Ukraine Shot Down Flight MH17 over Novrussia: The Evidence

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Every single item from the checklist below itself is not enough to prove that Kiev did it. It is the summation of all ‘snippets of evidence’ that leads to the inescapable conclusion: Kiev did it.

  • Testimony of a Canadian OCSE observer who went to the crash site. He said that the cockpit was riddled with bullet holes from what looked like a machine gun.
  • Testimony by three Ukrainian women who had seen a jet trailing the MH17, heard explosions and saw the MH17 make a U-turn thereafter.
  • Refusal of Kiev/West to release the last minutes cockpit conversations. Malay authorities specifically asked the Ukrainian ambassador where the cockpit conversations were, and he could not answer the question. He also got very nervous.
  • Round bullet holes, only in the cockpit area and nowhere else. This is from the 30mm cannon from the SU25 that fired on the cockpit. In addition, the cockpit was a bloodbath, consistent with it being shot up by some sort of a machine gun.
  • Russian radar images showing that a jet trailing MH17. Dynamite evidence.
  • Redirecting the MH17 flightpath towards the Donbass conflict area. This redirection could only have been done by Kiev air traffic controllers.
  • If a Buk missile was involved, dozens of people should have witnessed a ten kilometer long launch contrail [1:31] as well as heard the Buk blasting [0:26] into the sky. Nothing of the sort was seen or heard.
  • The Telegraph suggested that rebels had fired the Buk from a location south of Snizhne. But the range of Buk does not suffice to bridge that distance.
  • After a frenzy of initial and immediate blaming of Russia and Novorussian forces, Western media and politicians have gone silent as the grave about the MH17. By now they all may realize what really happened. Der Spiegel, one of the worst offenders, even backed down after weeks of demonizing Russia.
  • Kiev had a motive, namely to put as much dirt as possible on Russia in order to generate moral and financial support. The West that is trying to unhinge Ukraine from the traditional century old Russian sphere of influence has a motive to back Kiev up. The Russians? No motive. The Novorussians? No motive.
  • An eyewitness account by twitterer and Borispol ATC employee Carlos Buca, who has had a Twitter account since 2010, with no less than 10,400 tweets, who started to tweet minutes after the disaster had occurred about what really happened, namely that MH17 was shotdown by a Ukrainian jet, on behalf of the Interior Ministry. He also noted that radar screens in Kiev had shown the fighter following the jet and that strange orders had come down diverting the jet from its normal route. In addition, after the shootdown, he heard communications between mystified Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Defense and military nothing that the Ukrainian military had shot it down and opening wondering, “Who gave the order to do that?” Obviously, many people in the Ukrainian security establishment were left in the dark about this plot, probably carried out by a small group inside the Ukrainian government. About one hour afterward the shootdown, Ukrainian government officials came to the air traffic control tower and confiscated all communications regarding the incident. After Buca published his damning statements, a rapid response team went into action attacking him on the Internet. Western officials stated that they had looked into his claims and found that he didn’t even exist. They said the tweets were coming Romania by someone apparently impersonating the ATC. The Spanish government itself curiously got in on the action by immediately claiming that there was no Spanish ATC by that name working in Kiev. But the paper that published his findings was able to independently confirm that he Buca indeed worked in Kiev as an ATC. Soon after the Buca matter went out on the Net, all foreign ATC’s in Kiev were laid off and sent off.
  • A very uneasy Ukrainian ambassador unable to properly answer probing questions by Malaysian interviewers.
  • Increasingly pathetic and ever-shifting Ukrainian attempts to blame Russia.

Adding this all up leaves not a trace of doubt about who did this.

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  1. Well I certainly hope the truth comes out clearly around the world, I can’t wait to see how the western media plays this out. The families of the downed passengers and Malaysia should sue the chocolate king for every penny he’s got. Many of the world’s leading experts on aids was on this flight heading to a world conference on aids, could you imagine if they had valuable data on that plane that could lead to a cure, or even the cure itself?

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