Is Barack Obama the First Nazi President?

Referencing Zeusse’s piece again…
Consider this:

I left the Democratic Party yesterday, because I cannot support the first American President who ever installed anywhere in the world a nazi regime — it has never happened before, not even under a Republican President; and, until Obama, I had always assumed that if it ever would happen, it could come only under a Republican President, never under any Democratic one. But I was wrong — mortifyingly wrong — because Barack Obama did this in Ukraine (see here and here for the evidence); he is the first-ever U.S. President to install a nazi regime anywhere…
Nobody could call me biased against him, but he is the first-ever U.S. President to install a nazi government in any country, and he supports them in their vile ethnic-cleansing campaign to get rid of the ethnic Russians in the southeastern regions of Ukraine; and, so, he has crossed over a line into the ‘racist’ (actually ethnic-hating) far-right, nazism, that is so abhorrent to me so that I cannot remain a Democrat…

So there you have it. No US President has ever installed a Nazi government anywhere on Earth. One would think that the fascist-supporting Republican Party would be the first party to do such a thing, but instead, unbelievably, it is the so-called liberal or progressive party that did the deed. Of course the Republican Party supports this act completely.
Unbelievably, Ukrainian Nazism now has the full support of both US political parties and the entire US mass media, including that media which is heavily Jewish in either ownership or top executive staff.
The woman who installed this Nazi regime is Victoria Nuland, a neoconservative Jew. Her husband, neoconservative theorist Donald Kagan, obviously had a hand in all of this. The first Ukrainian Prime Minister was Jewish, and there are claims that Porochenko himself is Jewish.
Igor Kolomoisky is one of the richest Ukrainian oligarchs. He is Jewish. He sponsors the Azov Battalion, an openly fascist and Nazi paramilitary. It is thought that Kolomoisky and his militia planned and executed the false flag shootdown of the Malaysian airliner.
Here we have the bizarre and appalling spectacle of Jews supporting a fascist or even Nazi regime.
I must say that I do not get it, but perhaps Zionism has damaged the Jews beyond repair. Zionism is after all a classic fascist or even racist fascist (Nazi) movement. I always wondered about those Lenni Brenner books about the links between the Nazis and the early Zionists. Now it is all starting to add up. They were both racist fascist movements. Granted, one wanted to save the Jews and the other wanted to kill them, but in terms of radical ethnic nationalism, Nazism and Zionism have a lot in common, all the way down to the concept of Lebensraum and the use of false flag attacks, wars of aggression or pre-emptive wars, and The Big Lie.

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17 thoughts on “Is Barack Obama the First Nazi President?”

  1. yes he is, and he hates africans too for he helped destroy the dream of the United States of Africa by Gaddafi

  2. Totally ridiculous statement! President Obama is champion of democracy. Whoever thinks otherwise is simply quite ignorant or merely being irresponsible and provocative. One might just as well say North Korea’s head of state is a fan of democratic government!

  3. Elio Zappulla is a goof idiot
    Obama condemned the democracy in Crimea and condemned the democracy in Ukrainian president thru his actions of a coup and sanctions.
    obama is not champion of democracy he supports nazis and acted against african interests in taking out gaddafi.
    Obama is scum and you are idiot go drink gasoline and swallow match.
    death to american empire. Slava Rossiya ii NovoRossiya

  4. Jews and Goyim,
    hand in hand…
    Take a stand,
    for the White man…
    Kick out the shitskins,
    spics and pallies
    Spray tear gas,
    at the chimps’ rallies
    Jews and goyim,
    Jews and goyim,
    unite in hate!

  5. No, not the first. If Nazi is defined as ethnic cleansing + political repression, Truman would qualify over Israel; Kennedy would qualify over the Katanga massacre; Ford would qualify over East Timor; and Carter and Reagan would qualify over their support for the Taliban. The British and French governments supported a Nazi government in Poland during the 1918-1921 Polish War of Expansion.

      1. The Katanga massacre happened in the Congo in 1963. It was a lot like the Rwanda massacre. The west supported the overthrow of Patrice Lmumba because he was supposedly pushing the Congo towards Soviet alignment, then the faction they supported conducted the massacre.

        1. A young Donald Rumsfeld was at the meeting where the US CIA and Pentagon guys arranged with the anti-Lumumba faction to have Lumumba murdered. Rumsfeld was already CIA-Pentagon-Deep State even way back then.

        2. Kennedy was for Lumumba, and Lumumba was assassinated before he took office. Kennedy and the UN were united against the colonialists in the Congo. Am I missing something?

    1. I knew that Rumsfeld was elected to Congress in ’62, and led the effort to make Gerald Ford the minority leader, but not about his Deep State connections then. It would make sense though, since Rumsfeld served in the Army in the 50’s.

      1. He’s been Deep State from the get go. I assume he’s had CIA connections maybe since his army or Congress days. Of course many Congressmen are effectively employees of The Agency.

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