Hindus: Enemies of Peace, Lovers of War

The commenter Sphinx and I disagree on a few things, but one thing we do agree upon is the retrograde nature of the Hindu religion.

Manny wrote:
Jesus is a fucking douche bag who deserted all the beating the asshole got…I watched the movie “The Passion” and enjoyed it…I loved the snuff film and how the asshole got beaten…
This vile, sadistic creature “Manny” is a very typical product of the Hindutva movement of India which is akin to the Wahhabi movement that arose in Arabia which is terrorizing the world right now. This is the true evil face of Brahmanism/Hinduism, the longest running religious fraud in history.
These enemies of truth and goodness saw the non-violent Buddhist monks the same way they see Jesus and cruelly wiped almost all of them out. Their Muslim conquerors finished the Buddhists off. These Hindutvadis also killed Gandhi, who was deeply inspired by the Gospel of Jesus.
I personally believe, and many scholars agree, that Jesus must have been influenced by Buddha. They have a lot in common.

Good show Sphinx, good show!

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38 thoughts on “Hindus: Enemies of Peace, Lovers of War”

  1. Its sickening to see that the same Hindutvas are ruling India now.With Modi in power now I see India haeding on a path of self-destruction save for what a shithole it has always been always and Hindus are just pure scum who hate Muslims,Whites etc.They only seem to line up with the Zionist Jews because their underlying agenda is the same.

    1. Aren’t you one of those vile muslim that is parasitically invading and destroying greece in large numbers…Your dislike for Golden dawn and the jews justified it 100 %.

      1. Im 100% Greek.My name is Konstantinos Fortounis.Im 17 and I was raised Christian.My source of Hatred for Indians is the same as Roberts.I used to think of them in a positive way until I dug a little deeper and found what they really are about.I dislke Golden Dawn beacuse its extremist and I hate extremism.I dont hate Jews,I hate ZIONIST Jews who are as crappy as Hindutvadis,Golden Dawn,ISIS and whatver extremist shit you have.

  2. Yes like Zeus, I am of Greek heritage. I have a love for Ancient India and Pakistan’s philosophies (Buddhist, Jainism and Certain parts of Hinduism), their architecture, culture and music. However, Hindutva is all of the worst qualities of Hinduism or Brahminism to be clear. I don’t see this quality in Jains, Buddhist or Hare Krishna People(?). Modi will destroy the very core of India and I feel bad for the Indians. A once great people, with great history, who have now reduced their country into a sceptic tank.

    1. @Historia Nerd, if Greco-Roman pagans had a Hindutva type movement, you still would have your old religion and Constantine and Theodosius would have been eliminated well in advance and a permanent rule of Diocletian and his followers, installed. Amit Shah, is the mastermind behind Modi, Amit consolidated Hindus against Muslims and made sure not a single muslim won a seat , in 20% muslim state of Uttar Pradesh – Muslims got defeated even in Muslim majority seats due to Amit Shah polarising Hindus . Amit Shah now got promoted to President of BJP and Amit Shah is a Jain. Jain merchants fund BJP bcos they are vegetarians and they hate Muslims who are butchers. BJP gets 25% to 40% of the Hindu vote, but 90% of the Jain vote – and speaking of Buddhists, in Ladakh seat, buddhists hate muslims and voted for BJP. By the way, Modi is a most-backward caste, oil-presser, slightly above dalit. BJP won most dalit seats and tribal seats too. Congress is upper caste Party – whereas BJP offers a path to power to lower castes. Even Shia muslims in Varanasi ( Modi seat ), voted for Modi, bcos they fear Sunni muslims and beleive that Modi will protect them from Sunni muslims

      1. I know. I am thankful we still don’t pray to Zeus or the other Greek pantheon. Pagan religions like Judaism and Hinduism need to take a break.

  3. Hinduism would be another trans-humanistic religion, similar to Buddhism, Scientific Racism (man can live forever via genetics, hence spirituality and the idea of choice becomes a joke) etc.. The first lie in the garden was that man could live forever.
    Anyhow, Christianity hasn’t adopted this trans-humanism, but teaches a doctrine of Hell, which is a false interpretation of the original text.

    1. The lie being man could live forever, and obtain knowledge of good and evil. However, this runs into problems, as in the doctrine of Hell man lives eternally in heaven or hell. Even within universalism thinking, it runs into problems. The knowing good and evil thing makes sense.

    2. Looking at India today, and especially with regards to the untouchables, we see that the misery of India directly related to their acceptance of the lie in the garden (reincarnation) which is Hinduism.
      Also rejection of the caste system has not made Buddhism a better religion. In fact, Buddhist nations like Japan have some remnants of the caste system, and Buddhist nations share the Hindu notion, that people who have it bad deserve it, hence no mercy or kindness.

      1. good points jason, especially the one about Japan. I’ve heard few others say this about Japan having some Hindu values.

    3. I see huge similarities between Hinduism, Buddhism and Scientific Racism. Ultimately, if scientific racism is applied, the USA will become a miserable nation like India, cause it will adopt a caste system. The US elites will become totally convinced of their superiority, since science backs up their claim. Something to think, and worry about.

  4. Untouchability in buddhism has same roots as Hinduism – burakumin are Japanese buddhist untouchables – In all buddhist countries, butchers are untouchable or they hire muslims or christians

    1. Hindus, Persians, Sumerians, Egytians, Greeks, Romans, Buddhists have sculpted some of the finest architecture of the ancient world. What has happened now?
      A quick search of Hindu architecture brings up some nice photos.

        1. I have great respect for brothel houses than temples, Just look at any indian millions of beggars standing outside, submitting before a stone while solipsistic men and women engage in blind ritualism
          Turkic muslims did a great job by destroying temples, i would encourage them to do it again

    2. I like Hindu temples too and like to look at them but for some reason the Greek ones appeal to me profoundly. I just love the ascetics of them.

      1. there is nothing of beauty in temple, naked or semi naked men and women sucking each other and having animal sex,,once you enter you will find a stone decorated with flowers gold and idiotic priest ,solipsistic devotees , out side the temples you will find a long queue of beggars in all age groups ready to beg and steal , live in misery than choose to work
        -Indian society has devalued human being to lowest levelm it has elevated stone to a status of God,,,
        There is no cure for the society which engages in self denial & Self deception,,,,Indian society can only produce vast numbers of beggars and cunning religious sadhus
        I have said many times and i repeat it again, without american Support,Foreign Aid and VISA, Immigration policies , india will explode in 10 years, there will a civil war,,The society in south asia has not changed for 1000’s of years, this is why most brahmins are unable to adapt to recent changes from west..
        Indians society can only produce corrupt, solipsistic, hypocritical parasitic people,,,Thankfully they are now feeding on other nations,

  5. Japan (and Korea also) is simply a nation of high caste Buddhists. Since they are so ethnically pure, they pretty much include every native in the high caste. Foreigners, unless they look like David Bowie, are lumped into lower castes.

  6. Real stones, vs imaginary, Yeshua ben Panthera – And how about idols of Jesus, Mary and Angels in all Catholic churches – Idols vs Icons, same thing , just different terminology

  7. I have this theory. I am personally non religious but believe in a god. I am not a Christian nor do i like the Christian churches but I believe Jesus was some great guy. So was Gautam Buddha of Nepala. however in buddhism anybody can become a Buddha not only gautam Buddha. But my point is that, the teachings of Christianity was gods peaceful way for the Jewish elites to mend their evil ways. They rejected the teachings of Christ and had him killed. Christianity spread into the lands of much powerful and richer people than the Israelites, among the Romans, Germans, Franks, Saxons, Slavs, Greeks, Celts, Assyrians, Ethiopians etc… Similarly Buddhism was rejected by the upper caste Hindus and Jains, the teachings of Buddha being sent by God for the Brahmins and other upper caste people to change their evil ways. They rejected the teachings and played a big role in destroying Buddhism in India. Buddhism spread into much richer and powerful lands of the Japanese, Han, Korea, Tibet, Mongolia, Siam, Burma etc…. Since both of them rejected the peaceful ways to mend their evil ways, God unleashed Islam and now both of them have to deal with their muslim headaches.

  8. God! You must be really hating us! We are pagan, christian killers afterall. Dude, have you taken leave of your senses entirely? I live in the state of rajasthan(all hindus, muslims, jains, sikhs and a few christian). Not very large christian community in our state. I am 16, a hindu, jat to be precice(OBC). I go to a missionary school(roman catholic). One of my best friend is a christian(mom-catholic dad-protestant). We are invited for a christmas dinner. We love the chicken, we absolutely love thos rum cakes and we get to drink wine(secrately ofcourse). They come to our house, a day after diwali. Alright, lets go a little deeper in her family history, her mother’s side of family was anglo-indian. Her father’s great grand mother was a hindu bhramin(priest) how married a convertie. I do not know who sent you those letters but one thing for sure, its bulshit! The contents are mostly wrong. Christanity is considered a religious minority who enjoy much more rights than any upper class hindu. The government has given reservation to minorities in all major fields. They have been given much more powers than us hindus. Defence minister of india is a christan, A.K.Antoney. A movie has recently been made on Mary Kom, a christian boxer of india. The christians in india just like the buddhists, jains, zorastrians and sikhs are a highly assimilated communities in india(muslims, sadly, always kept themselves at a distance). Back to me, we are four best friends, two upper cast hindus, I m the OBC and a christan girl. We are best friends, always respectful of each other’s religion. We do discus theology and tell stories like I tell episodes of mahabharat she tells me biblical ones. The thing is that letters you get are mostly fake and are intended to increase violence between different religions of india so next time you post one of them, pls check if it is true or false. Also, we dont hate whites, we simply dont care about them. Indians were never racist, they had caste system. Europfns were racist and by the way, yemen(islamic country) has untouchables. I agree india is backward but its not that bad. There was a time when west was worst than india is today. Time is in your favour at the moment but not for long…… Your economies are getting worse, eg. Greece,Spain. The west may be the center of power but not for long….soon asia will reclaim its former glory. China, Japan, Russia and India will be the new superpowers while you, anti-asians, get your a** f*****!! Now block you Lindsy Lohan

    1. Haha Douche,
      Asia might do it but india will never do it.Having a nice time in your house with mosquitos and pests but youre thr biggest pests ever.Too bad us pakistanis havent finished you off

      1. Saad, You will never amount to be anything paki lowlife troll, Did you forgot the wars? internal turmoils is just enough to finish off for your sorry excuse of a country which should have never existed, idiot.

  9. U don’t have guts you pakastani jackass, nor do you have the power. Luckey for you, modi is attending some other business at the moment or he would have finished you and your stinking, bulshit of a country long ago. We may not be good but pakistan is worse. Now go my dear pakistani, your cousins are waiting to be fucked! By the way how many wives do you have? No less than 3 I hope, one of them must have been a hindu or a christan, that your daddy kidnapped for you. Isnt that true. Oh….. I heard your govt. is removing ban from child marrige. Congrats….soon you can get an 8 year old girl! Saale gandu zaada mat bola kar nahi to aagli bar teri maa-behan sab eek kar dunga, samaj gaya na mulliA! For next time, aapna Boshda bachha ke…..

    1. Ok you little Indian Pussy might as well show us your ugly facewith brown skin you fucking turd.Go to satan bitch hes calling.And maybe if you could ever show up i would own your indian ass.

    2. Modi is an inferiority complex riddled moron worshiped by inferiority complex-riddled Indians. India will either be invaded and ruled by china or it will disintegrate into pieces.

  10. I agree extrsmist islam is ruining Pakistan but without it we much better off than India.India has no internal conflicts but is statistically far beyond worse.All you can do is run yo little big mouth Mr.Indian but you cant live up to yo words too sad.Ask Robert who he thinks is better.I am sure India without western help is shite.

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