The Capitalists Are Always the Enemies of the Nationalists

A grouping of large capitalists or oligarchs in Novorussia and Russia is trying very hard to sell out the Novorussian Revolution. There is nothing unusual about this.
These sellouts are supporting a federalized Ukraine, but the situation is far too gone for that. That might have been possible months ago, but that’s nothing but a pipe dream now. These people are going to hate each other for the next 30 years.
The rebels will never support federalization. As mentioned above, there is a group of sellout traitors around Putin (the oligarchs) who are trying to sell out the revolution by surrendering to the Ukies. They want a federalized Ukraine. There are also a couple of Novorussians who are on the outs with the rebels and have their own militias. Some of these have sought refuge in Kiev and spout a pro-Kiev line. They want a “unified pro-Russian Ukraine” which will never occur. Also there is a huge oligarch who controls the area around Mariupol and the coal mines who is part of the sellout crowd.
Truth is the capitalists in both Novorussia and Russia are selling out the revolution for a pound of silver, just like they always do. The big Palestinian capitalists have always been total sellouts too, always trying to sell out to Israel.
Bottom line is that probably the last thing that any progressive revolution needs is the capitalists. The only revolutions capitalists support are contra revolutions like in Nicaragua and a few other places.
The capitalists always sell out any left revolution of course, but they also tend to sell out all nationalist revolutions too. The truth is that in most nations, the biggest enemies of the Homeland are the capitalists. Capitalists are wanderers without a tribe, rootless and bloodless – they do not exist in the soil of any land. They are only allied with other capitalists around the world, not with any tribe, soil or blood.
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0 thoughts on “The Capitalists Are Always the Enemies of the Nationalists”

    1. Because it is no longer possible! The very idea is ridiculous. There will not be a united pro-Russian Ukraine unless a dictatorship is imposed on them. The Ukies are too far gone for that. Ukraine is history. I had a nice little run, but it’s about to be broken up. And Novorussia will not be the only part to split away.

  1. Dear Robert
    Only big capitalists are anti-national. There is a big difference between a guy who owns a restaurant in his hometown, or a few of them, and the owners of McDonald’s. Even big capitalists can be nationalist as long as they have invested all their money in their own country. Owners of multinational companies are like the monarch of a multinational kingdom. There is no guarantee that the king will favor any of the nations in his kingdom. He can play off the various nations in order to make his power more secure.
    Regards. James

  2. The last paragraph is spot on. Even capitalists who say they are patriotic are people who prize ‘economic growth’ over their own people.
    I have only just come to the realisation that capitalism and libertarianism are affront to nationhood and patriotism. The only blood they know is the coin, the only soil they know is the wallet.

  3. I recently met some Ukrainians (both men and women) and have understood that they have no affinity or love for Russians but culturally, have more in common with say, Romanians or Bulgarians. Russians and Ukrainians are not a fraternal people but just happen to share a common language. Ukrainian girls are very hot though (I’m talking about the NON-WHORES), hotter than your average Russian, probably the hottest in all Europe. And they’re usually VERY FLUENT in English which helps you strike up interesting conversations.

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