Westernization and Re-Africanization of New World Blacks

Jason Y writes:

What about blacks? Again, no connection to race, the bad attributes of some of them are due to choice, and environment. The genetic role is way exaggerated.

I used to believe that about Black people too, until I started doing some research on the Blacks of the Caribbean and then I had extensive dealings with the Blacks of Africa. It slowly began to dawn one. This is an exaggeration of course, but my God!
They’re the same everywhere!
That’s what I thought.
It isn’t 100% true of course. But a lot of the stereotypes we have about US Blacks, good and bad, are reproduced with amazing accuracy in the Caribbean and then to a far greater extent, at least on the downside. As far as the negative side, African Blacks reproduce all of the negative qualities of US Blacks, except African Blacks display these qualities in far more exaggerated ways.
Bottom line is that as much as we like to put down US Blacks, they are far more civilized than African Blacks, and I think they are even more civilized than Caribbean Blacks, who have done a pretty good job of being civilizational incompetents down there. I will say though that Caribbean Blacks also are much more civilized than African Blacks.
This begs the question of why, as their genes are the same.
US Blacks do have some White in them at 17% of their gene pool. Is that really enough to dramatically change their behavior for the better. Caribbean Blacks are 9% White on average. Inject 10-20% White in a Black man and he acts vastly better? I am very dubious of this. Also the IQ increases in US Blacks are far above what we might expect to see based on White admixture. With White admixture alone, US Black IQ might be 73. Yet it is much higher than that at 86. British Jamaican Blacks also hit 86, while Jamaican Blacks back home score 72. Simply by being born and raised in the UK, a Jamaican Black gains an incredible 14 IQ points!
Similarly, US Black IQ’s are 13 points higher than we would expect them to be based on White admixture.
What’s going on?
Blacks have been breeding eugenically. Since 1900, Black head size has increased dramatically, and in addition, archaic features have faded while more progressive features have heightened. Hence modern Blacks and Whites look more like each other than either resembles their own ancestors.
I believe that some combination of eugenic breeding, epigenetic factors, improved environment and nutrition probably account for the unexpected 13 point IQ rise in US Blacks.
For UK Blacks, it is probably just an improved environment that is raising IQ’s by up to 14 points.
In addition, Blacks have been in the US for 200-350 years. During at least a good portion of that time, they were Christianized and in addition, they were raised under the umbrella of White civilization. White civilization is generally a civilizing environment. US Blacks were Christianized, Westernized and raised in a civilizing White environment for up to 350 years. Over that period, I would assume that a lot of the African has gone out of US Blacks.
In addition, Caribbean Blacks seem much more civilized than US Blacks. They are experiencing a booming Flynn Effect in IQ, but so is Kenya for that matter. What else is going on? Most Caribbean Blacks, like US Blacks, have been raised under White civilization for about as long as US Blacks have.
The best developed Caribbean islands have a White core that holds down the ship, creates and helps maintain a civilized appearance and keeps the economy chugging along. It’s not that Bahamas is where it is simply due to its 13% White population, but I believe that that small White core plays a role in “holding down the ship” or “keeping the train on its tracks.” That is, if that White population left the Bahamas next year, I believe that over a relatively brief period of time, the Bahamas would sink.
The equivalent of Africa in the Caribbean is Haiti. There are many Caribbean islands that are nearly all Black and which only have a miniscule White population. However, most of these were White colonies for a long time and long has a solid White core to hold down the ship and keep things moving along.
Haiti has not only lacked a White colonizer for 2 centuries, but for 200 it has not only lacked a White core, but furthermore, has developed completely in the absence of any White civilizational structure to envelope or or even to keep the trains running. Haiti is what you get when you pull all the White people out of a New World Black population and let Black culture take over. The result is a return to Africa. And indeed, in Haiti, African civilizational structures in many forms have carried on to this very day. Haiti is a Black nation that has been “re-Africanized.”
Pull all the Whites out of any New World Black population and over time, a Haiti situation should develop. It may take some time, but that seems to be the inevitable result.
“Back to Africa” or re-Africanization can even occur in the 1st World. In the worst of our inner city Black ghettos, much of the sheen of 350 years of civilizing impulse seems to have weathered away. And indeed, the scariest slums of America nearly resemble the squalor, casual violence, disease, dysfunction, chaos, dilapidated, corrupt, criminalized and insipid modern African nations.
At the same time, during horrific national disasters like Hurricane Katrina with no government response, law stripped bare and society gone anarchic, the civilizational veneer is rapidly stripped off and Africa comes rushing in as sure as those roiling muddy 30-foot killer waves.
In short, long exposure to White civilization has been excellent for New World Blacks. Their health, education, lifestyle, values, and behavior are all dramatically improved by growing up in under the cloak of a White society. Indeed, a White tent over the land may even be good for Black people’s brains at the physical level. Culture is a powerful superstructure that can drastically alter human beings socially and maybe even physically.
Yet in the darkest ghettos or when all Hell breaks loose and the rule of law withers away, even US Blacks can re-Africanize very quickly, even in a matter of days.

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30 thoughts on “Westernization and Re-Africanization of New World Blacks”

  1. Remember that the ghetto is not a full representation of the black population. Some of the brainiest and most decent have moved out and become middle class.
    I suspect there is some significant admixture in the second generation British Jamaicans.
    The British black IQ is apparently 89.5 now.
    I think black populations may be a bit less hopeless than you make out.
    I have known impeccably civilized Africans that are humble, gracious and pleasant. Many Africans bring their kids up with good values and certainly many Africans in Africa are friendly and warm. If you spend time in Africa, typically you will encounter many nice people.
    Middle class Africans bring up their kids strictly and they are very nice kids, not spoiled and cheeky like many western kids. They hold education to be very important, like middle class people everywhere.
    I would talk about the sociopaths and the dysfunction too but I offer this as a counterweight.
    With development help, their IQs could raise up to 80 or 85 at least…and then they’ll have a shot at a halfway decent civilisation, buttressed further by European and Chinese minorities..
    In Botswana, a middle income country, there are 3% whites- about 60,000. The capital of Botswana, Gaborone, has a lot of very nice areas and the ordinary ones are decent, well spaced and tidy with brick dwellings. It looks like a middle income place rather than an underdeveloped place. In Namibia, there are 40,000 Chinese.

    1. Being whit doesn’t make someone civilized. The common belief that white people are more civilized is ignorant especially when on recognizes white people excel in our society because we have put them on a pedestal for centuries. White people are depicted as better to maintain a hierarchy based on no intellectual backing.
      In light of recent police actions we as a nation have see how uncivilized white people and the white police are not only towards African Americans, but to human beings in general. Th eUnited States and enjoyable aspects of the melting pot are built on the heritage of people of color. Th eUnited States would be uncultured, plain, and more importantly unsuccessful without the history of those you deem uncivilized.
      My final point; NOT ALL URBAN BLACKS LIVE IN THE GHETTO! The African American diaspora is not limited to the ghettos of large cities. Society has boxed African americans into a category of being a gangster, whore, uneducated punk that sags their pants or wear skimpy skirts. This article proves it is not the black people that are uncivilized, but the white people who arrogantly flaunt their white privilege without acknowledging it isn’t talent but privilege
      The revolution will now be televised.

      1. Th eUnited States and enjoyable aspects of the melting pot are built on the heritage of people of color. Th eUnited States would be uncultured, plain, and more importantly unsuccessful without the history of those you deem uncivilized.

        Most modern popular American music wouldn’t exist, if it weren’t for blacks. Probably. even white nationalists, hypocritically, enjoy much of it.

      2. (Yeah, she’s banned but…)
        How does one define uncivilized? If it means being nasty- well, some of the nastiest people have been the denizens of comparatively advanced “civilizations”. Think of the Romans, and their bloodthirsty entertainments and crucifixion. Think of the Nazis, who committed genocide with ruthless efficiency. Think of pretty much any imperial power that exploits and mistreats those it deems lesser. Some primitive peoples are saintly in comparison. Yet many other “civilized” peoples are not like this. No, to be “civilized” to my mind has nothing to do with morals or lack of brutality, simply to do with having a settled and well-organized society.

  2. I’m not buying the re-Africanization thesis either. Blacks in the segregated south were socially isolated from whites at least as much as inner city blacks are, but their communities were more functional. You can bet that their ways were a lot more African than those of modern urban ghetto blacks. Lots of African traditions survived slavery and were carried on as folk ways. What goes on among urban blacks is isolation of lower class blacks from middle class blacks and weakening of social structures that modulate the anti-community and narcissism-inducing influences of American culture among other ethnic communities. Those same influences are occurring among lower class whites, and they are consequently becoming more ghetto as well.

    1. It is indeed a silly idea.
      Time is the problem.
      Their genes are at least the same or better. What would make them hold on to “Western life” and then return.

  3. Given the tattoos of US white people, how can anyone call blacks savage? These new whites are some scary looking motherfuckers. Also, their moral standards are scary, on par, with superstitious ridden Africa.

    1. Ok, I have a choice between:
      1. Living in a city full of White savages with scary tattoos and African-type morals.
      2. Living in a city full of a large population of inner city Blacks.
      3. Living in a city full of superstitious Africans in Africa.
      I choose (1) any day of the week.

    2. These whites lay around all day, watch immoral TV, do Facebook 24/7, smoke cigarettes, even around babies and children. They have no ambition, except to get more drugs. They might fix a car occasionally (manly things that successful Americans or nerds can’t do), but all in all contribute nothing to society.
      They have white genes, so this must all be choice, or the result of abuse.

        1. Better warn them. The Fox News Eugenics Police are coming. They will be exterminated and/or sterilized immediately! We can’t have them stinking up our clean neighborhood.

      1. This sounds like an elitist snotty/snobby attack on so called “white trailer trash”. Don’t mean it to be, but white nationalists always generalize blacks as being garbage, so I’m pointing out it exists in all cultures.

        1. I lived in a city full of White trash for 14 years. Rather live with White trash than with Black trash any day of the week.
          PS I never got ripped off once in that town. For a long time, I wasn’t even locking my house or car when I went out.

      2. Nothing special about White genes. White people like that are not very smart. IQ 80-95?
        I would still much rather live with White people like that than with a bunch of Blacks or Africans of a similar economic set.

        1. Some of these people are really smart, but just lazy, and rebellious (against moral values). For instance, one guy I know watches the history channel all day, and the news, but drinks 24/7, and won’t work.
          Anyhow, some of them might have a lower IQ, but usually it’s self created.
          If you took them out of that environment, then they would be successful. But they love that environment, as all their friends are there, and they hate the “other American culture”, because they don’t like school, and they love immoral lifestyle copied from music and movies. They especially don’t like the successful, cause they think they’re all cocksuckers.

  4. Not arguing blacks are dangerous to be around, without protection. Nonetheless, the argument is why blacks (or for that matter anyone with trashy violent morals ) are the way they are. It’s all due to choice. In Africa and the Caribbean, they are full of superstition, and in the US, they are exposed to an immoral culture (just like everybody else). In that scenario, what do you think will happen?

  5. Measuring morality as a function of genetics is idiotic. Ultimately, it all boils down to the “choice of culture”. Even Robert at one time, admitted that Africans were better under a “traditional culture”.
    How can anyone with a right mind, say the movie and recording industry of the US, hasn’t wrecked the morals of the US, and the world? How does genetics play into this? Nothing.

    1. QUOTE”Measuring morality as a function of genetics”
      This was the same thing the Nazis tried to do. In their case, they sterilized many, and ultimately, killed millions of undesirables.
      Just like David Duke, his videos, sound reasonable up to a certain point (o.k. He’s for family values, he hates Hollywood, music industry, against outsourcing to other nations) you almost get absorbed into his thinking. However, he then brings up genetics.

      1. I’m not for killing people no matter how they act. Anyway, Blacks commit tons of crime, so therefore I should go kill Tulio? Come on.
        One way to figure out the culture/genes thing is to look at a racial group and how they behave all over the world in all sorts of civilizations. When I start seeing some group engaging in similar behaviors all over the world, I start thinking genes.

        1. So your saying poor people in Colombia, India, or Thailand wouldn’t rob your home, if you were in their nation? Don’t you think some of them might consider killing a foreigner. I know in many Latin American nations holding people ransom is big business.

  6. People create their own IQ. Just like in that example of a brother and sister, one makes over 100,000 a year, and the other barely gets by. I know the second is a rebellious one who hates school, and has a chip on her shoulder against society. In addition, she has no non-genetic illness that can explain her failure in life. She chooses to hang with losers, rebels, and the like.

  7. If Haitians are to blame for problems in Haiti, then why blame the United States, or France for her bad history.

  8. I am a White having lived together with a few of my kind in the deepest Black Haitian countryside, and then in the 99% Black ghettoes they formed as Duvalier chased all too educated people out of the country. What you say is pure crap. Prior to the Duvalier era, Haiti, though dirt poor, was a country where you could leave a house unlocked and never get burglarized (the police could not be counted on much but the friends you had made more than the difference). It was a civilized country in the deepest sense of the word. The small and middle-sized towns were somewhat backward, but they were exquisite replicas of what the French towns had been just fifty years earlier or so, in many of them there were top-notch literary salons, scientific discussion circles, and of course many, many mystical societies of the very same kind Balzac describes in the Paris he knew. The country people were as poor as in Africa as regards the huts and infrastructure, they had actually done their best to reproduce the African villages they imagined their ancestors having been kidnapped from, but they could then grow food in overabundance, and their country cuisine was ranking among the finest gastronomical provinces of the French and ex-French empire, but the peasants of French Brittany lived exactly likewise. The voodoo religion they practiced was then producing as by-products poetical and pictural masterworks Paris admired among the first, as well as naive theatre plays of the very same kind as the ancient Greek tragedies. There was a railway joining most coastal towns, mainly used for the transportation of colonial staples, but not the inland ones, because it is a very mountainous country, it had to be crossed with mules, exactly like the culture-rich countryside around Naples. Haiti was a civilized country in the older sense of the word, when civilization meant intellectual and emotional refinement, not technological progress necessarily.
    From 1960 onwards, the US, through the agency of the Duvalier thugs they had cared themselves to train and indoctrinate (mostly to Evangelism or Zionist Christianity) installed a kind of barbarity that came later on to be known as the American ghetto culture.

  9. Perhaps IQ has a lot to do with living in civilizations. In evolutionary terms (and I’ve no beef with evolution on small scales) it is an adaptive advantage, at least for those higher up the social class scale- the ones responsible for organizing, administrating, or are valued for their technical skills which are required for great building works and technological achievements. Those lower down the class scale do not require his advantage so much- blacks in the colonies for example, were mostly slaves, and later impoverished agricultural labourers, with little room for social mobility. You don’t need as high an IQ to survive a basic existence, so there is less selection pressure for a great number of individuals of high IQ.
    Or, if you are in a part of the world where civilizations are less well-developed and continuous, the selection pressure might not be so great for similar reasons. Why do some of these studies seem to indicate that East Asians have (slightly) higher IQs than white Europeans and their colonial cousins? Perhaps because they had a continuous tradition of civilization when we had reverted back to a simpler existence? And I get the impression the civilizations in sub-Saharan Africa were younger and much more short-lived, being interrupted by colonial expansion forcing their inhabitants into an inferior position.
    As for “morality” and intelligence, I am not sure. Perhaps less “moral” behaviour is an outworking of poverty, the need to be violent, cheat and steal in order to survive? Maybe some of these traits are genetic? Ultimately though no-one is perfect, even when genes, environment and culture are taken into account.

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