Welcome to Lugansk

Thank you America! Thank you for supporting the Ukie Nazis that are terror bombing this city with their artillery. Nazi artillery in these cities does not aim at anything in particular. It is just terror bombing. It is typically directed at hospitals, water plants, sewage plants, manufacturing plants, markets, and residential areas. The rebels are all spread out through the whole city so there is nothing to target. The object is to get all the civilian population to flee. Then they can level the place, and if they conquer it, they can settle it as settler-colonialists with their own Western Ukie invaders. Vacate the land, create the lebensraum. Populate the vacated land with your settler-colonists. From Nazis to Zionists, tried and true, works very well. Certified effective in Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia in the 1990’s, where ethnic cleansing was strongly supported by the US and NATO. In particular, Tudjman’s Ustasha were backed 100

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Lugansk”

  1. cuz some frinds told me not to go cuz its a suicide mission and ukrainian miloitary will definetly win…
    Who do you think will win and what is your predictionof what will happen in Ukraine long term?
    and what is your oprion of Alexander Dugin who is predicting a “Russian Spring” across the former USSR?
    Do you oppose him and his goals because hes anti-liberal? but hes against the bourgouise and the oligarchs and ameican empire

    1. The Ukies are seriously getting their asses beat! The rebels are winning!
      The Ukies have lost 20,000 men! 4,000 dead, 8,000 wounded, 7,000 prisoner. The rebels have so many prisoners they do not even know what to do with them. They have too many and they don’t have anywhere to hold them so they just release a lot of them. Whole Ukie brigades have been decimated – the 24th, 72nd, 79th, 25th and now the 30th and pretty soon the 80th too. The Gorin Battalion was wiped out and the Adair Battalion has lost half its men.
      Ukies have 60,000 men.
      Rebels have 30,000 men.
      Ukies are rebels are now equivalent in terms of manpower because Ukie manpower is of poor quality. All of the best Ukie fighting units have been destroyed.
      Ukies have more equipment, but rebels now have lots of armor. However, Ukie armor is often old, broken down and poorly maintained. Rebels have much more artillery ammunition than Ukies.

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