Three More Ukrainian Brigades Destroyed

Novorussian War Sitrep August 1-10, 2014
Click to enlarge. Novorussian War Sitrep August 1-10, 2014

Question: So, in the end, who took control of Saur-Mogila?

Answer: No one! But on July 27th, before we even got there, they reported that our brigade took Saur-Mogila. Even though no one has been able to take it for the past two months. And, at the same time, the enemy has demolished the 30th Brigade, the 95th (there is nothing left of the Brigade – 150 men are left, at most), the 72nd, our 51st. Yesterday, the 3rd Regiment was there. They were obliterated by shelling, so they turned around and went back.

The conversation above is from an interview with a Ukrainian soldier from the demolished 51st Brigade and a journalist from the website.

You can see a the bottom of the map in the center of the war zone the numbers 30, 95 and 51. Those are the 30th, 95th, and 51st Brigades. They were decimated in the 2-month battle for Saur-Mogila. Above those numbers you can see a blue arrow pointing north that says 9-08 into a red blockade. In back of the red line is the word Савур-могила.

That’s Saur-Mogila, a crucial height that neither side has been able to take for 2 months now. Look below those three numbers and you will see the number 79. That is the 79th Brigade. It was decimated in the Southern Cauldron, but apparently there is still something left of it. They suffered extremely high casualties of 55-75

Towards the northeast you can see a blue arrow with two forks in it and the date 9-10-08. The number 24 is there. This is the 24th Brigade. They took massive casualties in the Southern Cauldron but still managed to break out anyway to the north. Much of their armor was either destroyed or abandoned on the way out. They are part of a group of 1,000 men who escaped the Cauldron and are now trying to battle their way north. There is a crucial battle in this region going on right now, but the rebels are holding.

The rebels seized ~100 pieces of working armor in the battle for the Southern Cauldron. I am not sure how many of those are tanks. The rebels only had a few tanks prior to the seizure, as the Russians have hardly sent them any tanks, despite the regular lies of John Kerry and the Ukies to the contrary.

That equipment has now been moved out of the Southern Cauldron and up into rebel territory. Yesterday we heard several reports of rebel forces using tanks. In one case, there was an actual tank battle taking place. When was the last time there was a tank battle in Europe?

As you can see, neither Donetsk nor Lugansk is surrounded, once again showing up the Western media lies. However, the situation is difficult, especially with regard to Donetsk.

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