Language and Ethnic Map of the Ukraine

Language and ethnic map of the Ukraine
Click to enlarge. Language and ethnic map of the Ukraine
Look at the map above. Much of the mostly-Russian speaking area is in rebellion. Lugansk and Donetsk Oblasts are at the far right. Those along with Kharkiv and Zaporozhye Oblasts, also have significant populations that not only speak Russian but are actually ethnically Russian. Lugansk and Donetsk are in open revolt, and in the past week, guerrilla actions have spread to Kharkiv, where sabotage has been going on for some time. Just now guerrilla activities are being reported in Zaporozhye, the furthest to the south and west of the four yellow-brown striped regions. Between Zaporozhye and Crimea, which is mostly in brown is Kherson Oblast, where guerrilla activities have also begun this week. To the far southwest is Transcarpathia, in red stripes with green on the border. The red stripes are Rusyns, who have gotten sick and tired of this new Ukrainian ethnostate. I also understand that there is a lot of unrest by Hungarians in Transcarpathia (in green). Slovaks in that state (not shown, but presumably next to Slovakia to the northwest of Transcarpathia, are also quite unhappy. Although the region declared its independence around the same time that Donetsk and Lugansk did, about half of the regions in Transcarpathia are now in open armed rebellion. Checkpoints have been set up all over these rebellious regions and gunmen guard them, only letting people they know come through. Today, Ukrainian troops have been ordered into Transcarpathia to deal with the armed revolt there. What will happen? Will there be another region embroiled in civil war as in the east? You can see that Odessa is also majority Russian-speaking. This of course is the scene of the Nazi massacre of a large number of unarmed pro-federalist  protestors in the Labor Ministry of the capital city. Conceivably, armed actions could also spread to Odessa. There are also Romanians, Moldovans and Bulgarians in this part of the Ukraine. There was a recent video out of the Romanian part of Bukovina (the area in red in the southwest with grey creeping up into the red). They were very unhappy about their sons being drafted to fight in the East. Many were burning their family draft call-up papers. However, guerrilla activities have not yet spread to Odessa and Bukovina. To the west of Odessa is a region called Transdniestria, on the far east of Moldova. The Russian majority here has been in armed rebellion since 1991 when they ceded away from Moldova. There is a significant Russian force there, and the region has its own significant militia along with quite a bit of military hardware. There are calls by the same idiots who started this mess for Moldova to go in with its military and reconquer this rebellious area.

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5 thoughts on “Language and Ethnic Map of the Ukraine”

  1. The world is more intelligent than you think you American faggot.
    Nobody will buy your Poppycock shoddy Propaganda.
    What is going on in the Ukraine is a dirty work of US proxy war tactics where it is just using the EU as its face against Russia.
    We all know which country created the Osamas and Talibans- CIA of US and ISI of Pakistan

    1. I am having an extremely hard time understanding why you are such a piece of shit here. I am not promoting American propaganda, in fact, my position on the Ukraine is this: “What is going on in the Ukraine is a dirty work of US proxy war tactics where it is just using the EU as its face against Russia.”
      Now you see that we agree.
      But just for being a worthless subhuman, I am going to ban your ass.

  2. the first map is the majority of the population by commune, which is a department/piece of a county. and you can see comparing to your map in Crimeea for example, tatars are not massed as a majority in the north of the peninsula but rather there are random “counties” where Tatars are in majority. Romanians, have two communes/counties in Zakarpatia/Transcarpatia which does not appear in your red-white zebra region, in the rest of the regions Romanians appear well represented both in the ChernovtsiCernauti region, the ex-Bucovina historical province, and in western part of Odessa, in Bugeac/Old Basarabia historical region. in Odessa proper and by that I mean between Nistru River and Bug river there are two communes with Romanian majority, plus 10 more with some minority which are not put on the map. By the way in Bugeac/W.Odessa only in the 3 cities at the Danube are Russians who were implanted there in place of the Romanians who were deported in Siberia,the rest are Romanians, Bulgarians and Ukrainians.
    the following map is the percentage of Ukrainians, look at the regions of the so called Novorossija/New Russia: Harkov 53,8%, Zaporoje 50,2%,Odessa 46,3% are of slight majority Ukrainian, Russians in Odessa are barely 42%Russian speakers which include other nationalities even Ukrainians, which means the ones who identify as Russians are usually about 10% less than Russian language which would make them about 30+% so no chance in Odessa unless is going to be fighting and the demography will be changed. besides these 3 regions with slight majority, the other 3 regions in the center of Novorossija are Dnepropetrovsk 67%,Micolayiv 69,2%, Kherson 73,2%. In Kherson we have the Russian language map saying not 26,7% which would be the difference but only 25%, so not even 25% are Russians on those lands. so what Novorossija are we talking about? only what there is de facto today Crimeea, half of Donetsk and also the Russian half of Luhansk, can realy form Novorussia.
    especially the last one you can see where Putin might have support:
    if you look and the fourth map, the 3 city-ports at the black sea:Odessa, Mycolayiv and Kherson, will remain under Ukrainian sovereignty only Mariupol might go to Russia. is pounded by artillery right across the border from Russia. so Ukraine will lose the only big port they had at the Sea of Azov.

  3. about the political map the one with Tymoshenko vs Yanukovych you can seealso where the real suport Putin has, and by the way if you ask citizens in the light red regions what do they think about all of this they will say that they were split almost in half , but after what Putin did , they are more united as Ukrainians than ever before.

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