The Truth About the Odessa Massacre

This is the stone truth about the Odessa Massacre. I went to Wikipedia and read about this incident and found that everything they wrote was a lie. It was as if the entire piece was written by the CIA or the New York Times.

So here we see one of the pernicious, terrifying and disorienting effects of  US imperialism: The stunning ability to actually rewrite the history of the world!

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0 thoughts on “The Truth About the Odessa Massacre”

  1. In the description section of the video, it is stated that ‘they [the Westerners] know what is going on in Ukraine but deliberately covered up a massacre carried out by U.S. backed Nazis.’ The United States are supporting Neo-Nazis now – and it all started because Ukraine wanted to join the EU, apparently becoming our allies?

    1. No, the President did not want to go with the EU because they imposed terrible austerity conditions on his people. So the US staged a coup against him and put these Nazis in.

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