Older Men and Younger Women

I could easily attract young women as a young man. It was not a problem. I could even do so up until my early 40’s. After age 47, it is barely possible. I get the strong impression that most young women really want nothing to do with me, at least in a sexual sense. And of course it makes sense, at this point, I am not only Dad but just about Grandpa. I really do not understand why everyone is so flipped out by middle aged men chasing after legal teenage girls and young women. Everyone acts like this is a real problem, a social evil, and that any man of this age can easily get a young woman. I tell these people that I couldn’t get one if I tried, and they always look at me like I am speaking Greek. But of course it is true if you think about it. The upper age range for a female would be a man about 25 years older than she is. Beyond that, you heading towards Gramps territory. And it is true, at my age, I can still get a woman aged ~27-29 at the lower end. Not that it’s easy, but it’s possible, and I have dated a few recently. Young women from other cultures like Arab or NE Asian women are your best bets for this sort of thing as they are used to liking older men. When I deal with young women out in public, I start off by assuming they are not interested and then go from there. Sure, I look at them sometimes, but that’s like looking at a waterfall or a forest. There is nothing wrong with admiring the beauty of God’s natural creations, and a young woman is truly a thing of beauty as great as a Redwood tree. Once you assume they want nothing to do with you, you can more or less converse with and get along with them. If you try to steer the conversation in any sort of sexual way though, it’s going to head south pretty quickly.

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55 thoughts on “Older Men and Younger Women”

  1. Your comments are very fair. However even at 49 years of age, life still has a way of surprising me, sometimes young attractive girls I could not believe would be interested in me, show that they are, but more usually in a setting such as at work, rather than in a singles evening social environment. I totally agree however that if you go out chasing girls, you can get some pretty nasty reactions. I have been in circumstances over the last few years where girls have gone out of their way to show me that they are interested in me, and I have done nothing about it, because of this attitude in society that you are a pervert simply because you have the misfortune to be older than another guy and you like attractive girls. It is a very destructive view held in society. If a guy is a pervert for desiring an attractive girl of around 18, then he has been one since puberty. I recall the wife of a friend of mine who disliked me intensely because she knew that I liked attractive Gris and not old ladies. What made this so distasteful was that she had no problem with her own 17 year old son regularly bedding attractive single girls. What hypocrasy. Exactly at what point does a man become a pervert just because he has seen more birthdays. Is it a cumulative total of roast chickens consumed over his lifetime, is there something immoral about consuming roast chickens? Odd how no one hasa problem with guys of twenty lusting after girls. Those who have a problem with guys lusting after girls should start by venting their anger at gus of 20, as they are far more guilty than older guys of taking girls innocence and virginity.

  2. Another one that infuriates me is this garbage about a girl being young enough to be a guys daughter. Are there really so many idiots out there who are unsure who their daughters might be and are concerned about he possibility of unintended incest? If so, such individuals should concentrate on sharpening their wits, rather than making daft philosophies upon life. If I desired women of fifty I would have persued them when I was 17. If I am a pervert for not wanting to do this, irrespective of what age I may be, then the world has become a strange place. It,s OK to initiate anal intercourse with another man, it’s OK to have pain inflicted to yourself, or upon others if it is between consenting adults, and it’s OK to jump into bed with an old lady, but if I desire an attractive young woman over the age of consent then I am a disgusting pervert. Has the world gone completely mad?

    1. I haven’t read all of the comments yet. I’m 56 years old, athletic, always dated dudes older than myself until about forty, then found myself with guys about five years younger than me. Been married. When I was young, 14 years old, I started dating. This was in the 1970’s, a really good time for females AND males in Cali. It was more common than not that we dated guys MUCH older than ourselves. I realize that the line had to be drawn somewhere, but people back then realized that females are adults faster than males. My handsome younger brother was playing with his friends until he was about 23 and started dating. I’m telling you, when I saw a couple episodes of “Predator” on TV (I don’t watch that shit I was elsewhere I SWEAR) I CRINGED when I saw guys in their early twenties, who had gone to a house to meet some girl in her teens, tackled and labeled a sex predator for life. As for chasing ANYONE younger than you, but legal, the rules are the same I would imagine as with anyone wanting to date. Bat in your OWN league, if you still want to be in the game in your 40’s and 50’s, LOOK like it. No one likes to see a saggy baggy female with some young Sanky Panky (look it up), and no younger person wants to be pursued by some dowdy paunched old duff. Other than that, I guess some guys like younger females, some females might like younger males, people in GENERAL like people who keep themselves up. By that I mean dress the part, if you’re bald, GO with the look, (everyone likes a goatee) and good luck to you.

      1. Thank you so much for your oh so enlightened attitude. I respect any girls right to think me irrelevant to her and of no interest to her, because she thinks I am too old, but it bugs the hell out of me when I am called a perv cos I have a Mutual attraction with a young but mature minded younger woman. To be honest, I go through phases where I get overweight and don’t have the self confidence with girls who indicate that they like me. It is a thing that most men struggle with, the fact that there is a proportion of women who do not place a great emphasis upon a guy,s looks, but it makes me feel less than self confident, so your advice is still applicable, even under reasons of a different perspective.

  3. I guess this whole thing about age is the idea that being old is something bad, so that it would be unfair to offer a young person your old self. Like you’re looking for vitality and beauty whereas you yourselve no longer has it to offer. It’s even worse for women… 49’s men can provide kids for 18’s women, the opposite is not possible.

    1. Yeah well, most older guys love young women, and a lot of them would jump on one if they could. It’s just that it’s not really possible for most of us so the whole question is a bit absurd. What I think is weird is that
      1. People think I am sick and evil just to even be interested in them in the first place. I mean they are nice to look at, and you can always fantasize.
      2. Most older women seem to have the idea that young women are a menacing competition. Ok, I see that, but they also think that most of us guys can get a young woman anytime we want to. I mean, I could go out and pick up an 18 yr old girl every day if I felt like it. Are you kidding!? They don’t realize that most of these young women really want nothing to do with us guys simply due to age, which is totally reasonable of them of course.
      This whole terror of the middle aged man – young woman thing is just silly. These women are getting all freaked out about something that hardly even exists.
      I know a lot of middle aged guys, but I hardly even see one with a young woman. If they are with a woman at all, they are with one around their age. I can’t remember the last time I saw a middle aged guy with a young woman. Why is everyone so worried about something that hardly even exists?

      1. My strong Sicilian educated father always told his daughters that while school was paramount, he expected us to enjoy our lives while we were young also. He made it clear, that if we bought into the “keep yer legs crossed girly and someday the prince on the horse will knock on your door and carry your neurotic ass off” crap, that we would be bitter at forty, we would REALIZE that we had been “tricked” out of our youth, and we would hate and be jealous of young girls. My mom was like that. I never am. I had a great fun life, traveled, so I think the younger ones are cute. As for checking the young legal ones out, nothing at all wrong with that. Dignity for all! Meaning, don’t ogle or leer.

        1. Yea, this is another thing that men can struggle with. Girls like a guy who has the self confidence to indicate to her that he like her. One of the best ways to do this is to gaze in a manner tat conveys interest. The problem however is avoiding accusations of leering. After spending years trying to work ou the difference, I have come to the conclusion that it is mainly about whether th girl in question is interested in a guy. If she s interested, then it is a gaze, and he is a swave chap who knows how to get a girls attention in a way that women instinctively like. I she is not particularly interested in returning the guys interest, the h is a leering pervert pest. Sorry for being cynical, but it is honestly the conclusion that I have come to. If you are a guy, you just have to have broad shoulders and expect a degree of abuse.

  4. ‘This whole terror of the middle aged man – young woman thing is just silly. These women are getting all freaked out about something that hardly even exists’
    I like this topic. I had followed the older thread a wee bit. I think you are soft selling yourself , so as not to further enrage.
    I totally believe that a man’s stock goes up as he gets older. We don’t age like women. We end up looking ‘rugged’ not ‘haggard’. If the man has been doing it right, he should have a more funds than a young man. More likely to have a house/ or not share with roommates. Generally a lot more knowledgeable and experienced than the young uns as well.
    All qualities that a women wants.
    I also tend to believe that women are less sexual than men and look for security vs. physical beauty. They do appreciate physical beauty. They do appreciate a large bank account a touch more.
    I agree with the observations in this article. I do wonder how much more success would be had if yur clothes were really nice and drove a newer benz. You might add another 10 years or so to that 47 number.
    As an aside I have a good friend who has reunited with his girlfriend.
    He is 52 . She is a 27 year old hotter Eva Longoria. They seem quite happy.

    1. I can probably still get a 27 year old woman. I was with one a year or so ago. But that’s about as low as I could go. 18-26, forget it.
      Honestly, I don’t necessarily even want a young woman. I had enough of them for 10 lifetimes anyway. I am just making an observation that I can’t really get one anymore anyway, not that I really care. I just figure that’s the way it goes. I mostly busy myself with women my own age these days (48-56).

      1. ‘Honestly, I don’t necessarily even want a young woman. I had enough of them for 10 lifetimes anyway.’
        I agree. Fun to look at,however there tends to be a lack of good conversation.

        1. “There tends to be a lack of good conversation” I had a very good conversation tonight in Bangkok with a guy of around 50 who like myself, had worked before in many countries and had an appreciation of interesting observations of different cultures. Don’t think however that i Would have been conducive with the idea of a romantic cuddle or oral sex, or extending an invite to the cinema, where I would have bought him an icecream. sorry for seeming a shallow individual, but hooked up with a girl of 19 after the interesting bloke conversation. Anyway, I think it a little blinkered to assess that older types of people will provide more interesting conversation. As a single bloke, how often have I had to Kid on that I am interested in the boring ramblings of married men and women my own age, about their kids at school, when the school holidays are, the really nice ” school teacher girl of forty” who wants to invite me to a dinner party with her architect husband, and I get there and the gorgeous daughter sais hello before disappearing out with her mates. wake up, wake up, wake up, try not to yawn, seem interested in listening to all this rubbish that others seem to think I want to listen to. No interesting conversation from younger girls. hmm, depends on your perspective.

        2. ‘I had a…hmm, depends on your perspective.’
          You make some very valid points. I will re-double my efforts to converse with hot, barely legal wimmins. Thanks for a fresh perspective.

    2. Your right muster e. The answer is money. Security for those who want to believe its discusting. I’m a large man that has reached 6’6″. Along with being large are several perks and women who want those perks target me heavily. At times when I showed I have more money you could easily quatrupile that group. When I had no money hanging out of my pockets the prospects for female companionship were few with only the most adventurous weighing in. And weighing in on the large scale. Being 52 and bedding as many as I have there is no longer the need to bed anybody below thirty. Poor sexual performance no longer is acceptable accompanied by a nice body. However a shaved bigfoot and a couple of beers sounds like fun.

  5. Not sure if I even want an 18-26 yr old woman. What for? They are pretty much out of reach anyway anymore and I figure that’s just the way it is. I am not complaining. I had all sorts of young chicks when I was a young guy.

  6. oh Robert I’ll send you a some UK IQ data by ethnicity if you give me your email address.
    CAT is a cognitive abilities test with verbal, mathematical and non-verbal (spatial) subsections. It may not be heavily g loaded but it has quite high correlations with GCSE (school achievement). Black African, black Caribbean and black other score around 93-95 on quantitative and non-verbal reasoning (white British 101). I think its at age 15-16.
    There is also NART results, which means national adult reasoning test and the black result is 92, white 104, Indian 99.
    There’s another which says white 102.4, black 93.3, South Asian 93.6.
    So, tell me your email address if you want me to forward the data.

  7. As beautiful as a Redwood Creation. Yeah, there’s a touristy thing in northern Cal called “Trees of Mystery” if it’s still there. You can drive thru the trunk of a Redwood. And women are mysteries, compared to men.

  8. Maybe it is that women expect (or at least want) men to like women their own age. So when a man likes a young woman, he is labeled with a negative–creepy? I personally have always liked girls my age (plus teacher fantasy stuff) and am currently 27. I would already feel a little awkward with a girl in college for instance, but that’s probably because I wouldn’t want to deal with her friends and family.

    1. Women are idiots then. Men like all women. It’s normal for men to like all women of any age if they are attractive. The reason women think like this is because they are solipsistic. Women like men their own age, so they think men should like women their own age too.

      1. ” young women nice to look at, but there tends to be a lack of good conversation”
        The thing that I find so ironic that it is comical ( apart from the obvious question of does this come from someone who is a heterosexual man ) is that I have often heard men around their forties talk in condescending manners about young women of around 18 being kids and “how can you be bothered with the immaturity?” Those very same men are married with small children and have daily conversations with their children of the ilk ” no dear, Mr Rabbit does not want to make friends with Mr cow, because Mr Cow is oh so sleepy when Mr Rabbit comes out to play at night”.
        Perhaps this is the kind of good conversation difficult to get with an attractive young adult woman, or perhaps it is the other stuff that middle aged married folk often talk about that would send you to sleep.
        I enjoy intellectual conversation with anyone and everyone, but I have to admit that i could potentially find it a bit of a turn off comming from a girl I liked if it went on too long.

      2. Wow! Great post Robert and I learned a wonderful new term for females which is spot-on too!
        I find that women get jaded the older they get and become demanding believing that television portrayals of our culture really exist and that somehow, somewhere, a near-perfect man awaits them just sitting around longing for them in a romantic stasis. Younger women are fun point-blank. They don’t care what you have, they don’t care about stuff, have plans for everything and far-ranging expectations along with amazingly detailed analyses of what a “relationship” should be.
        Jumping through hoops for female companionship is a waste of time.

        1. Very valid set of observations from Mr Mowers. I see men of my age married to women of about 45- 50 who look more masculine than the guy they are with, and who demand an expensive new car, two International holidays a year and a new expensive fitted kitchen. Go with an attractive girl and she is happy with a trip to the cinema, is great fun to be with, probably won’t nag, and as you are not married to her, you don’t stand to loose half your worldly goods if you are perceived to have stepped out of line. As I may have mentioned, I spend a lot of time in Thailand because I can have fun there as an older guy. There was a popular poster a few years ago with the title, why a beer is better than a woman. The first two points were, a beer is allways wet, and the second was, you can have a second beer immediately after the first beer, and the first beer does not mind. I often tend to find that here in Thailand, the statement can be true for girls as well as for beer.

        2. I would not put up with it. I am not that much of a success in relationships, but if i got a woman who nagged, her suit case would be on the street. I,m afraid however that I disagree with the idea that younger women have a focus on money and status. In modern western societies, girls of around 18 tend not to care how much money a guy has. I work in the oil and gas industry and have lived in some cities where there are a lot of wealthy oil industry engineers with flashy motor cars. Virtually none of the attractive young women will typically be seen with them. Rather they go home with the penny less male student they met at the bar, possibly through a friend. They are not the slightest bit interested in expensive open topped sports cars. I have no idea where people get this rediculous idea. The last time I saw a guy in an expensive open topped sports car with a woman, she was about 45 years old, plastered with too much make up and wearing a dress that her daughter might have gotten away with. From what I have seen in life, older women are the ones who have a far bigger focus upon a man,s money and his status, when they are looking for a man. Typically it seems to start to kick in when a woman reaches her late twenties or early thirties, and then gets progressively more so. It may be that when a woman gets old, companionship is the over riding thing of importance, but that can be a long way off.

        3. Hi Again Beatrix,
          One of the difficulties with Thailand for women is that, as many Thais will tell you, a large number of men want to be ladyboys,, another very large proportion of men are either gay, or are so effeminate that a lot of Thai girls find it a bit of a turn off. I have heard before from some that quite apart from the financial gain aspect, some girls who enter the entertainment business are, by doing so, managing to even up the odds in their favour, if you ate looking for an Asian guy, it might therefore be a better bet to look in countries other than that which is my own favourite.

  9. Hi Beatrix,
    Your observation of Thai girls turnovers of expats, “where is the next customer”, is spot on, accurate. The Expats I feel sorry for though are those who have tried forming a relationship with a girl who makes herself available, rather than going for a quick frolic. You hear the sob stories constantly, she never really loved me, she cleared me out financially etc. I go for the fun and stay realistic and level headed about what is on offer.
    Not tried Myanmar, but found the girls in the Phillipines even more restrictive in mattress sports than Thai girls, and a big issue with excessive mayo in the undies, most off putting when you never placed the order with relish in the first place.
    I have to admit that I always got the impression that most women, once they had reached around forty, usually had lost interest in going out to places in the hope of getting “touched up” and finding alternative bed mates. However, you only live once, so everyone should follow what they truly want to do.
    I have seen many bar type places in Thailand with young skinny guys, usually around 19, and usually with daft 1960,s big hair styles, but I get the impression that they are gay and catering for homosexual tourists needs. Not sure where you go if you are looking for an older straight Thai guy. I have seen some western girls, sometimes in their late twenties, with a Thai guy. If they have not met them through an Ex Pat job, then not sure where. I have seen some instances on Pattaya beach, where Thai guys try approaching single western women, perhaps that is where you could try, but again, those guys that I have seen do that tend to be no more than in their early twenties. Anyway, tried to help. Hope that you are successful in what you are looking for. I would,nt worry too much about hurting your husband,s feelings, after all, it won’t really be a problem for him in Thaland, will it?

      1. Excessive discharge in underwear that could be indicative of a need for antibiotics. A difficult thing to determine as it also represents a quite normal condition.

        1. Hi Beatrix, yes I know a discharge is normal, that,s why I stated that. The restrictive practises are in respect to the entrances other than where a discharge can result. Back door, no, no, me neeva do. BJ, for many Philipinoes is also something disgusting, no no, me no like. Yes I know you are not interested in skinny boys, I said as much in running through the places which from observation, Asian men are available.

          1. I am rather hesitant to in responding to the question, considering the malicious abuse that I received for posting he original comment, however here goes. The problem is that nearly all women naturally have a vaginal discharge. There are ” rules of thumb” about what constitutes it as being normal, rather than being from a sexually transmitted infection, essentially and primarily chlamydia, or Ghonnorea, and his is usually described as being that if normal, the discharge should not be pungent smelling, or very much in quantity, or too dark in colour. He problem however is that what is normal for on woman, can be different to wat is normal to another woman and the best way at a woman can tell if there is something wrong, is to see if they notice any change in their discharge. Whilst this might be fine for the woman concerned, it is of little use to a man. What are you supposed to do, point to it an ask, is in normal of you? Before anyone replies with the obvious answer of use a condom before entering the vagina with your penis, this does not offer full protection against the possibility of transmittion of an infection. I know this for a fact, because it happened to me. This should not b treated as a light hearted joke because an alarming number of these infections are around and it is far more likely of it to be passed on by a woman to a man. Why, because for man, a well as the sight of a discharge, with of course is indicative to him of he need to get it fixed, fo a man, the symptoms include unbearable excrussiatin pain when urinating, to the point that you will do anything to get it cleared up. A woman tends no to get this pain wit an infection an will often not know that she has an infection, because she sees a discharge and thinks, ah well, thats a normal thing. So, what is a guy supposed to do. I check out a girls underwear when she removes it and am left trying o use guesswork a to wether what I am looking at is normal or not.

        2. A lot of women don’t take it up the ass in the US. It’s pretty normal. Either that or they have no experience with it. In fact, I would almost say most women are like that. There are actually a few women out there who are total anal maniacs. I have had gf’s like that. They can’t get enough of it for some reason.
          All American women suck cock. Are there actually American women who don’t suck cock? I have met a few, but those were girls aged 16-20, and that was a long time ago. Girls and young women are pretty inhibited. Another reason I like older chicks.

          1. Well everyone needs to find those that they are sexually compatible with. There is nothing worse than being with one of those women who do not like a host of things that most would consider to be kind of normal sexual behaviour. It kind of leaves you wondering, what exactly do you like doing in bed, watching telivision? For me at least though, a choice of someone to have a frolic with has a pre- requisite that I actually find them sexually appealing. As for me, I tend not to find older women sexually appealing, the rationale of pick them cos hey are more likely to be into more stuff, I,m afraid does not sway me. However, everyone to their wn and all that.

        3. I was trying to be honest and mutually helpful in aiding you in your stated intention of dumping your husband at the age of sixty for a guy of around forty ( inference based upon a description of your husband being ten years younger than you, and you want to trade him in because he s getting a bit fat at the age of fifty). It was a little bit of a shock to me that you had such a liberated perspective. I am single myself and nievely assume that most married people are not actively looking for an alternative sexual liasion, especially sophisticated mature ladies. My perception has thus far has been that people who have aged in a reationship together over years without falling out, often have a growing feeling of mutual affection and companionship, which has little to do with lust. Please excuse my lack of worldy understanding in such issues, “my narrow minded attitude” . Not personally having ever had any inclintion to persue mature sophisticated ladies, my perspective upon them had been, up until your advice to me, that generally they tend to be content in a relationship and don’t seek sexual gratification outside of it, unless the relationship has turned bad. Please forgive my lack of understanding upon this, and my admission that this seems not to be the case, and as per your advice, is not typically correct.
          Another embarrassing admission that I have to make, which further qualifies your assessment of my lack of worldly understanding of life, is the importance of art galleries in their function of providing a social environment focused upon sophisticated married ladies becoming engaged in sexual liaisons with wealthy men, who require to be no less than forty, but less than fifty, but without a beer gut. I must be really blind, because I appreciate paintings myself, but tend to be so focussed upon looking at, and buying buying paintings when i am in such places, that I have never noticed the “post change of life” ladies, hot bed of scandal around me.
          Please forgive my lack of worldly understanding, which I am eternally greatful for your advice upon. It’s to my embarrassment that at the age of nearly fifty, having held successive senior positions in industry, having been university educated and well travelled, and having turned down four attractive girls tonight in, oh so liberated Thailand, that you have to teach me such fundamental basics surrounding the scandals of art galleries.
          Your humble prodigy,

    1. Beatrix, you really think that I did not understand that your comment upon trading in your husband was sarcasm????
      I have a niece of six years of age and it is the type of thing that I might say to here, because I know that she would find it utterly hilarious and of course would understand that it was meant in jest.
      The reason for you having said what you did, was to try making me, and my aired views, seem shallow, immature and without basis.
      What perhaps you did not grasp fully was the small detail that I happen to be single, and as such, in my case, there is no element of ” trading someone in”.
      Women tend to be sharper and more astute than men when it comes to figuring out people, at least that is my perception.
      My response to your stated intent of trying to trade in your husband was made in sarcasm. For this reason I answered it as if it had been asked in earnest, as had I done otherwise, you would have been satisfied that I had taken the bait and gotten flustered and annoyed with it.
      Sorry for denying you any element of self satisfaction possible from not taking the bait.
      Better luck next time, cos there are a lot of dim witted people out there that you can make angry by making false comments, just to get a tesponse that makes you giggle, of that is something that gives you a degree of self satisfaction.

  10. The thing that bothers me about the whole younger women/ebehephilia scare is how ridiculously unfeminist it is. It goes against everything our society has agreed upon about of how to view women!
    When people say that it’s ‘wrong’ to like a certain kind of woman, what they’re saying is that certain women posess a sort of inherent ‘purity’ that its somehow bad for some men to like them. Its the exact same patriarchal Madonna-Whore Complex that feminism has viciously fought against, only with a confunding age factor.
    There are definite racial and classist elements to it too, i.e. that young poor women are ‘trashy’ therefore it’s not as bad, or that Asian girls are more ‘pure’ therefore it’s worse to lust after them than women of other races.

    1. Yes this crap is so retrograde. There is a big fight in feminism between the radical feminists and the liberal feminists. I recommend that all progressive men take the side of the liberal feminists in this fight. A lot of libfems are very sex-positive and the radfems totally hate them. They think they are “collaborating with the enemy, have gone over to the enemy side,” etc.

      1. Yes, there seems to be more and more of women these days who want it to be known that they want to distance themselves from the man haters of old fashioned feminism. I think that the main reason for it, is because most of the negative remarks that old fashioned feminists came out with were derogatory principally to other women, rather than to men.They allways had a major problem with other women who in some way, we’re not inhibited about being femininly attractive. I remember seeing a series of views being expressed on girls who worked in an American resteraunt chain called Hooters, who wore very short shorts as a uniform. Time after time, some old bag with a twisted disapproving look would complain because it was demeaning to women. Odd how the young attractive girls never seem to see it that way, and choose to wear clothes outside of their work which compliment their feminine sexual beauty. If I was a cynical person, I might ponder upon whether or not there was an element of Jeleousy at play, but it is best to leave people to make up their own minds. I Reno most people have them reasonably well figured out.

  11. You should remember the rule – HALF PLUS SEVEN for younger women
    For instance, if you’re 50 and want to date younger, the cut-off age would be 50/2 + 7 = 32 years…..try to find women roughly in their mid to late 30’s and you can have an allowance of a few more years.
    I understand attraction for nubile young girls in their teens which is natural. But really at a certain point of time, you need to date within a comfortable age group. Lots of single women who need partners.

    1. Yeah the general impression I get from younger women is that I don’t stand a chance with them. But that’s just fine really, I am totally ok with that. Half my age + 7 would be 35 years old. However, I can still get them all the way down to ~28 these days. Not that it’s easy! And it really helps if they are from another culture, like Asian or maybe Arab.

      1. I have a suspicion that the formulae quoted is rather that for converting from Fareignheight to Centigrade. My mother is one of the most precious things in the world to me, and as such, I would be keen to use a mathematical proof to determine whether my affection for her is real and justified or not, based upon our relative ages. As I have known her for so many years, I recon it must be the rate of change of affection, withntespectbto time; da/dt. I,m a bit forgetful on how to do calculus. Do you think here might be any possibility of the mathematician who posted the other formulae to assist with he calculation perhaps?

  12. Only if I had a lot of money. Then again,call girls are no strings attached.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQRDqAqwGAk The problems are, I don’t have enough I.Q., the personality, nor the connections in order to get rich. I’m now middle age I still can’t get a young one to go for me. I guess I’ll settle for young prostitutes.

    1. I believe that it may well be the art of elderly ladies casting admiring glances and suggestive smiles at blokes whilst kidding on that they are studying a Cunstable. Just received two descriptions upon it. if only Peter Sellers, or Dick Emery were still alive, it could have been a masterpiece that rivalled ” The Pink Panther” . It would have to include Mr Lomb though, in his most famous role as inspector Clouseou,s supevisor, driven to nervous blinking and twitching and laughter, complete with exploding cigars. A leeasounce for the minkey, nervous chuckle, you ave a foon in see chrooum, hee, hee hee, hee, zee sexy girl in zee gallerie, cigar explodes and heart attack. 1960,s ambulance with phsychiatrist inside rushed through the Parisian streets to the aid of the twitching police superintendent, as he is lead away in a straight jacket, I thought I,d give him a sexy look, nervous giggle, twitch, twitch, he he he, as the phsychiatrist tries to comfort him.

      1. Beatrix, by the way you write you seem like a very angry lady. You keep on and on about your job. Perhaps you see the encroaching years and are frustrated that you are still the sales girl in a picture shop. There is no point in getting angry with me, nor anyone else. Even if I wanted to, I probably could not help you. The solution lies with yourself. If you’re unhappy with your lot, do something about it. It is a thing that you can often find in life, people who are angry about something that only they themselves can change, but the anger comes out on everything and everyone else. It is only destructive, only you can help something that you are not content with.

  13. Hi Beatrix, I,m afraid that you will have to forgive me, but I am starting to find all this quite hilarious, the idea of a grown adult making up little stories about themselves in order to provoke a reaction and get a giggle from it. Very young children usually go through a phase of doing this, until they reach the age of around 7 or 8, when they typically stop doing it by way of their own decision, because they realise that it is a bit silly.
    However, what ever makes you happy, it has certainly given me a laugh.
    Toodle Pip.

    1. Ok, you win. I,m not going to respond any more to your condascending derogatory character assassination of someone you do not know. You obviously have major issues in life and you can vent your anger on someone else for a while. Follow this up with as many more nasty poisonous remarks as you like. I hope that it brings you some degree of twisted self satisfaction, but I,m afraid that I am no longer going to devote any more time to it. If you have issues in life that make you angry, see someone about it, I am a professional engineer, not someone who can help you with your issues, whatever they may be, so sorry, but this is the last you will hear from me.

    1. Damn I wish I was attractive to 14 year old girls. I am 57 years old. That would be so flattering! Honestly though, I do not think I am attractive to teenage girls at all. But I do not see many of them around here for some reason so I am not really sure. They few that I meet don’t seem like they are into me at all. Hell, even 18-25 year old women don’t seem like they are into me.

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