Novorussians Take Stepanovka and Marinovka – New Southern Cauldron?

Gubarev is one of the Novorussian commanders. They say he just took Marinovka and Stepanovka. The video shows the militia blowing up the Ukrainian road sign outside Marinovka. The man being interviewed is Gubarev. There are claims that a new Southern Cauldron has opened up, but I do not see how that is possible. There have been heavy fighting around these cities for a long time now.

Novorussia Sitrep August 3-13.
Click to enlarge. Novorussia Sitrep August 3-13.

Marinovka and Stepanovka are located near the 13 and 14 numbers on the map. There are now claims that the 51st and 24th Brigades are surrounded again. The 24th can be seen in the white near pocket at the bottom of the picture. The 51st can be seen near the bottom of the screen. I can’t see how they are surrounded, but maybe they are.

Someone said, “Maybe that new hardware that came across the border is making a difference.” What new hardware? When did it come across? What did it consist of? It looks like stuff is still getting across the border though. We just don’t know what it is and in what quantity it is.

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0 thoughts on “Novorussians Take Stepanovka and Marinovka – New Southern Cauldron?”

    hE saId tHAT THEy dId IT SO there will no longer be a border between russia and what is called ukraine. they said there will be no more ukraine, only NEWRUSSIA!!!!!
    and i heard allah akbar!!!
    CHECHENS AND MUSLIMS, join the EURAsionuNION!!!!!!!!

  2. A rare bit of balance from BBC.
    “Mr Zakharchenko, who became the prime minister of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) last week, made the announcement to the rebels’ parliament on Friday, with a video of his speech (in Russian) posted on YouTube”.
    “Littering the speech with military jargon, he said: ‘There are, at present, in the axis of the corridor [linking rebels in Donetsk with those in Luhansk and the Russian border] – there have been assembled -reserves of the following order: 150 units of military hardware of which about 30 are actual tanks and the rest are infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers, and 1,200 personnel who underwent four months of military training on the territory of the Russian Federation.”
    “The rebel leader went on a Russian pro-Kremlin TV channel on Saturday to reject reports that the hardware had come from Russia.”
    ‘The Ukrainian military have left us so much hardware that we can’t find enough people to crew it – I mean tanks, troop carriers, Grad [multiple rocket] launchers and so on,” he told Life News (video in Russian).”
    So much for Russia supposedly sending heavy armaments across the border.

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