Which Is Worse? White Collar Crime or Street Crime?

Jason Y writes:

Financial crimes are far worse than low IQ crimes cause they affect the job market . For instance, the 2009 economic meltdown was caused by high IQ creeps, who played Wall Street like Vegas. Of course, their gambling might have been legal, but you get the point. They could have also did illegal things.

Either way, their fuck-ups hurt common people, on the same level or more, than some low IQ petty crime. Look at corporate executives who decide that cheaper wages are to be found in Indonesia than Detroit etc..

Sure but I can live with the financial criminal types. When I’m walking down the street at midnight in a strange neighborhood and I see some White guy in a suit and tie following me, I don’t get all nervous and start thinking, “Oh no! That guy’s about to violate some work and safety regulations at his business! I better run!”

I agree with you that financial crime does more damage long-term to society, but Americans seem to love their financial criminals so there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it.

And I would much rather be a victim of a financial crime induced recession than to be a victim of street crime, even if all they’re doing is stealing my hubcaps, stealing stuff out of my car and coming into my house as friends and stealing stuff while I turn my back on them. All of those things have happened to me since I moved here, and they unnerved me for more than the recession which also occurred after I moved here.

There is something really creepy and unnerving and personal about someone stealing something right out of your car or home. It feels like you’ve been violated. Or raped. It feels really bad.

I would also much rather live in a city where most of the criminals were financial criminals as opposed to a city where most of the criminals were ordinary street crooks. Street crime just ruins everything somehow.

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  1. Interesting. I’m torn. I am tempted to say street, but the other is also bad. I guess they are like apples and oranges. We are of course supposed to say White Collar is worse because of the perception that White Guys are committing it more, thus taking the pressure off the brothaz. That is disingenuous in my opinion and will not endear one to the brothaz. I heard once that Blacks are overrepresented in White Collar crime too, but I really don’t know (or care). It seems counter-intuitive, but then so much in life is.

  2. I’d rather live in non-violent society with white collar crime than one with lots of street crime. Imagine the bliss of walking anywhere at any time without the slightest worry, just relaxation. That would be great.

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