Nazi Kids in the Ukraine

Wow! This is really bad. Brainwashed kids. What a bunch of Nazis! Shades of Hitler youth.

This is nightmarish. A Nazi regime right in the heart of Europe. Kill it with fire! Kill it before it spreads!

740,000 people have fled the Nazis. This is part of their ethnic cleansing campaign. This is the most refugees Europe has seen since World War 2.

There are two sides here. One side is the Nazis. The other side are the anti-Nazi partisans in Novorussia fighting the growing fascist menace.

What is all of Europe and the West doing? Supporting the Nazis and declaring the partisans to be the enemy! Shame!

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0 thoughts on “Nazi Kids in the Ukraine”

  1. This removes all doubt as to the nature of ethnic Ukrainian nationalism.
    National Socialist ideology was not native to Germany. It was imported from the Ukraine and the Baltic states. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion hoax originated in the Ukraine.

  2. Nazism is huge in the Former Soviet Bloc. Ironic since Hitler hated Slavs as much as he did most everyone else. With the exception of Croatians and the Blonde Muslims in the Balkans, but those exceptions were only made for political purposes.

  3. Ultimately, the growing resentment over immigration will lead to ultra-nationalism and trans-humanism (a study of eugenics). Even in the US, this movement is growing. At some point, perhaps the solution for Mexicans and Blacks might be something on a Hitler scale. I would be scared for the Ukraine, but also for many other places.

  4. QUOTE”National Socialist ideology was not native to Germany. It was imported from the Ukraine and the Baltic states. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion hoax originated in the Ukraine.”
    Actually, a lot of Nazi thinking (some of the eugenics and antisemitism) originated in the USA. In fact, Hitler had a portrait of Henry Ford on his wall. Imagine if Henry Ford had not influenced him with his book, would history came out the same?

    1. Eugenics was a mainstream idea throughout Europe and the USA in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. At its core was the idea that passing along genetic defects has a social cost, which is frankly hard to argue with. The problems arose when racists twisted the idea of “bad genes” to refer to whole groups of people and target them for extermination. That association made the notion of eugenics unacceptable in polite company regardless of whatever merits it may have.
      Henry Ford wasn’t always anti-Jewish. He was a peace activist during the First World War, who became extremely bitter over the ridicule and ostracism he faced as the American war drums started beating. After the war, he was introduced to anti-Jewish works such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and The International Jew, by an anti-Jewish Czarist counterrevolutionary in the United States to raise money. The idea that WWI was caused by Jewish financiers seeking to profit from human bloodshed offered a ready-made explanation for a situation that Ford found nonsensical. So Ford’s hatred of Jews was fed from the same source as the Nazi Party’s hatred of Jews – the Russian counterrevolutionary movement.

      1. The head of the Czarist organization in the US was Boris Brasol, who had been in the US since 1916 as Russia’s representative at the Inter-Allied Conference. He was the importer of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, although the details are sketchy as to exactly how the work was delivered to Ford. Ford was a fundraising contact for Brasol’s organization, the Union of Czarist Army and Navy Officers.
        Ford’s adoption of anti-Jewish ideas seems to have happened before the end of WWI. Ford specifically singled out German Jewish financiers, which suggests that the particular version of Jewish conspiracy theory he was introduced to was devised in support of going to war against Germany. The twin agendas against Germans and Jews, and the chronology, still point to Brasol et al.
        I might have been wrong in pointing to Czarists as the source of The International Jew.

  5. OK, I’ve seen the video and many others about Ukraine.
    Here are important facts, then I leave you with my explanation:
    – all of these videos seem to have been shot after September 2013
    – In September 2013, Putin checked and almost checkmated the West on the Syrian issue. Therefore, those who wanted to topple Bashar now want Putin’s demise, because the two countries’ fate are now tied together.
    – Those who oppose Bashar are of the atlantist-zionist type. And the reverse. They want to spread democracy, be it pro-Islamic, in the hope of a long-term gain, because democracy is unstable in nature, while dictatorships had to get along with Islamism, anti-atlantism and anti-Zionism.
    – Those who oppose Putin are of the atlantist-zionist type.
    Atlantists may hate Russia because they have it in their blood like the Pole Brzezinski whom Obama listens to. He purportedly had the idea to supply Al-Qaeda in weapons under Carter, just to weaken Russia, and he’s probably behind the Islamists in Russian Chechnya, Chinese East Turkestan, and what else, ISIS?
    The Jewry, who is often found against Putin, entertains the idea of its own world order. Jews can either shove their America to it, but despite pro-globalism in the form of green politics, neoliberalism and immigration, they still have huge issues in the East and Middle East. This is why some Jews are pro-Russia (not pro-Putin, never) in the hope it be re-Judaized later.
    – So how are Putin’s interests in Ukraine? well . . .
    Jews are extremely powerful in Ukraine. Thanks to hardcore perestroika, they own many resource companies (3/4 of oligarchs). I read one nationalist source quoting that there’s always been at least 130 MP’s of Jewish origin in the 500-member Rada.
    Tymoshenko, PM Yatsenyuk, even boxer Klitschko, are part-Jewish. Groysman, PM for three days, is openly Jewish. ALL major newspapers and almost all TV channels are in the hands of Pinchuk, Rabinovich, and the like (source:
    – Some of the big media previously in favor of Maidan are now openly criticizing it, as if they had got what they wanted.
    – Maidan: fighters were subsidized, former Israeli soldiers (yes) were there, and some people shot on both sides (the police and Maidan).
    That’s a strange brand of fascism, isn’t it?
    To put it in a nutshell: as soon as Putin outwitted the atlantists, they resorted, without any class, to use Ukraine as a pivotal state against Russia. They let their media inflame the Ukraine’s Ukrainian in the West and in the capital city.
    They used the Gene Sharp strategy again, this time to create not just a coup, but provoke a civil war and then a world war. For this they needed Svoboda Nationalists and Right-Sector National-Socialists, who are both anti-Jewish and anti-Russians, and were manipulated by the Jewish media into revolting against the ‘pro-Russian’ government and Putin, whose personality is easy to vilify.
    Despite no one in the junta is allowed to talk about the Jewish power, normal Ukrainians have been brainwashed into calling any Russian a “Terrorist”. Such despise for Christian brothers betrays its origin, and is worth a “Liberation war”, as the Russians may soon call it.
    The tactic, also used in Iraq, also shows the failure of the current atlantist order, unable to find any strength but in its own enemies.

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