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  1. I have heard in Thailand of Transgender people becoming mentally ill. It happens typically to a small number of those who have had their male genitalia removed, and they then struggle to cope with the idea phsycologically, it is like that they want to look feminine, but still want that thing that defines them as a man. It is possible I suppose that a decision to want to be transgender could be as a result of making an inappropriate decision because they are already mentally I’ll, just as mentally I’ll people will make many illogical or inappropriate decisions, and it is possible that trying to cope with self understanding of identity could lead to mental illness, but I think that to assume that all transgender people are mentally I’ll is a bit extreme. Although I have no personal interest in having a leasion with a Thai ladyboy, as I am heterosexual, I of course have met many, as you simply cannot avoid them in tat country. Whilst a minority seem to have gone crazy, it seems a very small minority.

  2. Thank you for this, Robert. For those of us not brainwashed by loony PC social justice insanity, of course trannies are mentally ill. This doesn’t mean that they’re evil or horrible people who deserve to be persecuted or attacked.
    However, let’s call a spade a spade. Our society has already diagnosed various mental illnesses and disorders such as “borderline personality disorder,” “obsessive compulsive disorder,” “schizophrenia,” “narcissistic personality disorder,” etc.
    And yet a guy who wants to alter his genitals and receive hormone replacement therapy to become a chick is somehow not mentally ill or deviant? Give me a break.

    1. Sorry but I do not totally agree. There are some men who their entire lives are naturally and instinctively effeminate and who also do not look very masculine. It is not beyond reason that occassionally there is a mistake of nature, and just as some people can be born with physical deformities or lacking something in their immune system, nature could occassionally make a mistake with gender. Yes of course, the examples of UK and western men who are broad shouldered and who are more masculine than Arnold Swarzenegger who decide to become Tracy rather than Trevor at the age of 58 would probably benefit from a quiet little talk with a phsychiatrist
      There is definitely something lunatic going on there.

      1. Yes, there are indeed such men. They need help accepting themselves as they are and reconciling their emotions with their bodies. The false promise that genital mutilation and hormones can somehow turn them into women is a cruel hoax. The suicide stats for gender-mutilated men vs other types of queer speak for themselves. It must be a real shock to undergo genital mutilation and come to the realization that the promise that it will make you a woman turned out to be empty.

      2. There can b feminine men and masculine women doesn’t mean there tranies.A person doesn’t believe they are what they physically are,sounds mentally ill to me

  3. I tolerate gay people, but trans-gender is a bit bizarre. At least normal gay people keep their balls, despite orientating them toward other men.

  4. As I have mentioned in other discussions on this website, I spends lot of time in Thailand, and there the place is full of Ladyboy transsexuals. I used to be bitter towards them because they often do not volunteer information to unsuspecting novice tourists that they ate actually men, and try to trick them into thinking that they are a real woman, rather than be more honest and target gay men. However, one thing that I like about the Thias is that the majority are truly lovely people who like to be friendly and who like to make you happy, irrespective of making money out of people. It saddens me when people talk about them in derogatory terms, like being whores. The people are lovely people. This includes the Transgender people. They should gain our empathy, not our hatred. No transgender person probably ever wanted to be such. Ladyboys tend to usually keep their male genitalia, because although they want to appear as women, many understand that they can go through phsycologically trauma when they get their dicks cut off. I have a lot less sympathy for those who are homosexual and who walk about the streets holding hands, in embrases, and gazing into each other,s eyes. At least in decades gone past, gay people themselves restricted their leanings to specific places, such as gay bars, rather than flaunting it openly in public. What I also find slightly disturbing is Indian men who walk about holding hands, in embrases and gazing into each others eyes in public. I am sure that I am in for a massive amount of abuse for saying this, and it is just a cultural difference thing and they are just friends. Yea, right. Try going to the UAE and see how they lovingly gaze at each other, on the train, in the street, and at work.

  5. This is old news, McHugh has been debunked and totally discredited by all the research from all around the world.
    I am transgendered, that means I have ‘gender dysphoria’ (GD). This is something I can remember back as early as 6 years of age.
    Now people with GD, prior to transitioning, have appalling mental health statistics, depression and suicide being almost epidemic.
    Post transitioning (or even during it), their mental health stats tend to return to what is normal for their age and sex. Study after study has shown that. Note that it is not necessary to have GRS to transition. Many TG people cannot take that route for financial/health/etc reasons (some cannot even do HRT), however they also show greatly improved mental health overall, just by being able to live in their preferred gender role.
    In the best cases where treatment starts before adolescence their mental health is the same as ‘normal’ people.
    So GD in itself is not a mental illness anymore than being gay or lesbian or straight, but if untreated it commonly causes a lot of mental illness.
    In my personal case I spent long periods of my life dealing with depression. Since I started transitioning I have felt so much better. Like a lifelong weight being lifted off of my shoulders.
    This is nothing new from McHugh he has long been an advocate of GD being a mental illness, in fact he continues to push the totally discredited autogynephilia hypothesis (which when I first read about it my first thought was “who came up with this crap”).
    Some analysis of him from within the TG community.
    “Paul Rodney McHugh (born 1931) is an American psychiatrist who is a key historical figure in the academic pathologization of sex and gender minorities.
    A noted Catholic conservative, McHugh famously shut down the gender identity clinic at Johns Hopkins in 1979, based on a follow-up study by Jon Meyer that claimed there was no real benefit to these services.[1] McHugh argues that gender variance is essentially a lifestyle choice or an ideology, and that offering trans health services is effectively collaborating in a patient’s delusion. He has described it as akin to giving liposuction to an anorexic person.”
    “In 2007 he was ordered by Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison to stop making public statements about physician George Tiller’s work. McHugh disapproved of Tiller’s work providing abortion services. Tiller was later murdered by a fanatic who was influenced by public statements made about Tiller.”
    “McHugh is also known for his work defending Catholic priests against sex abuse charges.”
    I love that bit “a lifestyle choice or an ideology” I am transgendered and trust me it that not true at all, it is the hardest thing you can possibly do and you only do it because you have absolutely no choice whatsoever.
    Another from Wikipedia:
    “McHugh believes that adult males who wish to surgically alter themselves to appear anatomically female fall into two main groups: (1) “conflicted and guilt-ridden homosexual men”[24] and (2) “heterosexual (and some bisexual) males who found intense sexual arousal in cross-dressing as females”.[25]” …
    Trust me…that is total rubbish. I (and nearly every GD person I have met says the same) first started dressing as a female when I was about 8 or 9…long before any sexuality entered into my life.

    1. Thank you very much for this. I feel you made an excellent case. For truly transgendered people like you, I support you 100%. It does seem as if you transgendered nature is somehow biological and I am very sympathetic to biological male homosexuals. I am not so wild about opportunistic male homosexuality, which is actually epidemic, but men who are truly gay get my full support.
      I may run this as a piece and a rejoinder to the other piece. I am so glad that you are happier now. That’s what life is all about. Moving away from unhealthy mental states towards more healthy states, more happiness and less dysphoria, misery and depression.
      And welcome to the website my transgendered friend.

    2. Ronnie you’re one sick bastard.. Under that roof you have you are really wanting a boi to do you up the stinkter.. SIck tranny boi you need help.

  6. Thank you Robert. If you need more information for your piece I can pass it on or point you in the right direction to find it. Ragards. Lisa.

      1. Thankyou but it happens to people like us for being different inside and how we see ourselves in the mirror and wanting to transition.

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