How US Imperialism Rewrites the History of the World

Go down the list in Wikipedia:
Sniper massacre on the Maidan: Nothing in this article is true. I think it was written by the State Department.
Odessa Massacre: Incredibly, Wikipedia blames the anti-federalists, who it says were almost all Russian citizens, for the crime. Wikipedia says the Russians set themselves on fire! Incredible!
If you go to the M17 Malaysian jet shootdown page, Wikipedia tells us straight out, all through the article, that the Novorussian rebels shot down the jet with a Buk missile. This story has been proven to be a lie many times, and those offering the theory – the West and the Ukraine, have offered absolutely no evidence whatsoever for their theory. The entire article is nothing but fiction.
Wikipedia’s maps about the conflict are completely wrong. They show the Ukies with far more territory than they have and they show the rebels with far less territory than they have.
All my life I assumed that history was history, that is, history was fact. Now to my utter shock, I find that US imperialism is so powerful that it can actually rewrite the modern history of the world, turning truth into fiction. Because America is so respected, the US’ make-believe history is believed by hundreds of millions of fools all over the world. The ability to contaminate supposedly neutral assets like Wikipedia is shocking.
If even our own history books are full of made-up crap, how can we possibly believe what anyone says about anything anymore?
I do not know about the rest of you, but I find the contamination of history itself with politics to be extremely painful and confusing. I feel totally lost now. I always knew that the media was full of lies, but I never knew the extent of it. Yet I assumed, in my naivete, that historians would finally get it all sorted out sooner or later. After all, historians nearly have to take an oath to tell the clearest truth about past events as they can.
When history itself is contaminated by politics and ideology, when our very own past is contorted into fairy tales and lies, the human race is truly lost.

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4 thoughts on “How US Imperialism Rewrites the History of the World”

  1. Ever watched US news channels, they are so biased it is an insult to the intelligence to watch. Whenever a western politician makes a statement or voices an opinion or policy, it is presented typically by western news channels in a manner that ” of course it is a true reflection of reality” when however, a political stance from Russia is broadcast, there will typically be a news studio discussion around ” what is the real motive behind this announcement” which is not done if the US president or other western politicians make a statement, because of course, they have all signed up to the goody two shoes principals of morality. Remember 25 years ago when the Russians were in Afganistan and they provided as a rationale that they were fighting terrorism. I seem to recall that the general opinions in western media at the time weren’t very sympathetic towards this stance. Guess what, years later, the US states that they are fighting terrorists in Afganistan, the same people. Ancient chineese proverb, why you no rissen? The thing that so many people across the world find so awful is the arrogance displayed by the US whereby they take a stance that they have a right to bomb, or march into any other sovereign country they like, cos they simply decided that they should do it. There are some very brief mentions on western news channels about civilians based in the Ukraine who are trying to get to Russia. Why we should be asking ourselves do they feel it necessary to do this? They like the idea of a site seeing holiday in St Petersburg perhaps? Has anyone seen an unbiased news discussion around possible reasons why Russia maintains a stance that the Ukranian government is right wing fashist? Sorry, but I must have missed it. Western news media do a reasonable job on trying to be impartial, but they still have a long, long way to go.

  2. And here is another cracker. Russia,s stance that the rebel forces in Syria were in many respects of such a nature that they could be considered terrorists. Remember the pressure that western countries daily put on Russia in the UN to admit that the basis of their reasons for supporting the regime in Syria was false. Now the States are bombing the very same people in Iraq that Russia were stating we’re terrorists who should be fought against in Syria. Oops, oh dear, Ho Hum. But guess what, Russia is still in the wrong, and sanctions need to be increased. Treat it all with a very big pinch of salt!

  3. The daily news reports of pressure being put onto Russia in the UN for them to Change their unreasonable stance that terrorism in Syria should be stamped upon. Now guess who is bombing the very same organisation in Iraq. Oops, Oh Dear. Treat it all with a pinch of salt.

  4. And here is one that tops them all. Russia has sanctions placed upon them for amassing troups on their border, adjacent to a war in a neighbouring country. Oh of course this has absolutely nothing to do with ensuring security, it’s purely done to provoke political tensions. Hmm. let’s see now. when the States undertakes the biggest war games exercises right on North Koreas border, it is simply excercising it’s rights to ensure security and any suggestions that it is increasing political tensions is clearly nonsense and should not be used as an excuse for those on the North to do anything more than send Xmass cards as a response.

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