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  1. It’s amazing he hasn’t been killed by the CIA. It’s common knowledge, in conspiracy circles, that Chavez was purposely infected with cancer,

    1. “It’s common knowledge, in conspiracy circles”
      haha. Nice.
      Is that possible? Even if its possible, its incredibly unlikely and much more likely he got it the way so many people do.
      But in conspiracy circles, its common ‘knowledge’ lol.

      1. We don’t know that. Your CIA pals have been experimenting with cancer-causing substances for decades now. Have they come up with anything? I have no idea. There’s no evidence that they have though.
        Did the CIA give Chavez, Fernandez and Lugo (Is there anyone else?) cancer? No one knows. They are all Leftists, and they all came down with cancer a few years apart after getting into it with the US. There’s no evidence that the CIA gave them cancer somehow. It’s an interesting angle to pursue and I urge folks to look into it, but I am dubious if you will find anything there.

  2. Here’s to you, Fidel, for outliving so many of those who wanted to kill you, and for your peaceful retirement. And congratulations on building a health care system that puts the US to shame.

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