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I am sorry if you folks find this in bad taste, but in commemoration of Robin Williams’s suicide, I am going to repost my prior article, The Impossibility of Dealing with Suicidals. I always loved Robin Williams, and I am heartbroken that he decided to take this step. I am usually opposed to people killing themselves. I generally think it is the wrong thing to do. I say stick it out. I have been through a lot of pain myself, and I never tried to kill myself, though for a whole year there, that was all I thought about.

The Impossibility of Dealing with Suicidals

Depression is not really “insanity” but it is extremely common, even in regular, ordinary people like you and me. I work as a counselor, and trust me, depression is everywhere. And many ordinary, regular people like you and me are actually secretly suicidal. I deal with suicidals all the time, and in recent years, I know three people, all around age 50-55, who either attempted it or seriously threatened to do it. I am guessing that maybe 50-55 is a tough age, no? Depressives are hard enough to work with (Personally, I find them impossible and often refuse to work with them or flat out tell them that I cannot help them) but suicidals are absolutely impossible. I can’t work with them at all, and they don’t want me to work with them because I usually get mad at them for being suicidal. I do not know how to deal with people like that, and I much admire anyone who can deal with such folks. They demand that you feel “compassion” for the fact that they are suicidal, but how can you do that without cheering them on? Truly a no-win situation. True suicidals are utterly determined to take their own lives and they are 100 Fortunately, a lot of suicidals come out of it and don’t want to do it anymore, so that is a cure I suppose. But while they are in the midst of it, it is truly a nightmare. I am not opposed to hospitalizing them frankly. In a very real sense, a suicidal is truly out of their minds in a way, and at any rate, they are surely a danger to themselves if not to others, and actually some of them are dangerous to others too. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. This is my only job.

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10 thoughts on “Robin Williams Repost”

  1. There is intelligence in dieing; Its hard to take one’s life, but not harder. Once you go past a minimal but steep threshold it is easy to commit suicide. A lot of people fear dieing. I guess it is programmed by God to be so.
    There is news that he was an addict,Bi-Polar, Divorced twice with Finance problems. I hope he finds peace.

  2. Actor Robin Williams or his full name-Robin McLaurin Williams. Mork and Mindy when that came out in 1978 (I was 8 years old) was the first time I saw him act. Seen some of his movies with the best 1s being Jumanji (1995), Good Will Hunting (1997)and Jakob the liar (1999). The last movie I saw him in was Old Dawgs (2009) & hope to see the 3d Night of Museum movie he did before his death that has not been released but hopefully will be. He was a talented actor but had problems with depression, alcohol and drugs.
    Now why he committed suicide, only he knew and only he knew why he got depression. We don’t know if he had traumas which caused his depression. You know Dr. Lindsay that while you hope a patient fully tells their Dr. of problems that they have, many do not fully report all their problems which they keep secret. Yes, he got help for depression but we do not know if he had traumas that he would not want others to know, not even his counselor. Only he knew why he committed suicide & let’s recall his talent.

  3. Something to add is that just because a person is successful, does not necessarily mean that they are happy. Oprah is a successful woman and a billionaire but only she knows if she is happy-the woman has had traumatic experiences in her life when she was teenager. Robin M. Williams was a talented actor and he maximized on his talent though he suffered from depression and must repeat-Only he knew why he committed suicide & let’s recall his talent. You don’t always know the traumas a person has had in life & for years Robin M. Williams made the best of his talents though in the end he killed himself.

  4. I want to start out by saying that Mr. Williams shocked the hell out of me. Yeah, yeah I had heard he was in counseling for depression. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what he might have had to be depressed about. I guess that when that depressive fog sets in, it really takes over. Saddened at the loss of him.
    I was an EMT briefly. We did touch on the topic of suicides in training.
    From what I remember they were split into 3 groups.
    1) The person who threatens to commit. Calls everybody and makes a big show of it. They never actually go through with it. It is a big cry for attention.
    2) The person who threatens to commit, but does it only a little bit. Usually the pill poppers who don’t take enough. They might actually accidentally commit suicide by trying a little too hard. Suicide was never actually the intent. Another desperate cry for attention.
    3) The doer. The person that wants to get it done. You can’t stop them. They won’t tell anyone and will take the most decisive ,final measures…jumping off buildings or nibbling on a gun barrel.

    1. From my (ex) military unit we have had 18 suicides so far from around 200 men, none I know of showed any signs, always the life and soul of the parties (tears of a clown I guess). We have lost more veterans of the Falkland`s war than we lost in the conflict.

  5. RIP Robin Williams !!! Always in the laughter, the bawdy brawl, the sparkling wit, the self-deprecating humor, always I felt the man – a man in pain. His career was also manic. Some jewels like “good will hunting” and some real duds like “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Most of his fame might have arrived from his comic roles, I loved him even more in his serious roles in movies like Jakob the Liar, Good Will Hunting. Insomnia, One hour photo, Dead Poet Society…

  6. If we were a respectful, deeply Christian society we not only would see a lot less violence and social animus but also a lot less depression in the world.

    1. I saw the movie Night @ the Museum, Tomb Secret on Christmas. While the movie had good special effects the plot was OK. I liked the 2 movies which came before this- Night @ the Museum (2006) and Night @ the Museum, Smithson Battle (2009) more. That is my view on the movie without saying what the plot was.

  7. From my experience, people who are suicidal have a low tolerance for suffering. Not all suicidals, but generally. They seem more detached from a survival instinct than is natural, even among depressed people. There are profoundly depessed people who do not commit suicide obviously, but some depressives just lack the fortitude to connect with life. The nature of life is struggle. I don’t judge people who commit suicide as having less character than those who don’t. I just see them as having some mental deficit to endure suffering indefinitely.

  8. Hollywood actors in addition to Robin have had sad times in life-we hear more about this because they are famous. Here are other actors (actresses) who like Robin Williams (Robin McLaurin Williams) have had sad times.
    – I dream of Jeannie Actress Barbara Eden (Barbara Jean Morehead and unrelated to actress Agnes R. Moorehead who was Endora on Bewitched). Her son died in 2001 of drug overdose @ 36 years old.
    -Late Actor Bill Bixby (Wilfred Bailey Everett Bixby 3-1934-1993) who played Dr. David Bruce Banner of the 1977-1982 TV Series Incredible Hulk (I have seen all the episodes of this TV show including the 4 TV movies made in 1977 Incredible Hulk, 1988 Incredible Hulk Returns, 1989 Trial of the Incredible Hulk, 1990 Death of the Incredible Hulk). Mr. Bixby’s son died in 1981 when he was 7 years old in a skiing accident. In 1982, his ex wife Brenda Ann Bixby (she guest starred in an Incredible Hulk episode titled Psychic) committed suicide by gunshot-likely depression from their son’s death.
    -Eg. raised in an earlier post of actor John Travolta (John Joseph Travolta) having his 17 year old son die in 2009.
    Barbara Eden (Barbara Jean Morehead) wants us to know her from I dream of Jeannie and the entertainment she gave playing Jeannie. My guess would be that people such as Robin Williams (Robin McLaurin Williams) and the late actor Bill Bixby want us to remember them for the entertainment they gave us while acting as Mr. Bixby did when he starred as David Bruce Banner on the Incredible Hulk. But how it ended for all of them is sad.

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