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  1. you called me a crazy russian nationalist before, Robert Lindsay, you called me a right-wing russian, i predicted this war, i too will go and fight, i am in canada, and was denied candian passport, i will try to go fight for russia.
    glory to the slavs glory to russia, death to the ukrainian state, i love the ukrainian people, glory to annexation of ukraine and belarus by russia!!!
    glory to the Eurasian Union

    1. Thank you AJ. You are a very heroic man who truly loves his Homeland. A true patriot in the real sense.
      Russia is not going to annex Belarus and Ukraine. Annexing Ukraine would probably be a very bad idea.

  2. please reply to my email i sent you in email, that was me, If you assist me in this, I will do my best to send some some videos from Ukraine, I will likely be only or almost only English-speaker on the NovoRussian side so it will be interesting for you from journalistic perspective.
    I can tell other side of story in English for English world, if I make it over there…it is far and I am poor financially, but am willing to die for the Russian people.

  3. Also in response to this video, this man is hero and points out an awkward truth that the Western media lies about:
    That many of the fighters and people in South-Eastern Ukraine are if not indigenous, have been there for hundreds of years and generations.
    There wasnt an unnatural “russification’ but this Ukrainiazation of ethnic Russian is unnatural and immoral.
    Russians are an organic part of Ukraine, and ukrainians are also a sub-ethnos of Russians, we are all one people….
    If they want a Nazi pure state they can have Lviv maybe Kieve……. but Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Transistria, will go to NovoRussia for sure.
    Nazi West Ukraine will not last anyways, naturally they are part of the Orthodox Slav world, if they break apart to Western and Eastern Ukraine I still support West Ukraine to join the Eurasian Union. and the Southeast to be annexed or slowly absorbed.
    They demand Russians not speak russian this is racist and evil everyone has right to speak their native mother tongue in land they are NATIVE TO!
    The man in that video is ready to win or die, this is advantage of the collective East vs the individualistic West we are ready to die for our Narod, our volk, our people.
    Poroshenko is chocolate oligarch I support the people of Russia and Ukraine vs the oligarchs.
    NATO is the terrorists, not the DPR.
    I want to help organize and recruit non-Russian “Foreign Legion” from the West, US, and EU to go fight on the Russian side, this is one of my goals.
    The Russian side will win, Russians can never be defeated by force.

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