Short Primer on the Foreign Policy of the West

Who controls the foreign policy of the West, or certainly the Anglosphere? In a broad sense, the United States. Who controls US foreign policy? The Foreign Policy Elite. What is the US Foreign Policy Elite? Let us call it the Deep State. Does the Deep State control American politics? Yes. What happens when a President defies the Deep State? He is killed. They give him the “Kennedy Treatment.” The “Kennedy Treatment” is a warning to any Presidents who defy the Deep State. How does the US media figure into this? The media is controlled by the Deep State. Many US reporters actually work for the CIA. The foreign policy views of the US media are the views of the Deep State. Is the US media a controlled propaganda system? In terms of foreign policy, it is. The US media is not that different from the Soviet Union when you had many papers, magazines, TV and radio stations all saying the same thing. Is there is a dissident or opposition press in the US? Since all major US media is controlled by the Deep State, the answer is no. An opposition press exists, but they do not control any large US papers or newsmagazines and they do not run any large US TV or radio news shows. US opposition press is relegated to the margins. One has to actively seek it out and often spend money to partake of it, and most folks don’t bother. For all intents and purposes, the US opposition is worthless since it is impotent and irrelevant. Who controls the foreign policy of both the Democratic and Republican Parties? The Deep State. Is there divergence of opinion in the Deep State? Not really. The goals are same among all factions; they only differ on the means. They range from somewhat hawkish to extremely hawkish. Two factions are the Neocons and the Realists (the Old School). They do not differ as much as you think, mostly in means, not ends. Are the owners of large US media part of the Deep State? Yes. Are most Washington DC stink tanks part of the Deep State? Yes, and their ideological differences are not large. How does corporate American fit into all of this? In a sense, the Deep State works for the US rich and large corporations. US foreign policy is the foreign policy of the US rich and huge corporations. What is the Pentagon? The Pentagon is simply the military force of huge corporations, banks and the rich. Those are only people they fight for? Any working class person who signs up for this mercenary army is a fool. Is the Pentagon part of the Deep State? Yes. Believe it or not, the military is actually one of the saner members of this group. The real crazies in the Deep State are the civilians, not the brass. The neocon chickenhawks are the worst. How does the US 1

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29 thoughts on “Short Primer on the Foreign Policy of the West”

  1. Dear Robert
    One reason why so few people can control American foreign policy is that so many Americans are at the same time very patriotic and ignorant about the world outside the US. When Boutros Ghali had been Secretary General of the UN for many years, a survey revealed that only 14% of Americans knew who he was.
    The superpatriotism of Americans makes them susceptible to manipulation and their ignorance about world affairs makes it easier to deceive them. The manipulation consists in making Americans believe that a lot of foreigners are not only a threat to American power but also to American security. As a result, power politics is sold to the public as security politics. American imperialists have to hide their true policy because most Americans, unlike for instance West Europeans before WWI, are not really supportive of imperialism.
    It isn’t of course the case that the American establishment wants to rule directly over the world. They only want the US to have a strong military presence everywhere and to be able to sway or threaten various foreigners. Since WWII, a basic premise of American foreign policy has been that only the US should be fully sovereign.
    OTOH, we shouldn’t overestimate American power. Whenever someone talks to me about American hegemony, my response is: “If the Americans are so powerful, how come that the commies are still governing Cuba?” Every American president since Eisenhower has said that the Cuban communists should go, but they still are in charge, even though the US has a military base on Cuba. Ponder that fact for a moment: the US has a military basis in a country that for more than half a century has been governed by a political party which according to the American establishment should disappear from the political scene.
    Regards. James

    1. You see this liberal zionism is a byproduct of the free liberal leftism that is plaguing our western societies. The zionists preach multiculturalism and liberalism because they could immensely benefit and shield their misdoings. The underlying communist poison also spoils the west. The left wing propaganda of liberal ideology , equal wage and many other things are the direct byproduct of the communist pricks ideology. For the world to be better communism must be eradicated. Communism is like a snake under the grass, you never know when it will attack you. The left wing propaganda of communism allows multiculturalism , you see how the evil pigsty communist socialism nary cares about a country’s heritage and culture. All theiir motive is to destroy every aspect of a copuntry’s menscheu wherever they enter. Theyy nary care about conservative vallues of a country and are hell bent on promoting liberal left wing poison
      A country can sustain only when its conservative values are maintained, with conntionous attack on culture from zionists, left and communist poison its hightime a rightwing method is adopted as communism sucked from the day one and zionists will never change. So rightwing ideology is anyday great than all tthe abovesaid methods. Its hightime we start to embrace conservatism

        1. Hi Robert. I find this gentleman,s remarks narrow minded, blinkered and a little repugnant as you do. However I would like to ask that you do not ban such people from airing their views. If they are allowed to air their views and responses are then given, it will show them to be fools. Only thing is that one needs to be careful to remain reasonably courteous and have the self control not to change the emphasis of discussion onto something more to do with the individual, rather than the discussion point. I learned this today on another subject, older men and young women, where a discussion turned particularly nasty. I have learned from this. If the discussion turns nasty and discourteous, then just ignore it, however let everyone air their views and the fools will appear as fools, to all who read their views and see the responses given

      1. Seik Hiel glorious Riche Protector. Death to the rats who live in Russia who infect our minds and our bodies with their impurities. Irradiate the poison of Jewish scum or else the purity of our glorious people will be made weak. Do not allow these inferior subhuman scum to breed, and never let the scum weaken our blood by breeding with them.
        May the American reich last for one thousand years.
        Seik Heil ! Seik Heil! Seik Heil!
        All sounds vaguely familiar does it not.
        Ah well, at least there are many contenders to play the part of Herman Goering, given that he was obscenely obese and had gay tendencies. Pity though that the fighting divisions are not quite as awesome, unless of course you watch all those American hero films where they cry when they see the American flag raised. Sorry, can’t write any more, I,m off to vomit down the toilet.
        Bye you all.
        Oh, by the way, if any of you American gents has a girlfriend who ” really sucks” any chance hat you could get her sisters phone number for me.
        Lovely, lovely.

      2. Look Ronnie you do not understand these psycho rightwingers. They troll constantly and if you let them into any liberal or Left site, they will overwhelm it with their trolling and destroy everything. I used to let them on here, and they ruined the site with their trolling. This has always been a leftwing site, but for a long time, I had nothing but rightwing commenters. That’s crazy. Also they are very belligerent and absolutely convinced that they are right.
        They are always throwing all these crazy rightwing arguments at you that you don’t know how to answer. You have to spend a lot of time researching to see whether it’s true or not. After a lot of research, you learn it’s wrong because all rightwing arguments are either wrong or lies. But you have to spend all your time chasing this shit down. Even where you know the arguments, you have to spend all your time in rejoinders against their rightwing bullshit.
        We do allow a certain type of rightwinger on here, but we do not allow Republican Party or Libertarian Party types. We do not allow support for rightwing economics. As you can see, in a sense, Sam and Dave Mowers might be seen as rightwingers as they are anti-Semites and somewhat Nazi apologetic. But we allow that sort of rightwinger on here. Bottom line, we allow fascists as long as they do not bash socialism, Communism and the Left. We have a lot of 3rd Positionist types who post on here. Socialist or anti-capitalist racialist types are allowed to post here. Cultural conservatives are allowed to post here.
        You really need to have some limitations on commenters otherwise the rightwing nuts just ruin the whole site.
        You also need to support some sort of socialism to post on here (it could be as mild as social liberalism or support for a welfare state or social spending). If people can’t do that, they need to be quiet.

        1. Fair enough, was just trying to be helpful. As you may have seen, I tend to be one of those who believe in the socialist goals of fair society, but someone who acknowledges that many countries achieve such a thing by wealth generation created by engaging in a free market economy. So I am no longer convinced as I used to be, about achieving socialist goals of fairness in society, by communist economic models. If someone can convince me however that it can work, I will listen with eagerness.

        2. I think you need to turn this response to Ronnie into part of the Comments Policy link/and/or a post. “My Intolerance For Right Wing Vistors To This Blog”.
          “A lot of people often wonder why I quickly shoot down any discussion from conservative folks who express their beliefs about why Socialism doesn’t work, and, the merits of free crapitalism. The basic attitude is “Why can’t we just have a discussion, an exchange in views, a healthy debate? Isn’t that what Democracy is about? What are your views on censorship Robert? Why are you intimidated by those who disagree with you?”
          Something along those lines …
          I’ve noticed that people often don’t ‘get it’.

          1. Upon the basis of principle, sure I would totally agree, however in the short time that I have been on this website it has become blatantly obvious that any attempt to try to describe how many progressive modern countries try to balance the advantages of a market driven economy with developing a society that provides opportunity for all, irrespective of ability to pay for an education, basic health needs or any other examples of the most basic human rights within society, get overwhelmingly drowned out by extremist right wing progeganda that fairness in society is evil, because it’s lefty stuff. I believe that my own frustrations in this are magnified many times over to the owner of the website. He has explained to me when I raised exactly the same challenge that he simply gets drowned out by the overwhelming extent of right wing extremism to the point that the possibility of fair debate is practically illimiated. I am quite disturbed by the extremist political views expressed by US citizens on this website. Before joining the website, I thought that most American people were reasonable and fair minded people and that it was the American politicians who were arrogant about dictating to other countries. To my utter horror, if the views mainly expressed by US people on this website are reflective of common beliefs in the States, then they make The Islamic state sound like a reasonable bunch of guys. Thus far I have been horrified by the extremist neo nazi views and opinions that the States has a given right to dictate to the world how it requires to behave,
            . It is quite disgusting an shocking actually and I can only hope that what I have discovered on this website is not reflective of the views of most Americans.

          2. Oh boy, this one is a real cracker. On the news last night it was sad that it had been discovered that both the UAE and Qatar had been bombing parts of Lybia because they have their own associated political objectives related to what is happening there. The States announced that they had not been consulted upon it first, and there were condemnations upon the UAE and Qatar for their interference in the other country, Lybia. What really got to me was that these statements probably were not made for their comedy value, but rather through heinous arrogance. I don’t think that it should have happened either, but had I been a representative of either the state of Saudi or Qatar, I would have issued a reply of, ” Pot, kettle, black” or, ” Glad to see that you have a dry sense of Humour” or ” Preach to thy self upon the wisdom of the advice that you give”

  2. “Since WWII, a basic premise of American foreign policy has been that only the US should be fully sovereign.”
    James, I just wondered if you could cite any evidential source on this. Is this something out of the Bretton Woods conference? What makes you say this?

    1. Dear Dave M.
      My statement is inferential. If you observe the behavior of American foreign-policy makers or pay attention to what they say, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that they have little respect for the sovereignty of foreigners. For instance, when the Sandinistas governed Nicaragua, there was a debate within the American establishment about the advisability of supporting the Contras. Some opposed such support because they thought that it would be ineffective. Nobody in Washington, however, stated loudly and clearly that the US should just leave the Nicaraguans alone and let them sort out their own problems.
      How often do you hear from a senior American policymaker a statement like: “We don’t like what the government of Country X is doing. We would do it differently, but X is a sovereign country and we will not interfere in their affairs”.
      What is truly annoying is how deeply the American establishment resents the little influence that a foreign country may have outside its borders. The Russians have some influence in Syria, and that’s why the Syrian government has to go. Russia has some influence in Ukraine, let’s overthrow the Ukrainian government. The American government wants a monopoly on foreign influence. If I were Chinese, I would be very worried about what the Americans might do.
      Power is essentially population x productivity. The Chinese population is more than 4 times larger than the American one and their productivity is growing very fast. China has the potential to become a bigger power than the US, and there is every reason to assume that many people in Washington will not accept being outclassed by the Chinese in terms of power. Therein lies a great danger to peace. WWI would not have happened if the French had not resented so much being outclassed by Germany.
      Regards. James

      1. Well James, thank you for making the point. I was starting to think that I was alone on this website trying to air a view that countries should respect the rights of other countries of self governance without being forced to do what Uncle Sam has decided for them. I had given up trying to get through to people who just did not seem to get it. All I can say is that there must be a lot of brain washing media going on across the pond. We here in the UK have lost the Victorian Colonial English Gentry mentality a long, long time ago. Most ordinary UK citizens have a view that it is wrong to dictate to other countries how to behave. Trying to explain this to US people on this website is a thankless task, you will just get responses that try to justify why it is appropriate for the US to be able to dictate to other nations.

  3. The rising demand for math majors (even to the point where they will pay your tuition, rent, and transportation) shows that the US Police State needs “data miners” to watch the population.

  4. Noam Chomsky wrote a book about this topic. It’s a major theme in his writings. He believed the US isn’t a democracy, because real opposing views cannot be heard. Of course, with the internet more freedom of speech exists (with even evil “white identity” getting a huge viewing), but still the major sources of media information promote “The Party Line”.

    1. Noam chomsky is some one who i called controlled opposition, He is a Jew, His words mean nothing

      1. But he’s got some interesting lines. I liked his book
        “Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance”

  5. Let’s see…the Deep State controls American politics. Well who gives most money to American political institutions …it’s…”WARNING”, “WARNING”. “THOUGHT CRIME”, “THOUGHT CRIME”.
    Oh sorry.
    So the US media is part of the Deep State. Well…who owns the US media…it’s…”WARNING”, “WARNING”. “THOUGHT CRIME”, “THOUGHT CRIME”. Oh sorry. Forgot.
    Let’s try something else. Most Washington DC think tanks are part of the Deep State and they’re funded by…”WARNING”, “WARNING”. “THOUGHT CRIME”, “THOUGHT CRIME”. Whoops a daisy! Sorry, Sorry.
    Have to be careful. Don’t want to be called a monkey. A different tack. US foreign policy is the foreign policy of the US rich and huge corporations and the wealthiest people in the US who own the largest share of US corporations is…”WARNING”, “WARNING”. “THOUGHT CRIME”, “THOUGHT CRIME”.
    Dooh! Whoops!
    Well will just ask Alex Jones. Alex says it’s the New World Order and they’re controlled by …”WARNING”, “WARNING”. “THOUGHT CRIME”, “THOUGHT CRIME”.
    Oh well at least we live in the land of the free.

  6. You miss the Tribe which almost controls every media house, finances every corporation and worse they own almost everything in US and much of Europe
    “Europe is a dead continent”, it died when Germany Lost the war, National socialism is the last hope for European people to preserve their racial identity
    I understand lot of people are spoon fed with jewish propaganda about Nazi holocaust myth,,So far there is no official document stated with National socialist party which called for extermination of Jews, infact its Jews in world Jewish congress 1919 called for Extermination of Germanic people and German nation
    Judaism triumphed over Gentile races,Europe lost its way, america will soon become Sick man of World,,,
    No one quench of Blood of lust of Jewish race,All Gentiles are at war with one race, sooner gentiles solve their enmity and Wage a war on the tribe , we will be better off.

  7. “US foreign policy really boils down to what the 1% want. If the 1% want it, it gets done. In a sense, the Deep State itself is just following orders.”
    Originally, the only privatized industry that had a hand in the Deep State was big oil, specifically, Texas oil. IF what you say now is true, then the Deep State has evolved.
    The 1947 National Security Act of 1947 was significant in establishing the Deep State. It created the CIA and reorganized the military branches. Of course the cold war, which Truman started, necessitated a secret government state.
    The Deep State was basically the high ranking hawks in military intelligence who survived the Truman administration. Truman fired all of FDR’s doves, promoted the hardliner hawks, fired some of them as well, but their vision for the cold war prevailed.
    These and other Deep Staters went on steroids during the Eisenhower years, became almost autonomous, and Richard Nixon filled in for an absentee Eisenhower.
    As the military-industrial complex grew, private corporations, including those of Texas oil benefitted. Lyndon Johnson’s career was funneled by these oil men, and he essentially became their lobbyist. Lyndon Johnson’s best friend was J. Edgar Hoover, and Hoover was good friends with all of Lyndon’s oil friends as well.
    During the Kennedy era, the Deep State realized that they needed full autonomy, and sought an alliance with the Pentagon and State Dept. J Edgar Hoover, as the ultra-Commie crusader, had always been an ally.
    Because of the movement to topple Castro, Mafia leaders became agents of the Deep State too. Somehow, the CIA thought that the Mafia could help kill Castro. Cuban Exiles were also recruited to carry out the objectives of the CIA, in cooperation with the Mafia leaders.
    In 1963, the Deep State’s tentacles reached into the State Dept as well. Kennedy let a fox in the chicken coop when he made Henry Cabinet Lodge the US ambassador to Vietnam. Lodge went rogue, and it was for this reason that Kennedy planned to fire him when he got back from Texas. Instead, LBJ met with Lodge at the appointment on November 26, 1963, where they discussed pro-Vietnam engagement. Averell Harriman, the 3rd ranking offical at State, had also gone rogue, sabotaging Kennedy’s directives.
    The Deep State was a very ugly scene in the 1960’s, and all of it hated John Kennedy with a purple passion. This is all on the historical record without touching on the assassination.

  8. I find the term, and concept of ” foreign policy” quite distasteful. Basically, as far as I can work it out, the US has two distinct basic governmental areas, 1) how they should control and run the US, and 2) how they should do the same with that other, place, oh, what is it called again, oh yes, the rest of the world, which is their ” foreign policy” . The vast majority of ordinary American people that I have had the good fortune to meet in my life, have been, for the most part, exceptionally polite, pleasant, unassuming, laid back, people who are easy going and who most certainly do not have any type of arrogant attitudes that they try to enforce upon others. So, I have to wonder, why are those at e forefront of American politics such a stark contrast, who seem to disregard the rights of any country in preference to their own decisions. Oh well, the US has decided that it should bomb some other country, so of course, that is what will happen. What if the situation was reversed, and some other country decided to fly aeroplanes over the US and strategically bomb the country because hey had decided that it was he best thing to do. would that be O ten, yes? No problems with that idea, no?

  9. Best evidence points to the Kennedy assassination being carried out by assets of Operation Mongoose that went rogue. The Deep State decided to play with fire when it launched Operation Mongoose, but the fire burned out of control and destroyed Kennedy instead of its original target, Castro. There’s plenty of evidence of a Deep State coverup in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination that is incorrectly interpreted as evidence that the Deep State authorized it. It’s an easy mistake to make.

    1. It’s much bigger than this. People lampoon the idea that so many parties could be involved, but it actually makes sense when you examine it – not merely in theory – the evidence is there. The reality of it is there to be studied, and it’s disturbing.
      People need to understand that coups do happen. That it’s not a laughing matter all because were the United States. We’re not as exceptional as we (the mainstream) like to think. Coups have happened throughout history, with many countries, which btw, we had a lot to do with. The US was Coup Central for the 20th Century.

      1. Originally from Rolling Stone:
        The Deep State’s dilemma was that they were privy to the threat to JFK from the Operation Mongoose infrastructure, but could not act against it effectively without causing a huge scandal. Prior to Dallas, trips to Tampa and Chicago were cancelled out of concern for JFK’s safety. Both were bases for mobsters involved in Operation Mongoose. The Mob-affiliated assassins struck where their ability to operate was sorely underestimated.

        1. I really didn’t want this discussion to evolve into the realities of the assassination. Robert’s point is that The Deep State can and will make even an assassination of a President happen in order to get its way.
          “The Deep State’s dilemma was that they were privy to the threat to JFK from the Operation Mongoose infrastructure, but could not act against it effectively without causing a huge scandal.”
          This is not true at all; even its premise is false. I hate to contradict you so entirely on this, but this is almost the opposite of where the story takes us.
          I’d like to guide Robert into blogging about the assassination in the context of the Deep State’s vision, but he’d have some reading to do. If he doesn’t do it, I’ll have to do it sometime in the future.

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