Live Video from the Ukraine War Zone
This video shows the Azov Battalion in the Southern Cauldron. I am not sure when it was shot, but it just showed up today. There is still very heavy fighting in the part of the Cauldron where the Azov Battalion are.
Most of the Ukie military aren’t really Nazis. There are just poor brainwashed guys, and most of them are probably decent people. However, the Azov Battalion are volunteers, and they are definitely Nazis or Ukie fascists or whatever you want to call them. They even have a swastika like symbol that they wear on their armbands.
The yellow armbands is so they can tell each other apart in the field as there have been a number of cases of Ukies shooting at each other’s forces. In order to put a stop to that, all Ukie military started wearing yellow armbands. It isn’t completely enforced, but you can see that a lot of them are wearing those armbands. I believe that the Azov Battalion is still trapped in the Southern Cauldron if I am not mistaken. They are probably not going to surrender. As you can see, they are taking heavy casualties there. In addition to artillery pounding by the Novorussians, they are also being hit hard by Russian artillery from across the border.
Most of the units in the Southern Cauldron have been decimated. I do not know what the Azov Battalion is in. But the Ukies have 3,500 missing men from that region alone and sources claim that the Ukies have lost ~4,000 men over the course of the Donbass operation. Official figures of 363 dead are completely wrong. The Ukie Parliament just admitted the other day that they have 3,500 missing men in the Donbass region. Ukie media is also starting to carry the story.

The Southern Cauldron.
The Southern Cauldron.

In the map above, the Azov Battalion is the Number 6 with the Cyrillic lettering that looks something like Azov. As you can see, they are in the Southern Cauldron region. Whether they are completely surrounded or not, I am not sure. They look to be pretty hemmed in though. The orange and pink on the map are areas more or less controlled by the Novorussians.
This is a pretty ugly video. These guys are just sitting there getting pounded by artillery and there is not a lot they can do about it. Not an envious situation.

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