American Inertia: A Comparison of the Bush and Obama Administrations

A superb comment from a commenter named Eric:

If anything, the US is largely the same imperialistic entity it was during Bush’s tenure as President. In some ways America has gone further left. I recall one thing Americans still had a right to do during Bush’s presidency is regularly protest and publicly insult Bush. Doing the same to Obama has different results. Particularly whites who criticize Obama are often accused of racism, and many think that whites who criticize Obama really have a problem with his race rather than his mediocre Presidency. If you meet people in the Arab world, they clearly think Obama is no different than Bush. Just look at the carnage in the Middle East with thousands of Palestinians dead, and Obama just wrote another check to Israel, providing them with even more weapons. Interestingly, most Israelis do not like Obama as he is perceived to be more sympathetic to the Palestinians. However many Palestinians hate him as well because they thought a man with his middle name, Hussein, would change US foreign policy considerably. The difference though between now and then was when Bush was in office, is that under Bush, the US had considerable leverage over the rest of the planet. The global financial crisis has changed things to where we now see a gradual power shift moving from the West to the East. Today we see Russia regularly making the powers in Washington DC look like a bunch of fools. Putin has made Obama look completely impotent with regards to Ukraine. The strange thing is that Putin is actually quite well respected by some conservative Americans; in fact, he is a wet dream for them. That being said, we seem to now be living in a post-American world, a world where America is still a player but does not have the level of influence that it had just a few years ago. I think US influence will continue to decline as the years and decades pass.

Superb comment! I would say that not all Whites who attack Obama are accused of racism. Maybe conservative Whites are. But as a liberal to leftwing White, no one ever accuses me of racism for not liking Obama. Instead I am just considered to be a complete traitor to the Left and the Democratic Party. I am a “leftwing nutcase.” Feel free to chime in on this theme of Bush vs. Obama.

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  1. The left doesn’t like Obama, but it pulls punches for fear of alienating black Democrats. If Hillary gets in, the same pulled punches will result for fear of losing the women. Both are of course right of center, Obama a moderate hawk and Hillary a neocon.

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