Setting the Record Straight on Henry Ford

Third Eye writes:

Henry Ford wasn’t always anti-Jewish. He was a peace activist during the First World War, who became extremely bitter over the ridicule and ostracism he faced as the American war drums started beating. After the war, he was introduced to anti-Jewish works such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and The International Jew by an anti-Jewish Czarist counterrevolutionary in the United States to raise money.

The idea that WWI was caused by Jewish financiers seeking to profit from human bloodshed offered a ready-made explanation for a situation that Ford found nonsensical. So Ford’s hatred of Jews was fed from the same source as the Nazi Party’s hatred of Jews – the Russian counterrevolutionary movement.

Wait, I thought Ford wrote The International Jew?

I read that book. Interesting book. A lot of what he says is simply observational truth. The Jews were pretty bad back then. They were much more ruthless, organized and tribal in those days. Ford documents some well-known Jewish runs on Wall Street, banking, investment banking and some other industries that were only stopped when “anti-Semitic” Gentiles figured out what was going on and quit selling to Jews – rightly so, I would argue.

A ruthless minority conducting ethnic warfare against everyone else needs to be stopped. And pretty much only “racism” stops it. But so what? Ethnic warfare is racism anyway. In this sense, antiracism for many ethnies is simply unilateral disarmament. It makes no sense.

He also talks about a couple of successful runs that the Jews had, first on the newspaper media and second on Hollywood. These were actual plots conducted by a cabal of wealthy Jews, mostly from Galicia, and they were very successful. The motivation was not to screw over the rest of us but simply Jewish alarm at newspapers in the hands of virulent White racists and further alarm at such things in Hollywood. Birth of a Nation was the last straw for these Jews.

A lot of Jewish takeovers of nations’ media and cinema industries are motivated not so much by some evil urge to screw us all over but by a desire to keep these highly propagandistic and mind-controlling industries out of the hands of the anti-Semites. Needless to say, this often backfires, as Jewish over-representation in powerful industries tends to lead to the very anti-Semitic backlash that the Jews seek to prevent.

I really do not have a solution. But I think a lot of anti-Semitism is simply envy. People look around and see that the Jews have way too much money and power. They may have gotten in fair and square more or less, but most people figure they must have cheated. The heat of the anger rises, and next thing you know, there’s a pogrom.
I didn’t think The International Jew was an anti-Semitic book, though it could be taken that way.

In some places it goes overboard. He is convinced that The Protocols is an accurate and real document. But the general tone is one of shock, the light going on in one’s head as one finally connects a series of odd things, alarm at the most organized ethnic group in the US practicing brutal ethnic warfare against everyone else, and finally exasperation.

At one point, he says he doesn’t even hate them at all. He goes to great pains to describe pogroms as horrific and says he does not advocate that Jews be harmed in any way.

He even calls out to them. It goes something like this: “Jews! Stop your tribalism. Stop being Jews and start being Americans! Come join as Americans and help us build this great nation!”

I retold this part of the book to a friend of mine who had just accurately documented to me extensively ethnic warfare on the part of Orthodox Jews in New York City (followed by concomitant ethnic warfare by NYC Catholics against the Jews) in the real estate market in the city, which he convinced me was completely corrupt.

He told me, “Yeah. That’s never going to happen. They will never stop putting the Jews first and come join the rest of us as Americans.”

Is he right?

I think Ford was smeared by the Jews. They got his paper shut down, sued him on dubious grounds, and in the 1930’s, I am convinced that they tried to kill him by running his car off the road. In so doing they proved his thesis about the corrosive effects of Jewish power or any ethnic power for that matter.

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30 thoughts on “Setting the Record Straight on Henry Ford”

  1. Dear Robert
    You are making 2 valid points:
    1 – There can’t be unilateral pacifism or meritocracy. Either no group in a country behaves tribally or else all will have to do it. Unilateral pacifism or meritocracy is a form of surrender.
    2 – Harmonious relations between different groups in a country, whether those groups are racial, religious or ethnic, is much more likely to come about when they are equal. In Switzerland, the Germans, French and Italians are basically equal, and in Finland, the Finns and Swedes are also essentially equal. OTOH, Ashkenazi Jews and other whites aren’t equal, at least not intellectually.
    Let us consider 3 classrooms, A, B and C. All 3 have 25 pupils, 20 majority members and 5 who belong to a minority. We divide these 3 classes in quintiles according to marks, In A, all quintiles are the same, that is, each quintile has 4 pupils from the majority and 1 from the minority. In B, the top quintile consists exclusively of minority members, and in C, it is the bottom quintile that is filled with minority members.
    In which classroom are relations between the majority and the minority most likely to be harmonious? In A of course. B has the most dangerous situation because the majority is superior in strength but inferior in ability. An envious and resentful majority can be dangerous to the minority. In C, the situation is stable, however much the minority may resent its low status, because the minority is inferior in both power and ability.
    The Gypsies in Europe are like the minority in class C, while the Jews in Europe were like the minority in B. It is my conviction that, if Jews had an average IQ of 100 instead of 110, there would have been far less anti-Semitism in Europe since 1800. Before that, there was more anti-Judaism than anti-Semitism.
    Regards. James

  2. Yeah, I was mistaken about the provenance of The International Jew. Some quick fact-checking required a self-correction. The volumes were compiled from articles of Ford’s Dearborn Independent, although Ford was not known to actually write for the Independent. But the essential point remains, that Ford’s attitude towards Jews was under the sway of the Czarist establishment in the US headed by Boris Brasol, who introduced him to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and sold him a version of Jewish conspiracy theory centered on German Jews. Their propaganda was not only anti-Jewish but anti-German, i.e. contrived to drive the US towards entering the war against Germany. In 1915, his collaborator on the Peace Ship project was a Jewish pacifist, Rosika Schwimmer. Within a couple of years, he was completely on board with Czarist anti-Jewish propaganda.
    The fault with The International Jew was not in documenting misdeeds in the financial world by ethnocentric Jews, but in the narrative spun from them. Ford also denounced Jewish influence on baseball in 1920. News from Nazi Germany did not deter Ford from supporting Hitler and doing business in Germany virtually right up to the eve of the US entering the war. Like a lot of Jew haters, he suffered deep shock when newsreel footage showed the results of the Frankenstein monster he had supported in Europe.

    1. All this talk of misdeeds of european or ashkenazi jews conveniently ignores the far more numerous and egregious misdeeds of european
      gentiles. Who genocided the natives of North America and Australia? Who stole their lands and then gave it themselves and to their fellow “nordics” from northwestern europe?

  3. He did hire a lot of blacks at above average wages (for blacks). However, he also was incredibly racist against blacks, in some ways.

    1. BS. How was he “incredibly racist against blacks” when he is credited with creating the black middle class by hiring and training them in large numbers to work in his corporation, and paying them a good salary to do
      what were the high tech jobs of that era?

  4. Whites hate Jews because they’re jealous. Propaganda. The reason Jews are disliked is not because of Russia or jealousy it’s because their behavior sucks. Ford didn’t need Russia to tell him that Jews sucks. He could see it right at home. The “he was influenced by trick” is just a way to confuse the issue. More “tricks” are the persecuted for their religion trick, the intelligence trick, the racist trick, the antisemitism trick, the hate their wealth trick and etc. The issue being that Jews suck. To counteract this they throw dust in the air and talk about a lot of B.S. (tricks) that has nothing to do with the issue at hand which is , the Jews behavior sucks.
    The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all Jews but a significantly larger proportion. Psychopaths believe that if you let them cheat you or run over you, it’s your fault. They don’t have internal regulation. They lower the trust in every nation they inhabit due to their constant lies and scams. They can’t help it. It’s their nature and it hasn’t changed in thousands of years. THEY ARE A DIFFERENT SPECIES OF HUMAN. Most importantly it’s not going to change. Knowing this the only thing you can do is to separate yourself from the Jews like Hitler tried to do. And no I don’t believe he planned or tried to kill them all. He just wanted them away so that Germans could have a decent society. If you notice there is hardly any Jews in Germany now and they have a fairly decent society. When the Jews ran Germany during the Weimar republic the whole country was Potterville just like the US now.
    If it’s intelligence that causes White people, and all other races also, to hate Jews why do people hate the Gypsies? Because they suck too. Always stealing everything they can. Including children.
    Here’s a strange aside. Look at these skulls.
    They’re real skulls whose shape is NOT caused by binding. We know it’s not binding because there is mummified babies with melonheads in Peru. The skulls in Peru also have different cranial stitching than normal humans. Why there isn’t major research done on these is very strange. There’s a guy who says the Jews are a cross between the melonheads and Neanderthals. Me I don’t know. These skulls are found all over the World. Video.
    Here’s some that were found in Mexico recently.
    The melonheads were buried with a lot of normal skulls. Slaves?
    Another link,

    1. Its not just jews but this Duplicitous morality is very common in India
      I believe this is not just a behavioural trait but a genetic trait, When you are under constant existential threat ,you have to adopt different behavioural patterns to survive
      Like a chameleon which changes the colours to escape from prey, Jews and Indians have adopted a behavioural pattern to cheat, deceive,lie and be conniving,duplicitous ,treacherous
      If you spend 3 years of your life in India, you will realize vast majority of indian people exhibit same traits which you have mentioned,infact indians are far worse than jews at every thing, at least some Jews are intelligent in stealing , but indians are far worse in acts of stealing from others
      Notice that Gypsies are actually from India, I believe Indian and Jewish culture or races are most conniving and treacherous ones, its just their behaviour which can’t be changed

      1. @India_LandofRapes
        Maybe your right. I don’t know enough about Indians to say. I’ve only worked with one Indian in my life and he was a conniving bastard. He would get the boss off to the side and badmouth everyone else. He would do this after pretending to be friendly with everyone. Of everyone caught on quickly and he was ignored from then on.

  5. In this sense, antiracism for many ethnies is simply unilateral disarmament. It makes no sense.
    Leftists and various other multicultural types are essentially asking white gentiles to engage in unilateral disarmament, even while they encourage the consciousness and activism of other groups.
    Re: Cause of anti-Semitism
    I think that envy is part of the equation, but it’s not the most important or decisive factor. I think what really rankles people about Jews is the subversive behavior that so many (mostly in the organized community) engage in.
    Jews are hardly the only minorities that wield disproportionate wealth and power in the nations they live. The Chinese in Southeast Asia, for example, control an obscenely disproportionate percentage of wealth in various nations. However, by and large, minorities like the Chinese in Southeast Asia do not attempt to subvert or attack the host cultures they live in. They look down on the natives as lazy, but they don’t pathologize their cultures or promote the “culture of critique” in the same manner as Jewish activists in majority white countries. They’re more or less content to make their money and enjoy it in peace.
    Occasionally the Chinese have been victims of violence, most notably in Indonesia in 1998.
    But at the same time, they don’t inspire the same kind of resentment and loathing that Jews do in so many anti-Semites. I’ll admit that I’m no expert on Southeast Asian countries, and perhaps I’m underestimating the extent of anti-Chinese sentiment.
    But in conclusion, I feel that if Jewish activists would stop attempting to subvert or attack their host cultures, resentment of Jews would decline. At least for me personally, I have no problem with the fact that Jews are disproportionately wealthy. I likewise can accept the fact that many are arrogant and tribal.
    However, it’s when Jewish activists/elites attempt to promote their tribal interests at the expense of white gentiles, in the form of supporting mass immigration, multiculturalism, etc, that I have a problem.

    1. It’s time to can that Kevin McDonald crap. Racial essentialism is a diversion no matter what race you are.
      The “culture of critique” isn’t some conspiracy among Jews to undermine American culture a la McDonald. It’s a holdover from the days when Jews were systematically excluded from power circles. As recently as the 1930s, it was common for help wanted ads to specify “Christian.” When there is a power structure that systematically exclude Jews, as occurred all over Europe and the US, it is a logical and justifiable response to oppose it. That accounts for the attraction the political left had for Jews until recent years. And the leftist Jews tended to be the more secular and assimilationist ones. In the US, more liberally minded Jews are secularizing and intermarrying at a rate that alarms the Jewish establishment.
      The more reactionary, ethnocentric Jewish political culture originated as another response to living with hostile power structures. It was not about opposing hostile power structures as much as about wheeling, dealing, and manipulating them into acting in a manner that was “good for the Jews.” It also maintained the power of Jewish leaders within the shtetl. Hostile aristocrats might never have liked the Jews, but that didn’t mean they were never open to cutting deals with them. That sort of cynical dealing was the M.O. of the Zionist movement. They didn’t care if who they were dealing with was anti-Jewish as long as they could deliver Palestine to the Jews. Unfortunately, the more ethnocentric Jewish political culture is the one that has gained ascendancy among self-identified Jews to an ever increasing extent since WWII. Take the internationalist idealism of the Jewish Cold War liberals, add an elitist distrust of democratic institutions, subtract the old Jewish social conscience, and you’ve got the neoconservative movement in all its cynical imperialist glory. Bourgeois Jews have no class interest in “subverting the host culture” when it serves their interests quite well. They are fully integrated into the power structure and can manipulate it to support their ends virtually at will, even when the result is a moral and strategic disaster like US policy in the mideast.
      There is no comparison at all between the Chinese diaspora in Asia and Jews in Europe. The Chinese were for literally thousands of years the benchmark of civilization for the various tribal cultures that surrounded them. Resentment of Chinese ethnic minorities is more akin to resentment of Europeans in the former colonies.

      1. It’s a holdover from the days when Jews were systematically excluded from power circles. As recently as the 1930s, it was common for help wanted ads to specify “Christian.” When there is a power structure that systematically exclude Jews, as occurred all over Europe and the US, it is a logical and justifiable response to oppose it.
        Now that Israeli Jews are free from the hostile power structures of the goyim that excluded them, it follows that Israel is a bastion of racial and religious tolerance which flows straight out of the “the old Jewish social conscience.”
        Hostile aristocrats might never have liked the Jews, but that didn’t mean they were never open to cutting deals with them.
        Or mating with them.
        Thanks for speaking up though.

      2. @ Thirdeye
        Of course when your group is the racial/ethnic/religious minority, it makes sense to support liberalism. But that doesn’t mean your group deserves brownie points or that your group has a unique “social conscience.” It’s just self-interest.
        As one of the more perceptive Jewish commenters on Mondoweiss once pointed out, the true measure of one’s liberalism is how you act when your group is in the majority. For Jews, that test of their liberalism would be Israel. With very few exceptions, Jews (both in Israel and the West) by and large have failed that test. Even Jews who are regarded as “liberal” when it comes to the Israel-Palestine conflict such as Peter Beinart are open tribalists and supporters of Israeli ethnocracy. He once said that he could live with a Jewish state that more or less treated Palestinians as second class citizens, and that he was willing to compromise his liberalism in order to secure Israel’s status as a Jewish state. Well, that’s not genuine liberalism.
        Jews who oppose not only Israel’s war crimes and settlements but also attack the foundations of Israel’s ethnocracy itself are few and far between.
        I’m not saying that Jews are evil. For minorities like them who have historically faced hostile majority populations, they’re just doing what best advances their interests. I can respect that. I likewise am not denying that there are indeed various individual Jews out there who subscribe to genuinely liberal beliefs. Those Jewish individuals who died in the civil rights movement on behalf of blacks did indeed walk the walk.
        When I criticize Jews, I’m primarily criticizing Jewish activists and talking heads like Abe Foxman of the ADL and other Jewish elites who cynically promote their tribal self-interest under the guise of liberalism. I have absolutely no problem with everyday Jews like Shlomo the local kosher deli owner in New York. I likewise find Jewish comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David hilarious. It’s the tribal elites that I have a problem with.
        I’m hardly a “liberal” myself, nor am I averse to tribalism and group self-interest as a principle. Therefore, it’s not like I’m shocked and outraged over the fact that Jewish liberalism often cloaks tribal interests. I just want to call a spade a spade, and am tired of seeing Jews getting cookies and all kinds of accolades for being noble liberals, when much of the time they’re just looking out for the tribe. It just so happens that the interests of liberals and the ethnic interests of Jews neatly coalesce most of the time.

        1. @BAG
          Much of what you just wrote is true enough. I think we converge on the idea that the association of Jews with liberalism faded during the mid to late 20th Century. One reason is a rise in the ugly, ethonocentric side of Jewish political culture. Another reason is that Jews aren’t really regarded as outsiders by mainstream culture anymore. Another reason is that the truly liberal Jews dilute their Jewish identity in various ways, including exploring other spiritualities and intermarrying. I would also agree that Jews made America a heckuva lot more fun. Marx Brothers, Betty Boop, Krazy Kat…..
          Where we disagree is on the Kevin MacDonald tripe that Jewish liberals are just looking out for their own tribe. The most liberal Jews have hardly any tribal identity left. It’s the logical end result of liberal Jews tending towards assimilation. There’s been a long-standing conflict between liberal, assimilationist Jews and conservative, ethnocentric Jews. If anything, we’ve seen a divergence of interest between ethnocentric Jews and liberal ideals.
          Racial essentialism is not liberalism. The left is often duped by racial essentialists, but that is not the same thing as racial essentialism fitting with liberal ideals.

    2. @Bay Area Guy
      I think your post was fair balanced post and follows my thoughts.
      Kevin McDonald is a genius and is exactly 100% accurate. However he’s missed one aspect of Jewish mental behavior. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. That accounts for all the rest of your post. People don’t want Jews in their organizations because they suck. They destroy all organizations they enter due to their psychopathic manipulation, silly assed plots and lies. People are hostile to the Jews because they deserve it. Why shouldn’t you be hostile to dishonest conniving people who will rip you off every chance they get? To not be hostile to psychopaths is stupid. Jews are always saying non-Jews are stupid. They’re right. We should drive the Jews away from us. It’s the smart thing to do.

  6. “Leftists and various other multicultural types are essentially asking white gentiles to engage in unilateral disarmament, even while they encourage the consciousness and activism of other groups. ”
    Since white gentiles will shortly be minorities in most of the countries they inhabit, it will only be a matter of time before they become a lot more racially aware and self-interested, especially after many of these comfortable and disproportionately liberal upper-middle class professionals have been replaced by automation or workers from other ethnicities. People who are accustomed to six figure salaries and yearly vacations don’t usually adapt well to beans and rice or “wish” sandwiches.

  7. If there is a devil, I think he’s pushing multiculturalism, not cause it’s a sin against God, but because it arouses hatred. Much like Charles Manson trying to instigate a race war. In the end, the devil comes out the victor.

    1. If different races want to marry each other, or mingle, then no big deal. However, the secret is using these things to spark fire among racists, in order to promote chaos. Even if you look at store ads in the paper, you see mixed race, multiculturalism being pushed. It’s an agenda, but that doesn’t mean race mixing is, in itself, evil or wrong.

      1. Store ads are about one thing and one thing only: getting people to buy your stuff. Ignoring demographic realities among potential customers that advertisers want to identify with their models would not be smart. If advertisers were spending their money promoting a philosophical idea like multiculturalism, they would simply be wasting their money.

        1. But then again, maybe the country really is multicultural (taken as a whole) so the ads reflect the population. However, I’m sure images of mixed raced people and multiculturalism anger racists, who feel their nations is becoming non-white.
          There are some ads geared towards whites only (though not so explicit) For instance, the Duck Dynasty thing, and CMT appeal to whites.

    2. Jason Y,”..If there is a devil, I think he’s pushing multiculturalism…”
      Ha Ha who is it that pushes multiculturalism? See you agree with me. Jews worship Satan.

      1. Sam, reading your posts is kind of like looking at a monkey in a cage. That’s all the interaction you warrant.

        1. I notice when I say the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths people always call me names. They never refute that there is even a such a thing as a psychopath (because we know there is), they never refute that it can be carried genetically (If you can carry red hair or testosterone levels or general propensity of aggression then why not psychopathy), they never refute that the Talmud’s structure is of the same pattern as a psychopaths thinking (psychopaths believe they only matter and no others lives are important. The Talmud claims only Jews are human), they never refute that the Talmud says that we should all serve Jews and everything we own should be theirs, they never refute that building #7 fell the same speed as a bowling ball for 108 feet dropped in thin air (it was blown up),they never refute that the Jews own the majority of all media in the US and that the same controlled media refuses to talk about the miraculous deconstruction of building #7, they never refute about how lately Malaysian planes (the Malaysians have openly opposed the Jews) are being blown up and disappeared and how Israeli companies make remote controlled hardware and software to control those planes. Why they never refute anything they call me names. Their second best thing to do is talk about a lot of peripheral issues to confuse any and all subjects as truth is a weapon to them. Forget them calling me names , forget “conspiracy theories”, just get one thing. If you understand that the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths things that don’t make sense do. History becomes much more accessible. You will never be surprised because the idea that Jews are a tribe of psychopaths WORKS. It fits the facts and is a reliable guide to interpreting the world and the behavior of many people within it.

      2. Sam, I’m quite content to let your posts speak for themselves. Anyone with a brain can read them and see what you are.

  8. Yeah, I get your point. Who can blame Jews for wanting to make the first move against racists? Nonetheless, it often backfires – as the whole highly anti-white movie industry testifies. However, though, the definition that I have of “anti-white” is highly different than a Klansman or Nazi.

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