Ukraine Sitrep 8/21/14

The corporate media is lying terribly about what is going on here. Supposedly the Ukies are on the verge of defeating the Novorussian rebels. Lugansk has nearly been conquered by the Ukies, and there is street to street fighting deep inside the city of Donetsk. According to the corporate media, the war is almost over.
Let us figure out what is really happening here. The Ukies want to “conquer” both Donetsk and Lugansk before their Independence Day celebration on July 26. The Chocolate King promised that he would win the war by that date. He wants to “conquer” those cities and possibly declare victory and go home after that. So now you see the motivation. The Ukies have thrown everything they have at Donetsk and Lugansk in a massive offensive, but it has not been successful except at terror bombing those cities and killing lots of civilians.
The truth is that neither Donetsk nor Lugansk are even surrounded and rebels move in and out of both cities all the time.
I saw a video the other day of a rebel column driving into the “surrounded” city of Donetsk on an open road. There wasn’t a Ukie in sight. They were coming in from the east. It is true that there are Ukies on the north, west and south of Donetsk, but they are outside of the city on far reaches of the outskirts of town. There was fighting in the Donetsk area yesterday at a city called Yasyunavata which is four miles northeast of the city limits. At the end of the day, the rebels were back in control of this city. That is the closest fighting to the city of Donetsk – four miles outside of city limits. There is no street fighting in Donetsk. It’s all lies.
Lugansk is not surrounded either. If it is surrounded, then how did a 1 mile convoy of military vehicles from Russia enter the city yesterday? They drove right in, no problem. The city isn’t even surrounded. Yes, there are Ukies on the outskirts to the north, west and south but there are none to the east. The fighting has been centered on Novosvitlivka and  Kryashchuvate, two cities on the southeast edges of town. It is true that Kryashchuvate is partly inside the city limits, but Novosvitlivka is outside the limits of Lugansk.There is very heavy fighting going on in this area, especially in Novosvitlivka. There is also very heavy fighting in a suburb to the northeast called Stanitsia Luhanska. At the end of the day, this town was back in rebel hands.
The rebels say that Lugansk is “stable” and Donetsk is “secure.” Both are correct.
Yesterday, the MSM was all giddy that the Ukies had captured a city called Iloviask to the east of Donetsk. It is true that there was an extremely heavy battle for that city, but the Ukies never took the whole place at any time. The battle is ongoing, and at this time, the rebels have secured the town.
Quite a ways to the north of Lugansk, the rebels have conquered Veselya Goa, and even further to the north, Chervonyi Svoten, quite a ways north of town.
The truth is that there are only five serviceable brigades left in Ukraine. All of the rest have been devastated to the point where they are nearly eliminated.
In recent days, the 3oth Brigade was totally destroyed. I am hearing different things. One is that they had heavy losses but the rest of them surrendered, including the officers. There were about 1,000 POW’s and the rebels have so many POW’s now that they do not know what do to with them and are thinking of building a POW camp to house them. Another account said that out of 4,700 men, only 83 can be accounted for.
Only the 28th, 128th, 80th, 92nd and the 93rd remain in all of the Ukraine.
The 28th and 128th are of dubious loyalty.
The 28th Mechanized brigade are from Odessa. They are not considered to be loyal and are being kept in Odessa.
The 128th Mountain Infantry are from Mukachevo in Transcarpathia. Transcarpathia has just declared its independence. One half of the region is outside the control of the Ukies. There are armed roadblocks everywhere and only authorized persons are allowed to pass. The Rusyns and the Hungarians of Transcarpathia are refusing to be drafted into the war.
The Roma are also resisting, as are the Romanians in Bessarabia. The Ukies have now undertaken their third general mobilization and the draft has been frozen in these regions.
The 8th Brigade is surrounded at the Lugansk Airport and has been there for a long time. They get shelled every day and there is no way to break out. Their relatives have blocked a road in Kiev as protest.
The truth is that the Ukies truly have no reserves left. Their best units have been taken out and all that are left are raw conscripts. That is why the Ukies are trying to rely on their Nazi paramilitary battalions and mercenaries from other countries such as Poland and even Sub-Saharan Africa.
As you can see, the Ukie military is devastated.
Yesterday, the Ukie Foreign Minister demanded Western military support. He compared Ukraine’s situation with Iraq’s and compared the rebels with ISIS. It is a bad analogy.
Instead of being near defeat, rebel attacks are spreading throughout the region, including beyond the Donbass. Yesterday, guerrillas captured 2 GRAD’s and shelled a Ukie military base mercilessly. Lots of explosions were heard.
The latest word is that the Ukies are preparing plans for a retreat and are building defensive fortifications on line running from Slavyansk -Kramatorsk – Mariupol. Ukie military headquarters have decided that they have been defeated in the region recently and want to stage a fighting retreat to consolidate their gains.
From July 15 – August 20, the rebels captured 65 tanks, 109 APC’s, 26 MLRS, and 93 mortars, howitzers and self-propelled artillery.

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  1. Yes the liberal leftists media often lies, they project Ukrain army badly, how are they exactly bad? They are just defending their land against Invading Russia. If anything that amounts to, it is fervent patriotism which every other nation should possess.

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