Malaysian Government Blames Ukrainian Government For the Shootdown of M17

Malaysian government says the plane was shot down from the air.
Malaysian government says the plane was shot down from the air.

According to a stunning article in the New Straits Times, the official Malaysian government investigation into the shoot-down of the M17 is now saying that they think the plane was shot down from the air. They believe it was hit first by an air-to-air missile from a Sukhoi S-25 Ukrainian jet that was following the plane. As the plane spiraled out of control, a 30mm cannon finished off the plane by riddling the cockpit with gunfire. Investigators on the ground concurred, saying the cockpit looked like a bloodbath. In addition, the damage to the cockpit area of the jet looks exactly the same as the impact from a 30mm cannon. SU-25 jets come equipped with a 30mm cannon.
An interview with a British man who is studying the jet downing and who was at the crash site quoted him as saying that he thought the jet had been hit by some sort of a machine gun fire. Cannon fire looks like machine gun fire when it hits an object.
The Russians reported that they were tracking an SU-25 tailing the M17 jet just before it went down. People on the ground said that they saw no Buk missile launch near the area where the Ukies said it launched, however, many of them did say that they saw a fighter flying right behind the jet and they thought that odd. In fact, many people on the ground, when asked how the jet went down, offered that they thought it was shot down by the fighter that was following it.
In addition, one of the US’ top journalists who covered the Iran-Contra scandal and is widely regarded, stated that his US intelligence sources told him that sectors of US intelligence now feel that M17 was shot down by the Ukies. These same sectors are asking the Barack Obankster Administration to release their evidence for their case that the Novorussians shot down M17.
There has been endless talk in the scum Western media that the plane was shot down by a Buk missile. As it turns out, it was probably not downed by a Buk at all, but that was apparently the plan. As soon as they decided it was downed by a Buk, they immediately said that if a Buk shot it down, the Novorussians must have shot it down. Because, you know, Novorussians = Buks! Right? They also said that Buks come from Russia, so if a piece of weaponry comes from Russia, then that automatically means the rebels own it. But wait! All of Ukraine’s weaponry came from Russia too!
The problem with all of this insanity is that it never made sense in the first place to assume Buk = Novorussians. That’s because the Novorussians have never had any Buks. They did seize four of them a while back, however, they were disabled by the Ukies before they abandoned the base to rebels. It’s hard to shoot a rocket with a hole in it.
Since then, there is no evidence that the Novorussians have ever used even one Buk to shoot down a Ukie plane or helicopter. If they had a working Buk, they would have used it by now as they have downed a number of Ukie planes, all with inferior MANPAD’s. So the Novorussians have four Buks, but they are mere trophies that don’t even work. No one has ever seen them in the field, probably because they don’t work.
But here is why the argument was crazy in the first place: the Ukies have 35 working Buks right in the Donbass Theater, scattered all around. What they need them for, I have no idea, but the Ukies definitely have antiaircraft batteries in the field. Furthermore, there were Buks in the near vicinity of the plane shoot-down area when the plane went down. Not only that, but one of those Buks was moved close to Novorussian territory the day before the shoot-down. The day after the jet went down, it was moved back to its location.
In order to shoot a Buk, you need working radar. The Novorussians have no working radar. When the jet went down, the Russians noted that there was indeed radar tracking the jet closely, but that was Ukie radar. So, only Ukie radar was tracking the jet.
In addition, the Russians have now released a video shot of the precise launch of a Buk from Ukie territory at the same time the jet went down.
However, it seems that this Buk, which was intended to frame the Novorussians by shooting down the jet, messed up the plan. It missed the jet. So Plan B was put into effect, whereby the fighter downed the jet.
Sources close to the investigators now believe that there were three attacks on the jet.

  1. First shot was from a Buk launched from Ukie territory. Apparently missed the jet.
  2. Second shot was from a 30mm cannon from a Ukie SU-25 that was following the jet. This one hit the jet and the jet began spiraling down.
  3. As the jet was spinning down, the SU-25 finished off the jet with a blast from a 30mm cannon that riddled the cockpit, killing everyone in the cabin.

After the West sickeningly accused Russia and the Novorussians of shooting down the jet and then screamed about that in the controlled press for a couple of weeks, that all died down and the media seemed to ignore the story, only to reference now and then when they want to get in some Russia-bashing.
However, this blockbuster NST piece came out the other day, and it was utterly ignored by the entire Western media. Furthermore, and oddly so, the next day, a source in the Malaysian government appeared to backtrack on the notion that the Malay government was accusing Ukraine of doing the deed. However, the investigative piece by Harris Hussain and Tasnim Lockman was an expertly done and carefully written piece that was based on extensive interviews with the very investigators who have been working on the case. Apparently somebody, probably the US, threatened the Malay government into backtracking on their conclusion. But we know what the investigation committee really thinks.

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