0 thoughts on “New Bigfoot Photo out of Northern California!”

  1. So there you are nailing this chick named Mrs. Moreau. Then you look up and some crazy looking guy in surgical garb is attacking your neck with a saw. When you open thine eyes and find the most magnificent set of hairy mammaries, boundless joy courses through your medula oblongata, causing you to streak through the woods in pure bliss.

        1. Ya see now, I LIKE that Nominay. Those FBFB boys confirmed dang near everthing on x-number of points. Even that big ole bigfoot dolly with the purple glue on the fur and those famous nostrils-to-nowhere. Remember? Those idiots wrote long and hard about their exhaustive, up-close examination of that thing.
          “Couldn’t be hoaxed”, they claimed.
          “Authentic”, they declared.
          Or maybe just hoaxers.

  2. As a trusted source in the bigfoot community I visit your blog daily to check for updates; which nowadays has been a daily disappointment. Come on Robert, even a post saying “nothing new” would be nice instead of this every three months I’ll post a stupid picture or something we already know,

      1. Giorgio from ancient aliens has a new show call searching for aliens. he did a special last night on bigfoot. He went to the Olympia peninsula with randles and muldrem. in his usual investigative procedure he wound through the bullshit and did a great job.

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