Study Proves That Internet Trolls Are Evil

But we all knew that already.

From the piece:

In yet another instance of science belatedly confirming what common sense has already told us, a new paper from researchers at three Canadian universities concludes that Internet trolls aren’t just mean — they’re sadists and psychopaths.


“… it might be said that online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists,” the paper rules.

Most of the trolls on this site have been Republicans, Zionists, Hindutvadis and racists of all sorts of varieties. In other words, evil people who espouse evil, often fascist, political views.

Well, they’re all fascists except for the Republicans.

No wait.

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0 thoughts on “Study Proves That Internet Trolls Are Evil”

  1. I like the idea of a crusade against trolls. Better that we fight them “over there” on the internet than “over here” in the real world. Don’t forget about the mainstream liberal trolls, while you’re at it. They have an absolutely unparalleled willingness to tell bare-faced lies even when they know the person they’re lying to is fully aware of being fed a line of shit. It’s really incredible.

    1. Yes I really hate the PC Left type. They have made it abundantly clear to me that I am their deadly enemy. They post my stuff all the time and rip it to pieces in the most vicious ways. They try to dig up dirt on me to try to destroy me professionally and in any other way they can think of.
      Honestly, conservatives leave me alone. There is not one single mainstream US Republican type conservative site that links to me in a vicious way. Actually there are no conservative sites of any type who link to me. They all just ignore me.
      So at this point my worst enemies are the PC Left types. I hate them about 100 times worse than I hate Republicans. I consider most Republicans more insane than anything else, and it’s hard to hate a crazy person.
      But those PC Left types are just evil. And a lot of them are very, very mean people. I do not think people realize how mean and vicious so many of those PC types are. Very nasty, ugly people.

      1. The PC left means well, but they just aren’t in touch with reality. For instance, how can you defend blacks (and others) as victims of their environment, when they voluntarily accepted the trash culture of Hollywood? Ultimately, some people have chosen evil over good, no matter what environment.

        1. I think the PC puppet masters don’t really care about black people. They’re content to let them stew in the ghettos, out of sight. To them, black people are only useful as voters, and wealthy liberals are using all sorts of indirect (or maybe not so indirect) methods to boot black people off of America’s better pieces of urban real estate.

      2. I’ve always thought that culture war liberals use political correctness as a substitute not only for religion, but also for the traditional morality that they either left behind or never held to begin with.
        I guess dominant ideologies will always attract bullies, so their aggressiveness and outright evil doesn’t surprise me.
        What gets me is their enthusiastic mendacity. Conservatives lie as a means to whatever end they’re trying to achieve, but liberals seem to genuinely enjoy telling lies – almost as if it gives them some sort of sexual thrill. And if everyone knows they’re lying, so much the better. One perfect illustration of this is an episode of Real Time in which Bill Maher informed Anne Coulter that he doesn’t think black people commit more crime than white people. The viewers, Coulter, the studio audience, and the Maher himself all knew it was complete bullshit, but he said it with the kind of straight face I can’t even muster when telling someone my name.
        Libertarians like Bryan Caplan engage in the related practice of brazenly proclaiming things they know are absurd, crazy, or just outright fucking stupid.

        1. Bill Maher is INCREDIBLY elitist. All he does is drive more “Joe the Plumbers” over to the conservative side.

        2. He does talk sense occasionally, but he’s just such a major prick, and it’s obvious that ordinary Americans are totally alien to him. It’s interesting to me how tribal liberals like Bill Maher can be. I believe that politics are not nearly as important for them as identity.

        3. Actually I know liberals very well. Bill Maher *actually believes* that Blacks don’t commit any more crime than Whites, and he will have all sorts of reasons why that’s true. He actually isn’t lying at all. Liberals don’t really lie that much. They actually believe almost all of the bullshit they say, believe it or not.

        4. Conservatives tend to be more trusting and idealistic, so I can buy the notion that they’re true believers, but liberals? People are so damned stupid.

      3. absolutely. Deny homo’marriage’ as a human right and they feel fully within their rights to go into a psychosis, blame all the problems of the world on ‘people like you’, label me a homophobe, claiming I should be shot immediately, or sodomized by some big black guys.
        It’s totally insane. Same goes with feminists, who can very easily implode in full blown narcissist attacks.

        1. Either the rednecks or gay activists can turn into monsters, depending on who has power. Obviously, where I live, the rednecks have the upper hand.

  2. Stromfront is full of psychopathic trolls, but their case, they’re not trolls, they’re the members, LOL.

      1. So are the creepy “regular posters”, the real white nationalists, or the FBI? I don’t know. The regular posters sure seem to be true believers, LOL.

  3. QUOTE”I’ve always thought that culture war liberals use political correctness as a substitute not only for religion, but also for the traditional morality that they either left behind or never held to begin with. ”
    Well, I can understand PC to some extent. With so much porno around, you need PC to keep men from grabbing women’s asses, LOL Also you need PC, cause with so much diversity, it’s the only thing that keeps the peace.

    1. PC keeps evolving, though, into uglier and more aggressive incarnations, with ever more rules and punishments. It’s downright crazy these days and is more often a source of tension than a solution for it.

  4. I think at my university PC creates a hostile environment, cause the women take women’s lib classes, and many believe what they’re told. Me, being an older guy could cause problems, cause they might think I’m some old pervert. People do believe whatever they read. Kind of like in Korea, where progressives control all the media and hate America. The Koreans believe everything the media says without question.

    1. I think a lot of college students have an axe to grind about something. So in college, you see their fangs come out, and they pick on anybody who conflicts with their views.

      1. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really a liberal, LOL. I’m becoming more like Richard Nixon everyday. I’d hate to see what would happen, if my telephone conversations were recorded.

  5. Ok, just another insight upon how non US people find US politics so obscure. There are the Democrats, who obviously want to instigate a democracy, hmm, that doesn’t equate they have one of those already. Oh well, then there are the Republicans, who obviously want to get rid of the Monarcy, hmm, that doesn’t work either. Ok, so is it obvious to anyone outside of the US which party is the one left of centre and which is to the right of centre. Well no not really. There are the predictable arguments about specific issues which arise, and who has made the most mistakes on budget spending, but specifically what differentiates one lot from the other. Which are to the left, and which to he right? The vast majority of those outside of the US are baffled by it. What does not help the image on an international basis, is the game show host type presentation of political speeches when on election campaigns, complete with trumpet music and the like. All very, very obscure to non US people!

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