Democratic Party Liberals Strongly Support Nazis, Paleocons Oppose Nazis

Check this out from Huffington Post.
HP has been supporting the Ukrainian Nazis 100% since the start of this conflict. They have been completely behind the Russian and Novorussian antifas. All HP articles are strongly pro-Nazi and anti-antifa. In recent days, the liberal scum have even come out strongly against the Russian aid convoy to Novorussia (or any aid convoy for that matter). The false charge is that the aid convoy has weapons hidden in it. However, it has already been inspected by both the Ukies (Nazis) and the Red Cross. Both confirmed that there are no weapons hidden in the cargo. Nevertheless the vile Western press continues to repeat the Nazi lie that somehow there are weapons in the cargo that have somehow missed inspection by two different bodies, including the Ukrainian government itself.
I conducted a brief survey of commenters to HP. 84% of US Democratic Party liberals support the Nazis and oppose the antifas, according to my survey. This shows that Democratic Party liberals are some of the strongest Nazi supporters in the US today.
I happpened to go to Ron Unz’ site the other day. There are many anti-Nazi, pro-antifa pieces on there. Unz himself, who is Jewish, commendably takes a strong anti-Nazi, pro-antifa stance. In a similar survey, I found that 69% of Unz’ paleoconservative commenters were anti-Nazi and pro-antifa. This makes paleocons among the strongest anti-Nazis and pro-antifa supporters in the US today, at least as measured by the the Ukraine-Russian conflict.
This is truly bizarre. In the US:
Democratic Party liberals are some of the strongest pro-Nazi forces in the country. They also violently oppose antifa forces and wish to see them destroyed.
Paleocons are some of the strongest pro-antifa and anti-Nazi forces in the US today.
This also shows me that there is nothing more useless than Democratic Party liberals. When they are not being useless, they are being actively evil. I cannot see why any progressive person would line up with these backwards people. I do not even understand why progressive people would ally with this objectively pro-imperialist force. It’s beyond me.
This also shows that Paleocons, bizarrely enough, are now among America’s strongest anti-Nazi and pro-antifa forces. This is so odd because the standard MSM line about paleocons is that they are fascists and Nazis. Not in this conflict they are not! I am starting to think that truly progressive people might make some excellent alliances among these paleocons. Obviously we disagree on some things, but that is always the case with alliances.
The Left has become the Right and the Right has become the Left! Weird!
These labels are starting to mean less and less every day now.

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0 thoughts on “Democratic Party Liberals Strongly Support Nazis, Paleocons Oppose Nazis”

  1. Robert L
    Historically, Liberals have always been pro imperialist. Both Mill and Macaulay (otherwise great men) advocated British imperialism and white man’s burden. It was the conservative Edmund Burke that opposed British imperialism. Even today, this project of spreading feminism, gay rights, and democracy in the third world is just a modern incarnation of white man’s burden.
    Palecons are basically true old fashioned conservatives. They oppose foreign intervention and imperialism. They oppose corporate capitalism and mass immigration. Paleoconservatism is basically what mainstream conservatism SHOULD look like, but sadly isn’t. Conservatism should be about defending traditional western values and identity, not defending corporate interests globally.

    1. Paleocons subscribe to laissez-faire economics. They’re not opposed to corporate capitalism at all. Paleocon economic arguments usually boil down to some form of small business economics, failing to grasp the public trust issues that arise when large amounts of market power, resources, and capital are involved.

      1. But the paleos also happen to be against ‘free-trade’, which means being able to outsource to the country of most convenience. Karl Marx was right on a lot of things when it came to Capitalism’s logic,on its urge to expand unlimited,which I think the paleos don’t quite get when it comes to Capitalism’s logic.

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