High Testosterone Linked to Lowered IQ

Studies suggest that high testosterone lowers IQ (Ostatnikova et al 2007). Other studies suggest that increased androgen receptor sensitivity and higher sperm counts (markers for increased testosterone) are negatively correlated with intelligence when measured by speed of neuronal transmission and hence general intelligence (g) in a tradeoff fashion (Manning 2006). From age 7-33, Black males have the highest testosterone of any race. They also have relatively low IQ’s (~71 in Africa and the Caribbean and ~86 in the US and the Caribbean). Further, studies verify the dorky nerd who can’t get laid stereotype. In high schoolers, as IQ rises, so does the likelihood of not having experienced sexual intercourse. The relationship holds through university. Even after graduating, higher IQ people have less sex and masturbate less. All in all, the higher the IQ, the lower the sex drive. Obviously this works the other way too. You probably figured this out quickly way back in high school. The dumb guys could barely keep it in their pants and knock up girls early, often and carelessly, while the nerds are dorky, awkward and relatively sexless. I always thought high school was simply a dress rehearsal for the rest of life.


Manning, J.T. (2006). Intelligence and Salivary Testosterone Levels in Prepubertal Children. Neuropsychologia 45, 1378–1385
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41 thoughts on “High Testosterone Linked to Lowered IQ”

  1. If what you say s true, that the average black male in the U.S. has an I.Q. of only 86 then none of them are capable of graduating college therefore no black athlete working today deserves to have a professional contract.
    It is high time some morals trumped over profits and scrutiny was brought to bear on American sports and those whom are ALLOWED to participate in them. We cannot have high standards for white people and no standards for blacks this is just ridiculous logic.

  2. All this is true, but irrelevant. Ultimately, choice and the environment determine the success of a group.
    It’s funny, we’re talking about testosterone. That’s all big business now. All the older men want more T, so they can feel better, and be more horny. I guess they’re willing to sacrifice the IQ, LOL.

    1. I am not trying to make any particular sociological points by pointing out that as IQ rises, testosterone declines and as IQ declines, testosterone rises.
      Any testosterone shots do not lower IQ.
      I get them myself. I really need them badly.

      1. i am not buying this, some of the smartest men i know have what appears to be higher than average testosterone. testosterone increases nerve conduction viscosity. Testosterone may effect memory but not intelligence. intelligence improves while memory declines. we men just need to work harder to memorize important data.

        1. What happens is that excessive testosterone causes brain damage during the pubertal IQ drift. This is why black and white children seem on par until the age of 17 at which point blacks typically become clinically retarded.
          The cure is mass-castration or transgendering of children, besides with an average life span of 60 years (up from 30), it makes perfect sense to chemically block and delay puberty.

  3. I doubt somehow that the reason for this is a genetic link between iq and testosteron.
    i would imagine something like this:
    You have an Society without correlation between IQ and Testosteron,
    After a while, those that have low iq and low testosteron simply get bred out.by high testosteron low iq people, while high iq low testosteron people can still breed despite being less sexually than high iq high testosteron people due to getting laid because of their iq.
    low iq low testosteron people simply cant offer something.

    1. Where are you getting the 77 IQ figure from?
      Lynn would say US and UK Blacks have IQ’s of 85. I think US Blacks have IQ’s of 87 and UK Blacks of 86. I just averaged it all out and came up with 86. It’s a very good figure, good as gold.

      1. I meant the 71 for Africans and Caribbeans. We call those people retards here. They can’t dress themselves, use mobile devices, or drive automobiles. Africans and Caribbeans do a lot of all that.

        1. Do they understand why such a score seems to entail such different levels of functionality and performance in those societies as compared to American or European societies?

        2. You make a good argument about different levels of functionality among races with the same score. This has never made sense to me either. But I am convinced that the scores are 100% on the money.

        3. Well, here in developed world among whites IQ 70 usually means that there are other (organic) problems. Let’s say:
          lowish IQ (like 80) + visual perceptual issues = more lowish IQ (guess 70).
          You can have even more issues in the same package like ADHD then it will be very even lower
          I think IQ 70 people are perfectly fine (like driving) when there are no mentally challenging activities and if they do not have other health issues. It is still an issue.

  4. Maybe the differences in sexual experience are due to more foresight and risk aversion in the intelligent? Then again, there is also a link between risky behavior and testosterone, IIRC. Most of the data about sexual behavior must be self reported anyway, especially masturbation.

    1. It makes no sense because the bright even masturbate far less and have less sex when they are married. There is no risk in masturbation and married sex and foresight plays no role in either.

      1. Is it possible to have high IQ and high testoserone? I would think yes, but that could be a rariety.

  5. Brilliant write up. This clearly means you have an extremely high testerone level. Oops! oh wait. there is a relationship between testerone and IQ. My bad

  6. This might explain why high IQ blacks are preponderantly female. Could it be that testosterone-driven impulses increase susceptibility to IQ-lowering environmental factors? That makes more sense than a deterministic model.

  7. http://psychcentral.com/news/2011/03/14/testosterone-hormone-linked-to-higher-iq/24379.html
    I’m just a lay person, but based on everything I’ve read and inquired about so far on this subject, I would have to conclude that high testosterone coupled with high intelligence would lead to creativity and risk taking behaviors (still associated with impulsivity), while high IQ with low intelligence would lead to more violent forms of expression. This might suggest that the individual with the higher testosterone intelligence has a strong moral center, and sense of right and wrong. I think these findings might reveal that they have a lot to do with the studies they’ve done on sociopathy and psychopathy, in where the frontal cortex has deficits in reasoning ability, and decision making.

    1. How about High IQ and Low/Lower Testosterone… Also How about Medium IQ and Lower and High Testosterone.
      The SWEET Spot for Criminality is about 78 to 88, Blacks nicely fall within this range. The reality is ONLY 16-20% of Blacks are Capable of an IQ equivalent to the Average White 100-103IQ.

  8. “Black males have highest testosterone of any race”, maybe in the US that’s the truth. Europeans have both. Maybe you should refer to this as something relative to the US, not the entire world.

  9. Strange, but true… I am 66, white male. I just had my testosterone checked a month ago, first time ever. It is currently at 803 ng/dL, very high, equivalent to an 18 year old. My IQ was last measured while in University at about 145 to 150. I was able to get into UC Berkeley by challenging the SAT in the sixties. If you scored in the top 2% your previous education and grades did not matter. I scored in the top 1%. I have three masters in engineering, computer science, electrical and mechanical. Now that I am retired I am considering going back just for something to do. I think I will challenge a PhD. I already have a full thesis for it including several inventions, one in quantum physics.
    While at Berkeley I would simply go to the “student union” (so aptly named ), read a textbook, and just wait for a good looking girl to sit by me and say hello. This nearly always led to a very enjoyable evening. Often it was more than one evening…

    1. Best combination, Evan, high IQ with high testosterone. I enjoyed my time at Berkeley also. Mainly swimming at Strawberry Canyon Pool. In academia, not rocking the boat is important also, especially in the humanities, PC, etc. I left and am doing environmental projects in China, Western technologies, banking, designs, etc., more spacious and creative with solid on the ground results. When I’m finished, I’ll write philosophy books free of academic constrictions, wild and free. Good luck with your Ph.D. and chasing hot young tail… keeps you young…

  10. I don’t believe this one bit. I may be an outlier but my total T levels are over 50% higher than the normal (300-800 is normal) and I’m 1500+ (ng/dL). My IQ is also at a pretty solid 146.
    White people have also had higher T levels (upto 2000 was very frequent) a couple of generation back, while tests have shown that Victorian era Englishmen have IQ’s of 15 higher than current generation English people, based on cognitive reaction speeds. It seems you have correlated Black high T-low IQ vs White\Asian Lower T\High IQ into an incorrect model.
    The dumb jock stereotype is a myth. Arnold for eg. had an IQ of 135. IQ has been positively correlated with better physique across the board (which generally corresponds to higher T levels as high-fat individuals have lowered T levels).

    1. It seems you have correlated Black high T-low IQ vs White\Asian Lower T\High IQ into an incorrect model.
      I did not do this at all. I guess you did not even read the post. In the post, it lists some studies which claim to show that high testosterone is indeed CORRELATED with lower IQ, and also that as IQ rises, T levels tend to go down.

    2. Possibly it’s another enviornmental case. So called dumb jocks are dumb because they spend vast hours building thier body, but ignore their mind.

  11. I don’t believe the link between iq and Testosterone is that strong.
    Whites simultaneously have higher IQ’s and higher testosterone levels than Southeast Asians, East Indians, Khosiods, most Latino groups and Amerindians.
    Blacks simultaneously have more of both than Australian Aborigines too.
    If the link between intelligence and T-levels was that strong then why do men produce more geniuses than women?
    Also, one thing I notice is that higher IQ blacks don’t seem to have significanly lower T-levels on average than their less intelligent peers according to research. They just seem to have more self-control and personal success.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated, it’s an interesting topic.

    1. Well keep in mind it’s just a correlation. Also there are more factors into sex differences then Hormones.
      For example, men have more grey matter than women. Also while women have less outliers in high IQ, they also have less in regards to low IQ.

  12. Way to omit the obvious! – women historically have been suppressed from expression of any kind; barred from owning property, barred from voting, barred from education, barred from earning or even having access to money; barred from speaking freely. Barred from access to most resources. They were forced to live lives bogged down in work and children, and bound, BOUND to the home. ANY self-expression outside the limited confines of the home was squashed. In many homes, even expression INSIDE the home was prohibited.
    Try creating when your very existence is being suppressed. The higher sciences and creativeness is for those who have the leisure and the resources and the freedom to pursue it. Ability alone is not enough, not when you have no space or time to express that ability. Women were not allowed these luxuries. Women were not allowed to express themselves. Or educate themselves. It was and is illegal in many places in the world still.
    Open your eyes??? Did you not take History? Read a book? How can you all seem to have no insight into human history? You honestly can’t come up with a reason why there were less female geniuses? For the same reason there were less female scientists. They weren’t allowed to be scientists. They weren’t even allowed to earn a living for most of history. Any form of expression in public could be punished. Science? Math? Medicine? Painting? Even literature. They were barred from those lines of pursuits. You really didn’t know this????
    Just look at the world around you now (America/Europe was like the more “backwards” countries of today in terms of its maltreatment and control of women not so very long ago). Any expression of creativity or intelligence if it was even allowed the room to flower at all, had to be done in private (it would NOT be permitted in public society without at the very least being frowned upon and shame put on the woman and her family OR outright persecution)! Women were locked up, dragged through the streets, and hanged for such attempts.
    It is only very recently in modern history that this has changed for women. Not so long ago indeed. Anyone who grew up in the 50s or earlier had quite the restricted life in terms of what they were allowed to do/how they were allowed to perceive themselves and their abilities. And what access they had. THAT IS WHY there weren’t more female geniuses. If they were out there, they would have remained in the shadows.
    The genius men out there, the scientists that helped our society evolve to what is is were not testosterone laden macho men. The celebrated “macho man” they were not. They were the nerdy, thoughtful, observant, logical, gentle and creative men some like to call “nerds.” Einstein. Copernicus. Leonardo Da Vinci. Nicola Tesla. Marie Curie (a woman). Ada Lovelace (founder of scientific computing).
    Just to throw a few women in there that pushed the boundaries and somehow managed to make a name for themselves. The low levels of testosterone freed their minds from rash impulsivity, urges, desires, aggression, “acting before thinking” behaviors. Less testosterone clears the way for more complex thinking, beyond gut survival instincts.
    THE ABILITY TO PERCEIVE BEYOND SELFISH IMMEDIACY, TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Thank the low testosterone men of the world and the scientific breakthroughs they’ve provided us! For without them, we’d all still be living as cavemen.
    They were once rare (low testosterone men) but they are the ones that really transformed and advanced the masses with their innovations. As we evolve further and further away from our primitive ancestors (high testosterone was once of supreme advantage then when we had no tools or intelligence and possessed only physical strength and gut instincts to rely on when dealing with our environment aka REACTING) eventually, high testosterone will be be perceived as something to balance out with medication or reduce with biogenetics.
    Once upon a time it was all about reacting instead of planning; drives instead of thinking; primal self-centeredness instead of cooperation. That’s all in the primal past. Indeed that testosterone approach to life is already starting to be seen as an undesirable trait.
    As the article alludes, high testosterone is linked to lower IQ. Of course it is. Society has evolved. In this new environment, the low or moderate testosterone man is king. It just takes a bit longer for the gene pool to reflect this. But the environment has changed, and with it so have the human traits we find desirable.

  13. I was aggressive as a kid and hit puberty early. I smashed a large snow-pie in a neighbors face. He stopped playing with me after this.

    That kid was the master brain through High School but was also a pussy, like being that smart came at a price. Biggest jock was bullied and became a pro-hockey player. Most popular was a soccer jock, was more open to non-jocks but still a gifted athlete. Jock table was the cool kids table. It was a Catholic School, all White except 1 East Asian who liked very young looking girls. The biggest brain and jock were both Gaelic doctors’ sons. The smartest was sissy soft, spoiled, and sort of like a house cat. He had a sister of similar build and coddling parents.

    The elite hockey player a Hulk that stayed green. Older athletic brothers and father to follow. Both left their peers in the dust, one mentally and one physically. Bright boy certainly had insecurities, not being athletic, his gf became a mattress.The one that became a pro-athlete is a millionaire happily playing a game he love¨

  14. LOL, I think all young dudes, including White dorks, have a high sex drive. It’s just no women seem interested in them.

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