has a much more free press than the US does. There are a many opposition papers in Russia, and many of them are virulently anti-Putin and even anti-Russia and pro-US. Nearly all of these publications are funded out of the West. One of the most notorious is funded out of Finland. These publications continue to publish both in print and on the web. Does Putin shut down the opposition press.

Apparently he has shut down a few of them, but these organs are like mushrooms, Putin shuts down one and ten more spring up the next day. Further, even state organs like Russia Today often take a pretty strong anti-Putin line. Putin does not control the media in any way, shape or form. The Russian media is simply owned by various factions in society, and most of the Russian oligarchs are often Putin-hostile and pro-West. The oligarchs own a lot of the press.

What about Putin putting dissidents in prison. Apparently Putin has jailed a few dissidents here and there. But they are like mushrooms too, and they keep popping up again. I would say that he only jails a small number of them. If you are a prominent member of the opposition, you might have a 2% chance of going to jail.

Every day various Russian media are full of quotes from open traitors blasting Putin and the motherland and reciting Western propaganda word for word. Many of these people are just liars, and they make up news lies all the time. These lies are picked up by the anti-Russian Western media and treated as Gospel truth.

Can you actually partake of the Western MSM and experience prominent critics of the Western party line on a day to day basis? Are you kidding?

I am not saying that Russia has a freer press than the West because I love Putin. What I am saying is that when even Russia has a freer press than the West, the West has truly hit rock bottom. That’s just pitiful.

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