MH17 – We Know with 99% Certainty Who Shot Down MH17 Fantastic video lays out an immaculate case that the Ukrainians shot down M17 as a false flag operation in order to blame Russia and the Novorussians and hopefully provoke the US or NATO into intervening in the war. At the time the jet was shot down, the Ukies were suffering a series of major battlefield defeats and heavy losses. They hoped this would turn the tide.

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Steven says:

I hope its on the mainstream news channels and in the papers with the same coverage it had before, and apologies. Fair is fair.
Its crazy moving towards conflict with Russia. I don’t believe they will start invading eastern Europe and I want peace and cooperation.

    1. I am not sure, we are trying to get this message out loud and clear, but the MSM has buried the whole story about the jet period. And there are endless delays in the report and and investigation.

      1. I would have thought it would get into the western media if the Russians made a big point of it, like if they spoke about it at the UN or whatever.

  • I think we have evidence of the Ukrainian government lying about their air operations in the vicinity of MH17 and the faked conversations. The rest I’m not so sure about. The timestamp issue needs to be looked into further. At the very least, they were negligent in not closing the airspace where they were conducting operations to commercial traffic. Or they could have been using the presence of MH17 tactically. Don’t get wedded to the theory that the the shooter was a SU-25 ground attack plane. There are problems with that theory just as there are problems with the BUK theory. There is nothing that precludes other types of Ukrainian fighters in the vicinity.

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