The Alternative to PC Liberal Insanity

The insanity of American conservatism – the Tea Party, and the Republican Party base. I grew up around these people. Most of my friends had a lunatic ideology like this. In fact, all my life, most of the White people around me have been exactly like this. American conservatism is probably one of the stupidest and most unpleasant political movements in the world today. Nothing they say makes sense. Almost everything they say is a lie. Their partisanship is ridiculous. There literally is nothing of any value here at all. It reminds me a freak show at the circus selling poison snow cones to smiling fairgoers. There really is nothing here to like. This is a movement that is almost physically repellant. I go to their webpages, and experience an actual physical revulsion that propels me away from the page, as if I just experienced something that was actually physically disgusting. The problem is in the US, you can either line up with these nutballs, or you can go with the alternative – crazy PC liberals. Now granted, liberals make a lot more sense on a lot more issues and and are not generally physically repellent, but Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism are both preposterous and irrational movements. Idiotic liberals or conservative  nutcases. What the Hell kind of a choice is that? How about none of the above?

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23 thoughts on “The Alternative to PC Liberal Insanity”

  1. I am afraid left wing communist marxist ideologies wont ork anywhere in the world. West has progressed only because of its rich culture and efforts needs to be taken to preserve the culture and heritage as the tsunami of liberal leftwing marxist communist poison is striking hard. Throw away marxism embrace rightwing agenda and see the difference…Its applicable to all the western countries else the west will become stagnated and become hell holes like the third world. For a economy to prosper, only righth wing economics is suitable, the more leftwing marxist communist poison of equal wages, equal important will not work as its time and tested.

    1. All right, I warned you, reactionary. You guys just can’t help yourself, can you?
      Yeah right moron.
      There are two types of economics:
      1. radical free market neoliberal Libertarianism (already proven failed in much of the world).
      2. And pure Communism!
      And…there’s nothing in between!
      Oh yeah and all of these are synonyms!
      You nuts all think like this too. The US Democratic Party is the same as the Shining Path!
      All of you rightwing boneheads think like this. You’re all gone in the head.
      Go away. You’re crazy. Get off the blog and go back to Red State.

    2. I’m afraid that you may have miss interpreted what I said. I made reference to socialist goals being that of social morality. Most progressive societies in the modern world that are successful economically of course do so through following a market driven, capitalist economic model ,but at the same time, most understand the importance of utilising the economic prosperity that it brings to help bolster a society that has some degree of morality, hence no European countries have extensive child labour, deaths through malnutrican or starvation and old people do not starve and freeze to death. This is called social morality in society, ie socialism. If it is poison, then i am glad that i am a British Passport holder as i have a coutry with a social conciense. If I have been poisoned to support and believe that someone with cancer should be treated in a hospital for their condition irrespective of their private health care payments, then it is a poison that I am quite eager to swallow. What about the evils and poisons of unrestricted old fashioned capitalism? I suspect that the audience of this website are mainly US based people, who never question for exampe even yet, why the US have never apologised for their war crimes in either Vietnam or Corea, and are not bohered by the lack of an admission that the US never had any right to be in those places fighting local populations in th first place. The UK suffered under a feudalistic Regime whete people were slaves with no rights 1000 years ago, up to the 1800’S when the industrial revolution forced people to live n horrendous conditions to fund he lifestyle of the few idle rich. I live in a country with a long history of the disgusting abuse of people tat can come with the evils of the worst forms of captalism. Just look at the third world where there is child labour, and people are subjected to horrific conditions, such as the brick kilns of India, guess what, they are capitalism driven conditions, not socialist ones.

  2. Sorry if this sounds condascending, but to most outside of the US, a Tea Party is something with cucumber sandwiches. What most outside of the US are quite appalled at, is the notion within the US that the ideals of socialism are wrong and evil. The goals of socialism, even when achieved through a capitalist market driven economy, are those of social justice, that concept that you do not leave someone to die on the street because they do not have medical insurance. The idea that the provision of University education should not be dictated by your parents ability to pay, that old people should not freeze to death in their homes in the Winter, dependent upon their private pension fund performance on the stock market. Oh, such evil Marxist ideas! No one outside of the US can be bothered listening to differences in political debate in the States, mainly because of the above. Political rallies are showcased like a Pop Star, promotion. Politics, politicians? At least the current US President comes across as a professional on the world stage, rather than an out of work second rate entertainer.

  3. In the UK, for decades, a popular movement has been to irradiate that institution called ” The House of Lords” which is a second parliamentary body that is unelected that has to pass motions already passed by the democratically elected House of Commons. Yes there used to be very much wrong with this, because it used to be mainly hereditary peers, I.e those who had such a position through their families being wealthy gentry. This to a large extent had been fixed. Personally I thing this second body is a good idea. Those there are appointed upon he basis of being elder statesmen, who have been in senior ministerial positions for many decades, and who have a lifetime of experience of what policies tend to work, and tend not to work, from their vast experience. This tends to somewhat correct the risky business of democracy, whereby people are elected based upon their ability to argue things well, and come across with people sex appeal. This is not necessarily a good qualification for the job. In what other profession would people get their job by popular vote. Would you trust a surgeon, or a captain of industry because his qualification was that he was a popular guy? If you leave the running of a society to those who got the job purely because they had that popular bloke type quality about them it will always be a risky venture. You need those with some degree of autonomy who are properly qualified through experience to have leverage over the sexy voted in guy.

  4. All this stuff is a gigantic mouse trap. Pit the “persecuted whites”, who, truth be told, are being unfairly over-run and marginalized, against liberals, and darker skinned people. You have the recipe for something really bad, really soon.
    One thing you got all the tea party types, and also you got the white identity types. Both of these groups are ready to be pushed over the edge.

    1. On the other side, and rightly so, non-whites just see all this “white rage” as another form of the Klan,

    2. I wish there was a way out of this, but this all seems to be a curse. There was plenty of time in the past to change history, so it wouldn’t come out toward this catastrophe.

    3. I recall about thirty years ago, a highly respected political interviewer and analyst in hevUK, called Brian Walden gave a synopsis on how he believed that Adolf Hitler was democratically elected into power in Germany. His observations were a little startling. He appealed to all different people in Germany with simple messages of work together to become a strong nation with a strong economy, without specifically detailing how he intended to archieve such, and without the publication of complex policies written over hundreds of pages. He understood that almost none of a voting public ever read economic strategies many ages long, that a voting public was more more swayed by simple to convey ideologies an he understood how to come across to people in a very powerful persuasive manner. That,s how he got a highly educated nation to vote in the Nazi party to power, and his evaluation, yes it could easily happen again somewhere in the world, the formulae is an effective one to get votes. Democracy, by it’s nature is a dodgy business. Those at University who want to enter politics spen their time honing their arguing skills in a debating chamber. What kind of qualification is that, along with having likeable bloke qualities, to run a country and an economy. There should be a pre- requisite that anyone holding a goverment office shoud be able to demonstrate a successful former career in industry or commerce or management of a large organisation, just to show tat they have competence, irrespective of being sexy people you like to listen to babbling on.

  5. One other thing that has occurred to me as I have grown older is that democracy is an ideal that is potentially a good arrangement if some basic pre- requisites can be satisfied. The primary one being that you need a responsible population. If you have a society where loyalties are driven by tribal, or ethnic basis, an whete there are underlying hatreds, then it is not a good idea. Take the former Yugoslavia for example, it used to be a peaceful and prosperous country with a large tourist industry, mainly because it was run with a strict message, yes it is understood that you hate your neighbour, but you WILL be nice to him, and you WILL not kill his daughter with a sniper shot when she is going to school. They people were given the democratic vote. What a blood bath. Sometimes a society is such that it needs to be run with an iron fist to ensure a reasonable safe environment from day to day. sadam Husain was an evil dictator yes, but your children could go to school every day without too many concerns of their school bus being blown up. Take Thailand for example, if the Army had not taken over, the country could have quickly declined into civil war. Am I a supporter of dictatorships, certainly not, of course, but I get the impression that allways assuming that democracy is the best solution, irrespective of any prevalent circumstances is a little nieve.

    1. Democracy conflicts with man’s evil nature. man is basically divided along tribal lines, and so democracy will simply reflect that, and promote violence and hate.

      1. For instance, letting in tons of immigrants (into the USA) will simply give democrats the majority. Of course, that’s a good thing as far as Robert would be concerned, but not in the sense that it could become a dictatorship of the non-whites, particularly Latinos. This situation will eventually cause civil war with the white population who feel persecuted (and are persecuted to a large extent).

        1. I,m a little confused by the rationale that letting in large numbers of migrants into the US will lead to turmoil and should be stopped. My understanding is that the non migrants, the true indigenous Americans, I.e the Apache, the Blackfoot, and the Aztecs and Incas to the South, have been vastly outnumbered by all others, who are migrants, for some considerable time now. Yes there was a civil war, but that was between different sets of immigrants and did not really involve the indigenous American population to any extent, unless I am wrong of course?

        2. jason that will only happen when the government and banks adopt spanish as the number 1 language. oh wait , its already happened

      1. The best alternative is rightwing parties. Republicans alike ted cruz, christie, Paul Ryan are proven able administrators than any other politicians from Democratic party. So my anyone from these more than Hilary.

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