More Lies in the Ukraine

The latest crazy lie is that the rebels attacked their own people who were fleeing in a convoy. The Ukie (Nazi) government has accused them of committing a horrible crime. But this makes no sense. Why would the rebels attack their own people who were fleeing from a city? What motivation would they possibly have for attacking their own people? The rebels themselves organized that very convoy. They knew all about it. Of course they wouldn’t have attacked it. The civilians of the area are the rebels’ base. There is no way that they would ever attack their own civilian base. They’ve never done it in the past and they won’t do it now or in the future. Once again, there is no way on Earth the rebels could have possibly attacked this convoy. They knew about it and they don’t fire on civilian vehicles traveling along civilian roads anyway. They’ve never done so. However, the Nazis often deliberately attack Novorussian civilians. They set up snipers in conquered cities who randomly pick off a  few civilians here and there. They randomly shoot at the cars of Novorussian civilians that just happen to be driving by. The purpose of this is simply to spread terror among a civilian population they consider hostile. This convoy was attacked on the very road that the humanitarian convoy was supposed to come in on. The purpose of the attack was to send the statement that the road was too unsafe to deliver humanitarian supplies. It also serves as a warning that the convoy itself was going to be attacked. In addition, it was an extremely successful false flag attack. The Nazis have done many false flag attacks during this war, the most famous being the Maidan snipers, the Odessa Labor Ministry Massacre, the M17 jet shootdown and now the Refugee Convoy Massacre. In addition to these, they have attempted many other false flag attacks that did not work. The sick Western media has swallowed all of them whole without even bothering to check if they are true or not. I am certain a survey of American citizens who are aware of these events would show you that 80-85 Russian convoy entered Ukraine. No Russian convoy entered the Ukraine. The reporter was hallucinating. The convoys were right along the border and maybe into the no man’s land along the border. Russian convoy entered Ukraine and was attacked and partly destroyed by Nazi forces. This idiocy is being repeated all across our stupid media. The only problem with this story is that it never even happened. There was no Russian convoy in the Ukraine. However, there was a Ukie convoy in the general area that got partially destroyed by the rebels. So here is what happens:

  1. Ukie convoy spotted by rebels and partly destroyed.
  2. Ukies claim their own convoy was actually a Russian convoy and the rebels who destroyed it were actually Ukies.

It is unbelievable that the media is swallowing this garbage whole. Nazis have surrounded Donetsk and are now fighting in the city. The Nazis have not really surrounded the city as rebels continue to pour in replacements to Donetsk. There is no fighting in Donetsk. There is fighting in some extreme outlying rural areas of metropolitan area, but none in the city. Nazis have surrounded Lugansk and have now invaded  the city and are soon to conquer it. They haven’t even surrounded the city, nor have they really entered it. There is some low level fighting in the southern suburbs of the city, but that is it. The Nazi flag was not planted in the center of Lugansk. Instead it was planted in an outlying suburb.  Nazi forces have captured Ilovaysk to the east of Donetsk. Nope. They threw everything they had at that town, but they did not take it. They ended up taking about 1/2 the town. There has been extremely heavy fighting going on there for a day or two now.

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