Ukraine Sitrep August 12, 2014

This report is by me.
Heavily defended Russian column was heading towards into Novorussia at 12:53 AM Pacific time, whatever time that is in Ukraine? 3.5 hours hours ago. The column consists of 257 KAMAZ trucks with 15 tons of food each.
Novorussian sources say there will be a huge Ukrainian offensive to try to take Donetsk in the next few days. The city is more or less surrounded, but the Ukies are not inside the city. They are not in Lugansk either. They are only on the suburban outskirts of both cities, which is where all the fighting is taking place. Cities are being shelled because Ukies are mad that they can’t break through Novorussian lines. It will not be easy to take either of those cities, especially Donetsk. Even if the Ukies “take” the cities, they end up with a Gaza situation of endless urban warfare in a permanently hostile city. Think Stalingrad.
Novorussians say US military are on the ground in Novorussia helping the Ukies. Novorussians say that a Novorussian special forces (sabotage and reconnaissance) group wounded a US general and three other officers in Mariupol behind enemy lines a few days ago. No confirmation.
Pro-Novorussian sabotage at Ukie arms factories in Kharkiv is being reported. Kharkiv decided not to vote to secede, but they are still hostile to Ukie regime, and guerrilla activity is now being reported in Kharkiv.
There are also guerrilla activities taking place in Mariupol. Heavy artillery reported along with fighting around the airport and at Ukie checkpoints. Guerrilla activity is also reported in Kramatorsk. There may also be guerrilla activities in Kherson Oblast. People come from all over East Ukraine to train with then Novorussians, then they go back to their area and start guerrilla activities. Ukies are shelling Russian territory every week for some time now.
Transcarpathia, home to Rusyns in far SW Ukraine, is in open rebellion. 1/2 of regions have taken up arms and put up roadblocks everywhere where they only let you through if they know you. This region declared independence some time ago. They do not want to be part of this new Ukraine.
Among Novorussian civilians, Novorussians have 75% support, 20% are with the Ukies, and 5% are neutral. The longer the Ukies stay there, the more people they anger. Ukies treat Novorussia as if it is enemy territory with a hostile population similar to IDF in Gaza, except Ukies act far worse than IDF. In occupied cities, Ukies steal cars, people often disappear (Who knows where?), people are arrested for fighting with militia or helping the militia and taken away. Reportedly some are executed.
Ukies never completely controlled Slavyansk after they conquered it. Novorussians stayed behind and there have been many attacks since it was conquered. 27 attacks have been reported in recent days, and ~59 Ukies were casualties.
Novorussians have huge spy network all through territory. No town is really safe even after it is conquered as invisible guerrilla ghosts can attack at any time. Guerrillas pretend to be terrified civilians seeking shelter from fighting. Many civilian men in conquered towns were/are working for militia.
Even if the Ukies conquer Novorussia, they will have to go back in later or will have to deal with endless guerrilla war. So Novorussia is really the Gaza of the Ukraine. The analogy is excellent. Novorussia wants to be part of the Ukraine about as much as Gaza wants to be annexed by Israel as it was earlier.
Russia is probably not giving tanks and armored vehicles to the Novorussians since they only have a few of them.
NATO Canadian forces unloaded nonlethal supplies for the Ukies at Kharkiv Airport. NATO is guarding the airport. However, reports say that lethal aid (Javelins) were included in the shipment. Angry locals blocked a convoy containing Javelins.
Malaysian state commission charged with investigating M17 shoot-down issued a report blaming Ukies for shooting down the jet.
There were reportedly 3 separate attacks in short order.
1. Attack from ground, apparently with a Ukie Buk.
2. Attack with machine gun fire, probably from the Ukie SU-25 that was trailing M17. 30mm cannon fire at cockpit. Cockpit was described as “a bloodbath.”
3. Attack via air to air missile by the SU-25.
Russia vehemently claiming Ukies shot M17 down, claims to have good evidence.

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